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[Misc] Flowers
Am I ever not tired?

Last night, I wasn't in bed until 1:00 (and didn't sleep that well) and I was up at 5:30. There were some crosses wires at the gym, so when I called last week to cancel for Monday but said that I would definitely be there Thursday (repeated twice), somehow the person who answered the phone got "I won't be there Monday or Thursday." So, when I got there at 6, Jeremy, my trainer, wasn't there because he didn't know he had an appointment. I talked to the guy at the desk and he called Jeremy and couldn't get in touch with him, so I just started warming up on my own. Jeremy finally called back and said he was on his way. He got there about 6:30 and asked if I could stay a bit late. I did, so we worked until 7:30. He increased the intensity of a few things (more reps, another circuit on core, new exercises) which shouldn't have been bad, but I've been slacking off bigtime. I've got to get in gear.

I had to rush back to my apartment and get ready for my 8:30 class. I also had to straighten up a bit....so, by the time everything was done, I didn't have time to shower. Or eat breakfast. Or breathe....

Class was....eh. I'm behind, I'm frustrated, and it's going all going to catch up with me soon, but whatever. Maybe this weekend. I got a reply from someone in Okinawa about my paper. He was really nice, so I'm hoping to make some headway on it this weekend. I also switched from Intellectual Property to Basic Income Taxes. I hope I did the right thing.

I took a break after class to finish Criminal Minds (I was too tired to finish watching it last night) and watch Dexter. Both were impressive and I'm looking forward to the next episodes, but I'm too tired to talk about it.

Music lesson...not very impressive. I've been too tired to work on anything lately.

I'll see Becky tomorrow at the barn, probably. I don't plan on really trying to talk to her. I do have to give her a $200 check my intolerant, conservative, selfish, Republican father wrote to the Ridge when I told him that they hadn't received any donations at all lately and were pretty hard up for money. Of course, I'm sure that the fact that he'll use it as a tax deduction negates any possible good it will do. *rolls eyes*

Speaking of Becky, I took her number off my phone today. I don't see any reason for me to call her and assuming she does call and make some sort of effort to mend fences (very doubtful), I'll have her number.

That led to something else... A couple of years ago, I was very friendly with the woman who was the receptionist at my chiropractor's office. Her name is Addie and we had some common tastes in music and got along well. We'd made plans a couple of times to get together and hang out, but something always came up since we were both so busy. Then she got her teaching certificate and got a new job, so we lost touch.

I still had her number in my phone and every now and then, I would think that I should call it and at least see if she had the number. Then I thought that it might be weird since we'd lost touch and she might feel like I was intentionally avoiding her or something and she never called me anyway...plus she might not even have the same number. This had gone on for quite a while and finally, while I was clearing stuff off my phone, I decided to suck it up and call the number. I got her voicemail and left a message and I figured I'd give it a week and if she didn't call back, I'd just clear the number off.

She called back about two hours later. Turns out that she had gotten too busy to call me to make plans for a while, then she managed to go through four cell phones (and destroy two sim cards), so she didn't even have my number. Short version: She's incredibly busy, but she has a little free time this weekend and we're going to hang out a bit. :-)

And I think this is a perfect example of why I don't have more people who I consider friends: I get along really well with a lot of people, but I tend to be a little distant and very hesitant to take that next step of spending time with someone outside the setting I normally know them in. So, while it's a little early for a New Year's Resolution, I think that might be something to work on. :-)

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Late sleeper! Late! Heh... I went to bad last night at 2 I think. That really stinks though- I should be thankful I can wake up at 8.

Frustration is going to catch up? How so? You did the right thing if the professor for that one class would have been terrible.

Whenever people talk about this Dexter, I think of Dexter's Lab.>->

Don't worry, I don't think she can hurt you anymore.:)
You've grown past it, I think.

"A couple of years ago, I was very friendly with the woman who was the receptionist at my chiropractor's office."

I thought pervy thoughts on that one, like I read it "I got friendly".:P

It's good you are establishing new relationships though, I am quite timid myself.^^;

=P I get to sleep late tomorrow. Well, today.

And life in general is going to catch up. I've got a lot do before finals are over.

Well, Dexter does have a lab. And slides...

Right now, I'm just very annoyed because Becky and I have so much in common and we had some really great times together and it's very hard to find people that share your interests...so it seems so stupid to throw that all away because you have to be right all the time.

Perv! =P

I need to work on interacting with more people. I think it would be better, but I just generally don't care for it.

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