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The Rest of the Story
[Misc] Flowers
So, I mentioned last night that I'd finished the rest of my barn story.

A bit of background: Wayne has an Australian Shepherd named Nikki (because she's an Australian redhead). Nikki likes to eat and she's pretty fat. You can't feel her ribs. She has what Wayne calls "Alzheimer's Bulimia:" she overeats and forgets to throw up. Seriously, the dog will eat anything. Yesterday, she ate persimmon seeds.

Second, Reno is Becky's horse. He was a great horse in his day (reining and roping), but he's 26 now and getting over the hill. Bec worries about him a lot. Maybe a bit too much, but then I worried a lot about my dog when he got around 16 years old. Heck, I worry about Alley a lot.

Third, Wayne sometimes travels and does clinics. Basically, he goes to various places an gives an extending riding lesson to a group of people. They usually walk away learning one thing and it's usually something insanely trivial, like "Oh my gosh, you talked to use for fifteen whole minutes and your horse just stood there quietly." It makes me wonder how more people don't die around horses every year.

End background.

Wayne did a clinic in Florida last week (so no lesson for me) and Becky told me it was almost canceled because of a rabid donkey on the farm where he was scheduled to do the clinic. Yes, a donkey with rabies. The donkey attacked a pig. Fortunately, the pig was all right. It just had to have rabies shots, as did the woman who owned the donkey (we're still not clear about that...I guess the donkey bit her).

So, after my lesson, I was hanging out, talking to Becky while she cleaned stalls. She got to Reno's stall and I noticed he was foaming at the mouth. I pointed it out to Becky in kind of a "Huh, that's interesting." and she was like "Oh, yeah. He must have found some clover." (While clover isn't bad for horses, eating it will make them drool very badly. Once, a guy called Wayne to tell him that his horse was throwing up. Wayne was like "Well, that horse may be doing a lot of things, but he's definitely not throwing up." Horses can't throw up, which is why colic can be so serious: once it's in the stomach, they can't eliminate it quickly like some other animals. Turns out the horse had just gotten into some clover and was drooling furiously.)

Anyway, I suggested to Becky that maybe he was rabid. She said the only way to find out was to see if he'd attack a pig. So, I tried calling Nikki over, since she's actually bigger than a lot of pigs. Oddly enough, she wouldn't come over, so we never did conclusively rule out rabies.

There was a comic amount of drool later, though.

Also, in other news, I bought a Care Bear today. It was the 25th special anniversary one with crystal eyes. He's really soft. For whatever reason, my parents never bought me a Care Bear as a child, just an obscene amount of My Little Ponies. I think they thought I was really into horses or something... I don't know where they got that idea. He's amazingly soft, though.

I also picked up a very cute pink Webkinz dragon. My gold dragon needed a girlfriend. ;-) Anyone else do Webkinz?

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Hopefully you'll know if he does have rabies sometime in the near future. To me, I have never understood why, but saliva is the grossest thing in the world for me, never mind anything else. I've always found it such a weird thing to be giddy about, but I would not have been happy about seeing him drool so much. :D

I've never had a Care Bear either, but now you make me want to go and get one. I mostly had 'action figures' and NERK/Tonka products, so the girly side of me is demanding retribution.

Oh, he definitely wasn't rabid. It was just a joking remark. But it can be gross...and scary.

You were so calm about the rabies thing.@-@

Back in the day, I remember when my area first had scares about rabies- it was all linked to raccoons, since we don't have many other creatures that are wild besides small foresty ones. I got paranoid putting my dog outside and would watch since we have woods near the house- and raccoons too, they like to come on our porch and play.:p

Crystal eyes, huh? I had a couple care bears back when I was 7 or so, and a couple MLPs, but to be honest, when I hit 11 all I had were Star Wars action figures, and boy did I love them.

Can Webkinz have girlfriends?:P

I've seen them all over, and maybe I if I find something cute I can try. The fact that there are full wardrobes of clothes and an FYE day for them at my local mall scares me.:)

Well, the rabies scare actually happened in Florida, not at Wayne's place. And there was pretty much no chance that Reno had rabies. It's just that if horses eat a clover with a certain kind of fungus on it, the bitterness overstimulates their salivary glands and much drool.

I don't think we've had many rabies scares, but people do get very, very worried about them. Plus, we have a lot of woodland animals that come close to homes, so it would be a huge thing.

The bear is gorgeous. I must get a picture.

I'm not sure about the girlfriend thing, but we'll find out. The other dragon isn't actually a Webkinz, though. I'll get a picture of them together sometime.

I'll let you know more about the site later. Nicole is really into it, but it didn't suck me in immediately.


I've actually already gotten one now, it's a funny story I will post about later.XD

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