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[Misc] Flowers
Well, I've sent off three emails about my paper today: one to Peabody Essex Museum about a collection of ceramic and pewter objects bought in the 1940's from an American soldier, one to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeology and Anthropology about a flat stone that was probably Okinawan and may have been a sundial or navigational tool, and one to the Ryukyu-American Historical Society for general information.

I actually talked someone at PEM first. Her name was Midori and she seemed really nice. I hope I can get at least some information out of all this.

The frustrating part is that I was using Outlook and the university's system kept logging me out if I didn't do anything. For their information, some of those email were really tricky to write and I had to get links and quotes, so I didn't appreciate losing all my work. I finally learned to cut and paste before I hit send.

On another note, I may need to change my schedule. I was in the lounge today during lunch and mentioned that I was taking Intellectual Property. No one was very complimentary of the professor. As one person put it, "Well, all I'll say is that there's a reason she's leaving after this year." I could always switch over to tax and take IP next year.

Also, I'm still debating whether or not to try for an externship. I would do that class on Wednesday nights, then I could work somewhere on Thursdays. Then I would probably drop Agencies, which would mean I didn't have to be in class until 10:30 both days. It wouldn't make a huge difference, since Basic Income Tax Concepts is a core class, too.

And I just realized that I misread something and that I only have to take 12 hours of Core Classes, not 29. So basically, if I go with what I've got planned for next semester, then I'll only need two specific classes my third year. I can just take whatever sounds good for the rest.

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Essex... the name of my apartment is Essex House. Haha.

Midori, huh? Japanese girl? It would be cool to have that name, it's pretty and means "green".

I do that with a lot of forms before I hit send in case errors occur.^^;

I've heard of professors like that- especially in Communications Media. A couple of the female profs are terrible.

Do whatever works! I still have to get one more class for next semester so I can go abroad next Spring(Portfolio Presentation, a spring only class.)

I know! I got very excited about knowing what it means. I felt like telling her "Hey! I know your name is Japanese and it means green and it rocks!" But that seemed rude. ;-)

Losing a post I wrote to you would be bad enough, because there's a ton of content. Those are even worse, though, because I was so careful about ton and word choice and everything....very frustrating.

I need to figure out my schedule. I think tomorrow is actually the last day for changes. I really wanted IP, because it affects me so much (it was weird that a lot of people were like "Who cares about IP?" in the lounge. I'm like "Me! I likes my fansubs!" And my fan fic.

So what's the status on the Japan thing now?

Haha, I always get like that. I was in line for mexican in one of the dining places, and two girls were talking about the counter for minutes in Japanese. About how it goes ippun, nifun, sanpun, yonpun, gofun, roppun, nanafun, happun, kyuufun, juppun. They were confused, I wanted to but in so bad- they were in Japanese I.:D

Ah, you're selective of your diction? I just roll with it.>->;; It makes me feel special.

I understand about last minute changes. 3 people including myself are making a ghetto Japanese VI class called "Japanese Folklore" instead since JVI was turned down already. Don't take the Marimite fansubs away!

I have to wait until June 22nd, see is Kansai Gaidai opens up, if not apply to Nagoya. Me and the new room mate are signing up for a suite on campus tomorrow so I have somewhere to live until Spring 2010.:D

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