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[Misc] Flowers
I mentioned that I bought a light novel called "Goth" from Tokyo Pop and I had a hard time explaining what it was about. (I also had a hard time figure out what it was about. It was one of those kind of novels.)

I finished it on Sunday and I'm still not sure what I think of it. It's basically a bunch of stand alone chapters about really bizarre murders. They're linked by the fact that high school boy and girl who are very interested in death and highly amoral take an interest in the cases and don't exactly get involved, but they make efforts to get close to the murders. (There are a couple of exceptions.)

At first, I didn't particularly like it because the stories are very disturbing and it seemed as though the entire point was just to push the limits. As I got in, though, there was some minor character development and background (enough to cause me to have a different view of the characters at the very end than I did at the beginning), so it wasn't just "Plot? What plot?" violence.

If I were to recommend it, I would do it for the writing style. It's very misleading and, several times, one thing was implied, but at the very end, I found out something completely different had happened.

Basically, I'm still not sure. I'm switching off with Danielle for the manga for the book, so I'm interested in seeing how they did the manga and what she thinks of the novel. Honestly, I don't think that the manga will have the appeal of the novel, because the writer can't obfuscate the identity of a killer, for instance, with careful use of pronouns and implications. And, to me, that was the biggest draw for the novel.

Has anyone else read this? Or heard anything about it? I'd love to hear other thoughts.

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Oooh, this sounds like something to try.:)

It was interesting.

I feel like I need to qualify that. If you're very easily disturbed, I'd avoid it. There were a few fairly graphic images (and some cruelty to animals. Oh, yeah, and people) and I personally think that the same effect could have been achieved without pushing the limit so much, but...

I got over it, though. I'll admit I skimmed a few of the more graphic parts, but after it was over, the images didn't really stay with me and bother me as much as I would have expected when I read it.

Overall, though, I think it was worth reading it because I felt like there was a couple of moments where things just clicked into focus and I'm like "Ooooh, so that's what's happening."

Thank you so much for the warning.:)

I don't know if you know or not, but I am so very squeemish to horror movies and those that are really gore-y. I don't know why, but I have a very overactive imagination and can sometimes get some killer nightmares.D:

But yeah, I could probably skim somewhat too.>->

Where did you find the light novel? I never knew there were any light novels in book stores besides Strawberry Panic at the moment. There is a great Borders right near my house at home, not so much here at school... but I may be going out to Monroeville sometime which has excellent shopping and a HUGE Borders. So if it's at Borders, I gotta see this~!

Me, too. I'm less disturbed about extremely gory things than I am psychologically scary things. I think it goes back to the overactive imagination: If you leave nothing to my imagination, it's disturbing, but it's over. If my mind fills in the blanks, I get some very creepy stuff.

Although, I didn't relate to many of the scenes in the book, so it wasn't scary for me. Coming home and being unsure whether I actually locked my door when I left, then watching a Criminal Minds where the killer hides in the closet...that bothers me.

I found it in the manga section of the Books-a-Million near my house. They have a few mixed in, every so often. I'm trying to remember what else I've read.

Yeah, I've had the nightmares that translate to real life.XD

Zombies coming out of my woods, and a possessed doll we couldn't get rid of top the list.o_O

Oh, wow. That's amazing though, that more light novels are coming over.:)

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