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[Misc] Flowers
I did a little better getting in bed last night. I went to bed at about 1:30, which means that by the time I did some reading, I fell asleep at around 2AM. I slept through the night, giving me about three and a half hours. (I think the Benadryl helped with the staying asleep part). I'm still working on not staying up late on weekends, but it's hard fight.

The gym was great. I worked on the physio-ball today and did some cardio. I'm supposed to go in on my own tomorrow and lift weights. It's going to be a pain fitting it in, but I'm sure I'll get it somehow.

Besides being tired, I felt really great today. I have hypermobility, which means that my ligaments are basically stretchier than most people's. It's the same principle as being double-jointed, from what I gather. The problem is that while my ligaments are more flexible, they're also not as strong, which means that my muscles have to take over and do part of the work to support my joints. That means I tend to get a lot of joint pain. (I went to three different joint specialists in high school and college before a hand surgeon finally realized what was going on.) It's completely harmless, but it's still not fun. A physical therapist told me that pretty much the only way for me not to be in pain was to exercise regularly. Apparently, I'm doing enough to make a difference and it was so nice not to have anything hurt.

Even mild pain, if it's chronic, sucks. So I need to consistently remind myself that not being in pain on a regular basis is well worth losing a little sleep in the mornings and the discomfort of some of working out hard.

Anyway, class was okay. Long and boring, but okay. However, since the undergrads are on fall break, Starbucks isn't open. I don't like regular coffee, so no caffeine for me today. I'm pretty sure that no coffee on a Monday morning constitutes a human rights violation.

Different groups in the law school are really good about getting speakers during lunch, plus they provide a free lunch with it. Today, a tax lawyer who was also a CPA did a short talk on how to read a financial statement. It was sort of useful. The problem was that I already knew part of the stuff he talked about and he didn't really have time to go into the stuff that I didn't get. Believe it or not, though, it was interesting. I wish he'd had more time.

After class, I came home and took a long nap. I love taking naps in the afternoon when it just starts to cool down, so it's cool enough to make it nice to get under the comforter, but not so cold that it's hard to get warm.

All in all, a pretty good day. Or, if would be if I ever got around to doing my reading for PR. :-)

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Indeed. I remember when I didn't know I had it, and I spent a night thinking I wouldn't make it through. Last year, on my first day of work at the school dining hall, I go to the clinic and find out I have asthma and that I have to take EXPENSIVE Advair medicine($225 a month), but fortunately, I got to get a less expensive alternative from my home doctor. Mine isn't too bad, but it kicks up in extreme cold and extreme heat. Two no-nos.:(

I don't quite know how caffeine hits me. If I drunk pop I stay awake, but I don't drink it much anymore... tea and water.:)

I'm glad it wasn't creepy to you that I respected it so much. It just seems so awesome. It's surprising to know you feel amazed too!

Yeah, I hated getting in late today despite that my panel was fun. I can't wait to go home tomorrow and maybe grab a nap now. You've inspired me.:D

Asthma is scary. My mom didn't actually get diagnosed until a few years ago and before she was diagnosed, we were driving around in a city that I was less familiar at the time. She had an attack and I was about five seconds away from trying to find an ER. Fortunately, it stopped.

Hot weather is very bad. I have what you could loosely call an arrhythmia. Basically, my heart beats normally, but it beats too fast sometimes. In addition to stress, heat really aggravates it. Again, it's nothing serious or dangerous, but I just feel really bad in hot weather.

With me, it's more that I'm a little surprised that I'm actually going to be in charge of people's lives. :-) I worked EMS for a while and I had the exact same problem: I found it beyond shocking that people would actually listen to me.

Naps are good. I swear, the first thing I was thinking about this morning was how to fit in nap this afternoon.

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