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I Need...
[Misc] Flowers
A lot of things. I have several things I should really do, but I'm incredibly tired and I worry that I'm getting sick. I think I'm going to break down and go to bed early and try to get up early tomorrow and do what I need to do.

Today was good, though. We always have a family gathering in the fall on my mom's side and that was today. Basically, we just make soup, deserts, and stuff like that, have dinner, and hang out. Mom and I brought a ham, which went over well.

There were several people there...aunts and uncles, one of my mom's cousins, and several of my cousins. Nicole and Curtis, my cousin and her husband, were there. Also, my aunt Lovella. Those are really the family members I'm closest too. Aunt Lovella got me a birthday gift. It was crystal love birds (that looked a lot like penguins at first glance).

I talked to Nicole and Curtis for a long time, mainly about Gaia, World of Warcraft, and anime stuff. We also discussed Linux and Curt and Nicole totally agreed on my gripes with Linux converts. Then Nick, another cousin, built a bonfire, so we all went outside and hung around that. Todd, one of my much older cousins, brought one of his daughters. Her name is Ashlynn, she was adopted from China, and she's four and a half and absolutely adorable. And so smart and sweet. Nicole and I had our digital cameras out to take some pictures and Ashlynn really liked mine (it's pink), so she asked if she could take some pictures. I let her and she got some really nice shots. I was impressed.

Also, there was a marshmallow that looked like a quail. (Nicole, Ashylnn and I originally said duck, but Nick disagreed.) I got a picture and I really need to post it, but it's on my camera out in the car and I'm too tired to go get it.

On a side note, it was really disturbing that Ashlynn and I were both equally excited by the marshmallow. We kept getting people's attention and saying "It's a duck! It's a marshmallow that looks like a duck."

Overall, it was a really good day, but I'm really tired now. I've been really fighting a sinus infection/bronchitis for the better part of this week and I really can't afford to get sick now. Hopefully, a good night's sleep with head it off for a few more days.

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I fear I am getting sick/am sick too.:(

I hope you are well, though.

GO GAIA I should go see how different that site is. Are you on there?:)

Glad you could talk about Linux and other things in peace.

Aww, your relative has a combination of my first and middle names. She sounds adorable.

No problems with having imagination. I'm glad yours is still well. A lot of people lose that.D:

Eat vitamins, drink soup, and tea!D:

I've been fighting it back and forth for the past few days.

Yup, I'm on Gaia. It's interesting. It's a social networking site (or that's how I see it), mainly, and I haven't gotten into their forums and guilds, so I think I'd like it more if I were into that. Still, it's fun because you get to design your own avatar and buy clothes and accessories for it, plus they have a few other things. Right now, there's a Halloween event, where you're trick-or-treating at shops to get items, and you can also fight against other factions (they're zombies, vampires, dark elves, and humans). They're also getting a MMORPG soon.

The best part, for me, is that I can keep in touch with my cousin through that, instead of email.

So you're middle name is Lynn(e)? Cool. My middle name is Elizabeth. I need to post a picture of Ashlynn and the famous duck. ;-)

Heh... I don't mean to be a know-it-all person, but I've been on Gaia since the first Halloween zombie event. I even donated religiously for about year; however, I got bored of it and I am now trying to recover my account password and such.(I miss my emo wallet, emo bag, and nitemare scarf T-T). Back then, it was JUST forums and the marketplace, so I had to whore out a lot of time with artwork to scrape by.:P

If you want to see a younger, more immature little me, search "Fayorei" on there.:D

That's really cool! My little sister had a short stint with Gaia, and so did my room mate.

Yes, it's Lynn. My dad's name is Lyn, so the ever lovely parents decided "Hmm, good middle name! Add an n and we're done here!" Ashley Lynn Rodriguez... eh, my first name is from a soap opera while mom was in the hospital, and the second part is basically my dad's name with an extra n, man, do I envy those people whose parents study the etymology of names before choosing.:)

Your middle name is really cool.:D

Right. I think Gaia is interesting enough, but unless there's something like an event going it, it's more of an "on for thirty seconds and back off" thing.

Soap opera beats my naming story: My dad saw a thing about Brooke Astor donating money and thought it was a good name, then my cousin Libby wanted me to be named after them, so Brooke Elizabeth it was. I was once told it sounds pretentious. ;-) Still, I like the meanings well enough: Brooke is Old English, meaning from the brook (I love water, so it fits) and Elizabeth is Hebrew for Oath of God. I like being an oath. ;-)

Your name is pretty. I have a cousin named Ashley and an aunt named Lynne, too.

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