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I'm Great
[Misc] Flowers
I just finished signing up for my classes and managed to arrange it so that I only have classes on Monday and Wednesday. Here's what I have:

9:00: Agency, Partnerships, and LLCs (Core Class)
10:30 Constitutional Law II (Required)
1:15: Evidence (Required)
3:15: Family Law (Core Class)
6:30: Intellectual Property Survey (Mondays only)

The bad news is that on Mondays, I'll have to get up early, go to the gym, take Alley to daycare, go to class from 9:00 till 4:30 (with an hour and a half for lunch), pick Alley up from daycare, grab food, and then go to IP until 9:15.

The good news is that I'll have Tuesdays to recover and prep for Wednesday, then a four day weekend.

I had three tough choices in this:

1. I didn't take Criminal Procedure. It's a required course, but it's on Tuesday and Thursday. I figure I'll just get it another semseter.

2. I had to make a choice between Modern Real Estate Transactions (Wednesdays at 8:30) and Agency. I went with Agency because it's a core class while Modern Real Estate is an elective. I'll get Modern Real Estate next year, maybe.

3. They offered IP and Basic Tax at the same time. Tax would have been useful, but I'd really like to get an IP class in.

I also delayed the Death Penalty class. It's offered every year, so I figure I'll get it next year. A guy I talked to had the class last year and said it was the hardest paper he'd ever done. (The professor thinks any scholarly paper should be thirty pages minimum.) I thought it would make more sense to get it when I had a lighter load.

As for core classes...my school requires certain courses and then requires us to take a certain number of hours of classes that are considered "core classes." Beyond that, it's not like undergrad where you have to get a lot of required classes for a major. This is pretty much "Whatever you want, as long as you have the hours to graduate." I thought it would be better to get the required stuff out of the way as soon as possible, to avoid being a position where I find out too late that I need a class and it won't be offered in time. (It happened to my cousin and her husband with masters degrees and now they're going to have to go another semester this summer.)

So, my theory is that this schedule will either be the greatest ever or the worst ever. I'll probably know a month in. ;-)

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I'm glad you found a schedule that works! Well kinda. You're going to be so busy! If you ever need to vent though(even now), feel free to vent to me though.:)

I feel the same about my schedule. Everything is lumped to MWF, and I can relax Tuesdays and Thursdays.:)

Sounds like a good schedule to me! You've got two full days a week to do reading and outlining. Evidence is a good class (and if you need any help... *g*), but Family Law's kind of a bitch.

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