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Alley Pics
[Misc] Flowers
Someone forgot to warn fayoreix2 and she made the mistake of asking for photos of Alley. I'm more than happy to oblige, soo....

As a puppy, late November/early December 2004.

First bath. See how pitiful she looks?

Probably a little less than a year old here. See how her ear still flops over a bit?

How cute is this?

And no more floppy ears. *sigh* Still a good picture, though.

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D'aww. We got our dog since my mom's friend's family was moving somewhere where they didn't allow dogs, and she was already about 6 years old. But I love her to death. One time she ran off when I was in high school, and I was torn up for days, but we got a call from a nice family who found and returned her.:)

Hopefully one day.:)

:-) Aw, it's good that you were able to take her. It sounds like she has a good home. I'll bet you were devastated when she took off. You're lucky she found some nice people.

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