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Alley Pics
[Misc] Flowers
Someone forgot to warn fayoreix2 and she made the mistake of asking for photos of Alley. I'm more than happy to oblige, soo....

As a puppy, late November/early December 2004.

First bath. See how pitiful she looks?

Probably a little less than a year old here. See how her ear still flops over a bit?

How cute is this?

And no more floppy ears. *sigh* Still a good picture, though.

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I want to kiss that nose.

Trust me, if you got close enough to try, she'd end up kissing your nose. :-)



The puppy pictures especially! Your doggy looks ADORABLE. I want to pet her, this sucks!XD

For the grown up version, I really love the last picture. You can see a lot of personality.:)

She was an amazingly adorable puppy. I got her when she was about eight weeks old fro the shelter. I was looking at another dog and my mom saw Alley and so I asked them to get her out. When I held her, she buried her face in my hair. I was sold. It broke my heart when her ears stood up.

And she would love it to be petted by you. She adores people.

D'aww. We got our dog since my mom's friend's family was moving somewhere where they didn't allow dogs, and she was already about 6 years old. But I love her to death. One time she ran off when I was in high school, and I was torn up for days, but we got a call from a nice family who found and returned her.:)

Hopefully one day.:)

:-) Aw, it's good that you were able to take her. It sounds like she has a good home. I'll bet you were devastated when she took off. You're lucky she found some nice people.

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