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And It Was Such a Good Day...
[Misc] Flowers
My mom is now upset with me. She doesn't know how to use a computer and, honestly, she doesn't want to learn. However, she wants to be able to go online and get things like old pictures and obituaries (she's into genealogy), but she basically just wants to be able to say to the computer "Hey, get me this" and have it magically appear. When I've tried to give her a basically overview of how to use the computer, she gets annoyed because it not what she wants to do and she just wants to get obituaries.

So, I was talking to her tonight and she told me that she was trying to use the computer and she couldn't, because it asked for her daytime and evening telephone numbers and last four digits of her credit card to go on. You can imagine the red flags going off in my head at this point. Fortunately, she didn't give the information because she didn't have it.

I told her that she was obviously on a site she shouldn't have been using, because none of the sites she wanted would have asked for that. She told me no, she wasn't. It went back and forth a bit, until I finally told her that she either needed to listen to me when I tried to show her how to use the internet, or else she needed to accept that she was going to end up with a thousand dollar credit card bill when she gave her information to the wrong site and she needed to just not even mention using the computer to me if she did, because I didn't want to hear stuff like that.

She was pretty annoyed. And I'm pretty annoyed because I don't want to deal with the situation. I don't mind teaching her stuff, but I do get incredibly annoyed when I try to give her a general overview of stuff that she will eventually need to know to use the internet and she loses interest because it's not what she wants to know. Actually, I think she would be happy if I just did everything she wanted, but I'm not going to spend an hour a day searching the internet for things I have no interest in.


And, until this, I was in a pretty good mood. *sighs*

I had to get up really early to drop Alley off at doggie daycare. I was a little annoyed to find that even though they told me to drop her off at 7, they weren't going to bring the dog that did evaluations in until later. In their defense, though, I think when I said I could have her there by 7, they assumed that was a good time for me and not the earliest possible time.

I met with the nutritionist, Nancy, today, too. Nancy the Nutritionist. *giggles* It went well. She asked me what I ate today and it was a baaaaaaad day. My food:

*Panera Egg and Cheese Sandwich
*Starbucks Tall Nonfat Cinnamon Dolce Latte
*Peanut butter M&M's for lunch (I had to go to a Will's review during lunch and I had no time to get anything else)
*Cheese pastry (I literally had about five minutes between getting home from class and leaving for my appointment)

That actually totaled up to about 1300 calories by about 3:00PM. She said that from a health standpoint, it was horrible there were a couple of good points (the egg and the fact that I got nonfat milk), but calorie-wise, it wasn't that bad. The website she used recommended a 2200 calorie diet for me, she personally advocated no more than a 2000 calorie diet, but I still had between 700 and 900 calories for the rest of the day.

Then we got to my bad habit: eating at night. She told me (and I suspected this already) that if I changed absolutely nothing on my diet and just stopped eating at night, I would lose weight. Then she asked me if I could do this and I thought about it honestly and said I probably couldn't.

Then my sleep schedule was discussed (she really advises 7-8 hours, because sleep deprivation is linked to everything) and she asked what time I went to bed and when I stopped eating. Late and late. So, she wants me to stop eating within four hours of bedtime. For me, that's about 9 o'clock. Unfortunately, that's prime TV watching time.

I'm also supposed to work on eating breakfast and watching my calories. She gave me a few options and I'm supposed to see her again in two weeks. She's really big on making small changes. I have three more sessions with her from the package I bought when I joined the gym. After that, I plan to do a regular follow-ups until my eating is where I want it.

All in all, though, it went well.

After that, I grabbed some supper from Panera and went to pick up Alley. That was another pleasant surprise. Generally, they prefer to only leave the dogs in daycare for a few hours on the first day and they wanted me to pick her up at about 1PM. Since I had Crim Law then, it wasn't going to happen. So they were going to pull hr out of daycare and put her in boarding when she got stressed out (most dogs do on their first day).

I got there at around 5 and they said they had absolutely no problems with Alley and she was still in daycare. She basically ignored the temperament testing dog (who was a Border Collie mixed with something else and was just absolutely gorgeous....very elegant lines) and had no problems with the other dogs in daycare. So she's going back Monday.

She acted a little eager to get out, but seemed nervous about going through all the other dogs to get to the gate (somewhat un-Alley-like,), but I had to go back in to ask a question and she seemed pretty eager to go back.

The best part is that she got a little "Grooming and Daycare Report Card." Here's what it says:
Temperament: Shy, affectionate
Comments: Alley did good today in daycare. She didn't play with the other dogs yet, but that's normal for the first day. She is so cute and so sweet. She wandered around daycare with her tail wagging most of the day. We really look forward to seeing her back soon!

The shy part surprises me a bit (although not that much, it was a new setting), but the rest? Not at all.

Good times.

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Moms can really do that sometimes, huh? Mine never remembers how to E-Mail, and also orders so much stuff online that I get worried. Had I your situation, I would have freaked to the point of freak out over the social security thing.

*hugs* I hope that helps your mood! Though digital hugs don't mean too much, huh?:P

The eating part is rough. I know from when I started my journey it was so hard... tonight I had a burger and fries at a local bar because a friend treated me, but i started the day right with a banana, a salad with hummus, and a vegetarian burrito for brunch.:) I try to eat 1300 calories a day, but I've never seen a nutritionist, I just used sites to calculate with my weight and height and activity level.

That report card made me "AWWW" again. I have a huge weak spot for dogs and puppies.:)

Well, I think she knew enough not to enter the information (thank goodness), but she ended up on that site and she couldn't explain what she did. Not good. And digital hugs are better than no hugs. :-)

Sounds pretty healthy. My big problem is that I'm a vegetarian, so it really limits my eating options. I thought that getting professional help might be a good way to go.

And I know! Wasn't the report card adorable? I need to scan it, because the card itself is adorable. It's like a kindergarten thing with ABC's and 123's in primary colors. I need to scan it. But I just kept looking at it and I have it hanging on my bulletin board now.

VEGETARIAN?!!? Just kidding, of course.:)
I hope I won't upset you with the fact I truck steak like a madwoman when it is cheaply available. Other than that, the only meat I usually eat is fish or some chicken. I hate bacon, I dislike ham, and I REALLY HATE BACON. And any breakfast meat. I don't know why. Be sure to take your vitamins and things.:)
I usually eat beans instead of meat too(maybe it's the Puerto Rican side, hardy har har).

Please scan?:D

I don't have a problem with it at all. In fact, I'm due to take my mom to a steakhouse soon. I just honestly don't really care for meat.

Oh, and bacon and ham are gross. Even when I was eating meat, I couldn't stand them.

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