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Sleep. Now.
[Misc] Flowers
Long day.

My mom and I went shopping today and it was great. Sales.

First, I found lots of clothes. Some new sweaters, a dress, a couple of button down shirts, a pair of jeans, and a pair of workout pants. I don't think they were all on sale, but most of them were. Plus, I got 10% off just by using my credit card. The only thing I'm really on the fence about (besides the jeans because I haven't tried them on yet) is the dress. It's a red sweater dress with a black belt. I'm not sure how often I'll wear it, because it's very red. I think black tights and boots will tone it down, though. It was about 30% off and I figured it would be good to have if I needed something dressy...especially around Christmas.

Interesting tip: When trying on clothes (especially shirts) were a brightly colored bra. Sometimes things that you wouldn't think are sheer turn out to be very see through.

Then I went into Sephora to check on nail polish. I saw a magazine article where they were using gun metal gray as a nice neutral color with very short nails, so I wanted to pick some up to try it, since I haven't worn nail polish a lot lately.

Cool fact: Sephora has nail polish testers. I'm currently wearing three different shades of silver nail polish...all on my right thumbnail. I only bought one bottle (which is probably the cheapest purchase I've ever made there) and I'm sort of regretting it because one shade I didn't like has sort of grown on me.

Since it was my birthday month, I also got a free Vanilla Cupcake bubble bath. Awesome.

Next, I hit Godiva chocolate. I wanted to get a little Halloween box for my uncle and they were having a buy-three-get-one-free sale on Halloween stuff. I got a bear dressed in a Halloween costume holding a box of chocolate covered pretzels and three small Halloween boxes. So, now, I have two extra boxes of chocolates and I'm not sure what to do with them: eat them or give them as gifts.

They're cute, though. They're orange with a black cat on them.

Last stop was Yankee Candle. I love that place. There was a certain votive holder in a fall pattern that my mom really liked and I could only find one sold separately when I was there last time. The good news is that they had them in gift baskets. The bad news is that, while they're very good deal, the gift baskets are expensive and wouldn't you know that the one with the holder Mom liked was the most expensive?

Luckily, they were on sale. Buy one, get the second half off. So mom actually ended up getting two of the big ones and then two smaller baskets as well. The sales staff was really nice and took our stuff to their back door and let us pick it up there, instead of having to carry it through the mall. (It wasn't so much that I couldn't have carried it, but enough that it would have been a pain to wrestle with.)

So, while it was a good day, I'm really tired now.

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I never realized that they had testers for nail polish! :3 I wish the closest Sephora wasn't 2 hours away

I didn't realize it until yesterday. It's great, because the colors can look so different in the bottle. The closest Sephora here is an hour and a half away and it just opened a couple of months ago(though there is probably one closer to my apartment at school). It's probably good that it's so far away. I'm not sure I could afford weekly trips. I always find something that I (manage to convince myself that I) need.

That sounds so cute... the outfit you bought. I was just imagining if you added a santa hat to it at parties, haha.

I went to Old Navy about 2-3 weeks ago, and had a turquoise bra. I saw through many things I didn't think I would. I also bought things I didn't think I would- a cute top with a pleated satin gray skirt. The bad part is that it's cold now!XD

I've never heard of Sephora- is it cool? I have always bought nail polish from Avon(and wear it even less).:p

When is your birthday? Bubble bath sounds so very nice.:)

Aww, cute chocolate. Eat them!XD

I HAVE heard of Yankee Candle, surprisingly. That's really awesome your mom got what she wanted. My mom is a bit of a candle junkie.XD

That's a great idea. I may do that for my family's Christmas Eve gathering.

The outfit you bought sounds cute, too. I hate when I get something cute and can't wear it for a while. And I think it's really surprising what's see-through and what isn't. I usually solve the problem by wearing flesh-colored bars, but sometimes I like cute stuff, too.

Sephora is amazing. They have a website and a lot of stores. It's pretty much every department store cosmetic and perfume product you can think of, but all the products are out instead of behind a counter, so you don't have to deal pushy sales people. And, as I said, testers galore. Plus, they give out a lot of free samples and gifts.

It rocks.

I love Yankee candle. I'm a candle junkie, too. I think they're so relaxing. Right now, I have three jar candles in my apartment, four votive candle holders, and several things that use tea lights. I love just coming in and lighting my candles at night and just chilling out.

Do it!:D

Thank you. I wore it once, but it's a shame it's freezing out now.:)

That must be a BIG store. All of the locations are big here!XD
I see a few in Pittsburgh- I'll have to try and find it if me and the roomie go. It sounds great.

I dunno if we're allowed to have them here, but I think I want a few.:)

Oh, and my birthday is Wednesday, October 29. :-)

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