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New Horse
[Misc] Flowers
And no major progress on my paper. I've got to get in gear.

I rode today. I finally got on Dreamer, who is a very, very lazy thoroughbred that does pretty much none of the stupid things most thoroughbreds tend to do. It wasn't a bad ride, but there were still a few problems:

1) Height difference. I've ridden mainly quarter horses, with a paint and a Morgan thrown in the mix for variety. Dreamer was several inches taller than Blackie, so I was up a bit higher.

2) A bit more power. Or, at least, a different style of movement. He wasn't as quick as some I've ridden and I've ridden some Quarter Horses with so much muscle that you literally feel how much they're capable up in every step. Dreamer didn't have that, but, as Wayne put it, he really had a ground-eating stride.

3) Dreamer doesn't neck rein, which meant that I had to ride with both hands. It didn't give me a lot of problems and it actually gives me more control over the horse and keeps me square in the saddle, but I'm so used to holding the reins in one hand and having my right hand free that it was a little distracting.

4) Dreamer also had a different style of reins. Lately, I've been using Mecate reins, which is where a rope attached to the bit is looped around to make closed reins, then the tail is twisted around the saddle horn. That leaves a little bit of rope hanging loose. If you were actually working the horse on a ranch, you would be able to tuck the tail in your belt. That way, if you either had to hop off the horse to open a gate of if you went off the horse, he couldn't just take off. According to Wayne, if you're out on a ranch in New Mexico where you're 40 miles from the nearest person and the cows will try to kill you if you're on foot, keeping the horse in kind important. In my case, I can just use the tail for a quirt if the horse doesn't respond to a squeeze and two kicks. No Mecate meant no tail, which meant that I had to carry a crop. That threw me off a bit, because it felt like the crop kept getting in the way when I was trying to move my hands.

5) Also, Dreamer is put together a little differently than Blackie in terms of the angle of the back. That means that I was sitting at a slightly different angle.

I think those are the chief differences. I also have what Wayne calls "new horse phobia." Pretty much everyone has it, especially if you're not used to riding different horses often. I think I've been on seven different horses: Blackie, Lacey (the Paint who wasn't a Paint), Lewis, Sue, Pest (the Morgan), Spanish, and Dun Rose. Well, eight after today... Anyway, different horses have different ways of moving, different habits, etc. Once you get used to that, it's no big deal Until you do, everything is a little disconcerting.

I really hate new horses.

I don't know what I'm afraid of. I'm a decent rider. Wayne's horses are well-trained. I could handle them. It's just that Lacey got away with me once and, since then, I've had a hard time settling into a new horse.

I didn't have a meltdown. We took it nice and slow, so I could get used to Dreamer. We did get up to trotting a bit, but that's where I had problems. First, Dreamer's walk is sort of bouncy. His fast walk is a lot and his jog feels, to me, like a trot. His trot moves. Wayne said that his trot wasn't anything different that Blackie's really big trot after you pushed him. I'll agree with that. However, the difference is that you only get that kind of trot when you've really pushed Blackie. Dreamer just goes to it immediately.

Anyway, on the trot, I felt a little out of control. According to Wayne, my entire problem is that I stop riding and follow the horse, which leads to problems. It didn't get bad, but I wanted to stop there before I got distracted enough that something bad did happen. Also (and Wayne said it was in my head and I was making excuses, but...) I've been wrestling with a sinus infection this week and I felt like I was getting a little light-headed and dizzy on him. So, I walked a figure eight and called it quits.

Overall, it wasn't a bad lesson. I felt more or less comfortable on Dreamer, but not completely relaxed because of all the other factors like the crop, different reins, etc....

I also found out today that Bekcy's grandfather broke his back. He had fallen off the roof Wednesday (which sparked the entire healthcare discussion which sparked the argument). Fortunately, while they apparently had to fuse it, he apparently didn't have a spinal injury. Becky wasn't at the barn today, so I couldn't give her the check. That means...I'm not sure what that means.

I'm also not sure how this impacts anything else. Becky wasn't particularly worried about him when we talked Wednesday, and they aren't close. Still, part of me thinks I should be being nice or something in light of this and ending a friendship now would somehow be mean or something. But it still doesn't change anything and the problem existed way before this.

I'll figure out something, though.
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Aww, new horse.:)

I'm sure you'll settle in. It seems like a new horse means a new relationship, and you're just a little scared.

If she doesn't feel bad about it, I don't know what I think of that. That seems a bit harsh of her.o-o
About the check- don't worry about it too much, just give it to her next time you see her. As for the friendship thing, no confrontational standoffs or nothin, just let it "slip" as it were.>->

Pretty much. It's a completely irrational fear, but when you're sitting on top of a thousand pound animal, your body doesn't hear the irrational part.

Well, I haven't talked to her, so she may be very upset. However, based on past discussions, it seems like she feels a lot of contempt for her grandfather (for a few reasons). Also, she didn't seem that concerned when he fell off the roof (even though he's in his eighties), so I'm not sure that the injury would change that much.

It's still a little disturbing, though. As someone who last two grandparents before she was born, another when she was six, and a grandmother when she was fifteen, I think people who have grandparents alive are pretty lucky. If one of my grandparents fell off a roof, I think I'd be more upset.

Shoot... I'm scared to pet horses. I've been to my room mate's place, and she encouraged me to go near them, and I was just very afraid.^^;

I guess I just can't understand that I guess. I lost my puerto rican grand father, I didn't even know him that well(he apparently covered for me when I decided at the age of 4 to flood the bathroom upstairs in order to go "swimming"). But I was really hurt when he passed away. My other three grandparents are in tact, but especially my grandma and grandpa on my mom's side, I am going to be devastated. They raised me, pretty much- mom was at work a lot. They're like parents to me.

After a while, you get used to their body language and you just know it's okay. Not scary then.

I don't understand a lot, but I told you about her overall contempt for pretty much anyone who doesn't meet her criteria. Your grandfather sounds nice...and I'll bet he had a good laugh at your swimming.

I just value family a lot and I can't understand people who don't.

Definitely- I do get into scraps with my mom especially, but I never stop loving her. I've noticed freshman around here LOVE complaining about parents, but I think it's just a continuation of the defiance phase.

Which seems incredibly silly to me. You never know when you'll have cause to really regret everything you've said.

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