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Leave Me Out
[Misc] Flowers
We're discussing discrimination in PR now and I seriously wish that the girl who's taking the "sexist, racist" view of the world would leave me out. Does she deal with "latent racism?" I don't know. But I know that I don't feel marginalized because I'm female and I don't want membership in her "Victim of the Month" club.


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Yes, yes, yes. I can never be open about this sort of thing, but I hate when feminists speak for me with views I don't support. I am happy with myself, and I don't feel bad for having a girlfriend, and I know men aren't out to make me miserable. I feel terrible about it, but I rather dislike most of the female homosexual population on campus because of their ideals.

In my communications persuasion class today, we talked about power symbols for men- a hummer, a Harley, dealing with confrontation well... what do the girls get as a power symbol? A PURSE. WHAT?!?! Some girl in class bought a $700 purse, then was asked by the prof how many pairs of shoes she owned and how many purses she owned- to which she answered both with "about 30". I have like, 4 pairs of shoes, and one purse(that's amazing)... but I definitely don't consider a purse a symbol of strength being a woman.

You know, I don't think I could bring myself to spend that much on a purse. And, if I did, I definitely wouldn't say it in public. It just seems tacky.

And while I love purses and I love carrying something that gets random compliments, I don't see them as a good power symbol. Plus, I have a huge problem with obvious logos and designer names.

Anyway, the problem with someone coming out and saying stuff like that (a female someone or a racial minority someone or whatever) is that they usually do speak in such a way that, while they don't claim to represent everyone in their group, they give the impression that everyone is behind them. And I think it makes everyone else resent that group.

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