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And Another Monday
[Misc] Flowers
Okay, first, I haven't been around much the past couple of days. I'll work on catching up on stuff later.

Last night was incredibly frustrating. I got back to my apartment at about 11PM and all the outside lights were off. So, I stumble up the stairs in the dark to find...no power in my apartment. Since I can clearly see that everything around me has power, I think it's a reasonable assumption that there's a problem in the apartment complex, so I call the maintenance line. They put me on hold. (Hint: Putting an already annoyed person on hold is not the best way to improve their mood.) I finally reach a person and I told her "I have no power."

Her response? "I know." And there was also a bit of attitude to it, too.

Long pause. "Why do I have no power?"

She replied that it was the power company and not the complex. When I pointed out that 1) There one light burning on the wall outside my apartment and 2) There was power everywhere but the complex, she responded "Well, it must be gradually coming back on."

Now, I keep trying to bring myself to feel bad about that exchange, but I don't. My reasons:

1) It was a logical thing to assume that the problem was with the complex and not the power company, for previously mentioned reasons and because all outside lights in my building went out a couple of weeks ago for a night. Creepy.

2) Even if I had a reason to believe it was a problem with the power company, as they pointed out when they raised my rent last year, part of the benefit of renting as opposed to owning was not having to worry about things like that.

3) If the person I talked to had responded "I know. We're very sorry, but it's apparently a problem with the power company and we really can't do anything." instead of "I know." like I was stating the obvious, it would have been a much more pleasant exchange. As much as I sympathize with the fact that they probably had hundreds of people calling in about the power being off, I can assure her that the inconvenience of dealing with those people was nothing compared to the inconvenience of not having power.

So, while I was debating whether to stay without electric or go back to my parents' (two and a half hours of driving), the power came back on. There was one small problem, though: I couldn't find my car keys.

I always, always, always put them on the counter when I come in. Last night, I apparently didn't. I methodically searched every part of the apartment (even weird places like the fridge and the microwave) and nothing. I thought I might have left them in the door, but I checked three times and no keys. I considered that someone might have taken them out, but then I dismissed that because Alley would have barked. I also considered that someone was in the apartment, but again, Alley would have done something. (This did not stop me from checking all the closets and behind the shower curtains). I know this probably sounds paranoid, but keep in mind that I came home to a completely dark apartment and could neither find my keys nor come up with a rational explanation for why I couldn't find them.

An hour later, I was so frustrated I was ready to cry. I finally decided to give up. I thought that my eyes were just sliding over them and if I took a break, I'd find them. The, something catches my eye on the floor. Somehow, I had dropped my keys in the dining area and had pulled a chair out over them. The tip of a key was just barely peeking out from beneath the chair cover.

As you can imagine, it took a long time to settle down and get ready for bed. I didn't fall asleep till about 2:30AM and I had to be up at 5:30 for my workout. Big surprise, I was late.

So, I worked out and dropped Alley at daycare. She really didn't want to go in with the other dogs, but the finally got her in. She was almost grabbing at the gate. It was sort of funny. I wish they had a webcam in the daycare so I could check in on her. They said she settled in fine once they actually got her in with the other dogs. I think she needs to get used to other dogs and she didn't seem too stressed when I picked her up, so I'll give it a little longer. But if she doesn't get more comfortable with it, I'm going to have to consider not taking her.

As for the rest of the day, I went to Cultural Property, but skipped the rest of my classes to rest. I still think I have a fever tonight. Hopefully, I'm getting over whatever it is. If I still have a fever tomorrow, I'm skipping my workout.

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How rude of them... seriously. I get my stern tone on when that kind of thing happens.:( I hope you did too.

I always lose things. My cell phone, my inhaler, my keys, my anything. I almost always lose something. D:
So I know what it's like to panic about. I do that, and overlook the item in my face. I see that happened to you too.^^;
Don't feel bad about being paranoid- when my apartment is dark, and no one is around I am so easily creeped out. It might be the fact that 75% of one wall is sliding glass closet mirrors... and those give me the creeps.

I'm sure your puppy will adjust to the new environment- it might just take a while, like you said.:)

A fever?!?! Forget just missing a workout, you need bed rest for a day if a fever persists that long.:(

And I was somewhat worried- I know that's terribly odd of me, but I was. I am glad you're decently okay overall.:)

I was definitely a little testy. And I didn't feel guilty because she started it. =P

I'm actually not that bad for losing things I use regularly, mainly because I always have one place I put everything I use regularly in one place. If it isn't in that place, then I'm searching like crazy.

I get scared easily, too. That's why I don't watch scary movies that often (although I do love Criminal Minds and Supernatural). Even reading synopses of horror movies gets to me.

It's been an off and on low-grade fever, so it's not really enough to justify taking time off. Just enough to make me feel too lousy to do anything much.

And I'm fine, but thank you for worrying. :-)


Happy Birthday!!! 28, right? I think I could be wrong, however. I am very bad with remembering numbers(I still introduce myself as being 20 instead of 21).:(

ありがと ございます. (I hope I got that right. Still rusty.)

Thank you! You're exactly right! I get confused on the years, too. :-)

It's almost perfect, you make me not want to correct you because I feel so wrong correcting my elders(besides my mom, but that's besides the point!).

You're only missing an "う" at the end of ありがとう.:D

I am glad I didn't already mess up, then.:)

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