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[Misc] Flowers
Why have I been sick on my birthday for the past two years? It's much better than last year, when I had a kidney infection and sinus infection. At 3AM on my birthday last year, I sick at my stomach and in horrible pain. This year, I just don't feel good. Not that bad, not that good.

I was in the grocery store last night, talking to one of the cashiers and she mentioned that her birthday was in January. I mentioned that mine was today and she asked, "So you'll be 21?" Cool. That sort of cheered me up.

It got worse, though. Cultural Property was canceled, so I didn't have to be in class until 10:30AM. I didn't leave to take Alley to daycare till about 9:40 and, when we got there, the receptionist told me that drop offs had to be by 9AM. She told me that someone should have told me that when I signed up and that it was also in the information packet. I read the packet and I don't remember seeing, so it obviously wasn't in a very conspicuous place. She offered to put her in a kennel, but that didn't seem like a good option. It just wasn't worth the money and the trouble of going back. I was less than happy, especially since I drove about thirty minutes round trip for it.

I went to a presentation for a program called Street Law today. Basically, we would teach a twelve hour class about legal stuff to juvenile offenders. Sounds like it could be an interesting program.

I really don't want to go to the museum today after class, but my Cultural Property class is going on a field trip. All I want to do is go home and rest.

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This is the 3rd time posting this, livejournal is being a meanie.

It's just bad luck on the sickness thing. I mean, you're on THE cusp of bad weather.XD Kidneys though from last year, ow ow ow ow ow.

Aw, the comment shoulda TOTALLY cheered you up. You look young! Yay!

That's crappy of the place. They should be there for your convenience. I mean, you're paying them. It seems like caring for Alley is quite the job alongside your coursework; however, I am also quite certain it's worth it in the end just to come home to that unconditional love. It certainly is something I miss here at school, my Katie.

JJC! Sorry, Juvenile Justice Court. Where I almost ended up as a 13 year old for throwing shaving cream balloons at a mean old lady's house down the street. I cried my way out. I REGRET NOTHING.:D

I almost had a field trip today, too. In Shelocta(a city) to examine fossils. But it snowed, so it was canceled. But then we did a very hard lab, and I was stuck at school anyways.

Seriously, now I want to go to a museum... that sounds interesting.:)

That's what the program is for: Basically, putting juveniles in the system is never a good thing for anyone, so if they can avoid it, they do. If your case had happened in Kentucky, then the police would have called a worker from the department that does this and, after doing an evaluation, they would have had the option of putting you on diversion. Then some crazed law student would have discussed cannibalism with you for twelve hours. ;-)

I'm feeling a bit better. They kidney thing was beyond horrible, though and it wouldn't go away! I spent most of October sick and it was horrible. Rereading my journals from that time is unpleasant.

The Alley thing is frustrating. I love her, but there's a lot of responsibility there. And I feel like I owe it to her to meet her needs adequately. Still, it was more than a little frustrating.

Too bad you missed the field trip. Fossils are amazing. The museums was fun. They had a lot of cool stuff.

*hugs* Sorry I missed it, but happy birthday!

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