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[Misc] Flowers
I was so tired yesterday that I ended up skipping my morning workout. Then I felt really guilty because I thought Jeremy might have had to get up specially to meet me. No more missed workouts. I also skipped Alley's daycare to get a little extra sleep.

After class, I took a nap and I was so tired that I didn't feel like going out to get food for myself or Alley. So, I had a pizza delivered and gave Alley a couple of slices. (Yes, I'm a horrible dog owner, but she was a happy dog.)

I did my workout homework last night. Jeremy suggested using DDR for a warm-up, so I did that a bit. It's a stupid game and I suck at it, but it's a good warm up. Then I did core work. The problem is that when I get in the floor to do work, Alley thinks I want to pet her. So, basically, I ignored her and (gently) whacked her in the head a couple of times. I just didn't alter my movements because she was there.

I was a little worried last night, because Alley's right eye looked funny. At first, I thought she had something in it, but it wouldn't move easily and she was a little sensitive about me touching it. I was afraid she had injured it, so I was going to make a trip to the vet after class in case. Fortunately, the eye looked fine today, so I guess there was something in it after all. On a sidenote: I think it's a testament to Alley's good nature and good training that she will let me grab her head, twist it, and poke at her eye.

I have to go to the gym today. I don't want to, but I really need to get in gear. I'll feel better for it. I also need to take my computer in to have more memory installed. And I promised my mom I would go to Macy's. They were having a sale on several things, including Lenox china. It was 40% off, plus 10% more for using your Macy's card, and another 10% returned later as part of the "Thanks for Giving" program. Anyway, there's a church she wanted, so I'm supposed to pick it up...if it's on sale.

I've hit a wall on my paper, again. I've got a lot of good, interesting background and I could do a great poli sci or history paper with the material I have. Unfortunately, I'm not having a lot of luck with the "legal hook." American law doesn't provide a rememdy, nor does UNESCO. My professor mentioned using Japanese law, but that doesn't seem to provide a lot of remedi either. Maybe either something with the Geneva convention or how American law could faciliate the return by assuring immunity...

I don't know. We'll see where this goes.

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I feel the same way, I had been sick and missed the gym. Now my girlfriend has my workout pants to sleep in, but I'm making her give them back for Friday.:P

Pizza won't keel you. I'm a TERRIBLE pet owner, if I see my dog beg she gets a little bit of whatever I am eating.

Hey, now- DDR isn't a stupid game!>->;; I played that when I first worked out ever. Endless mode for a half hour on the hardest difficulty you can handle. Wow. o_O
Though it's much more fun at the arcade.

So Onee-sama WILL play WoW? I see memory installations! I see them! Just kidding.

I want my mom to tell me to go shopping.XD

We went to Macy's last Saturday... and I saw this kick-ass lamp that had a dragonfly on it with really pretty colors, but it was like, $50(Sale), and then my friend found a griddle thing, and when her boyfriend was about to buy it for her we decided to leave(we're all not too good on money, despite his kindnessXD).

I can't help with the law stuff, aw man that sounds rough. I know the mixed up American/Japanese/Ace Attorney mish mash from the PW games.:p

Workout pants are comfy.

Alley knows better than to beg....she just waits very patiently and I'll eventually give her a bite. Well, I suppose it's technically begging, but it's not obnoxious.

I think I'd find it less stupid if I were better at it. Since, however, I'm not, then I don't like it. We'll see if I start to like it better as I do it more.

I want to get a desktop built...I don't think my laptop will handle it well, even with more memory. We'll see, though. I didn't make it in yesterday.

Macy's has really nice stuff, but it's pretty expensive. I usually ask myself if it's something I'll use for a long time (worth paying more for) or for a short period (stick with cheap). Dragonflies are cool, though.

Law stuff is rough, and I'm getting very frustrated. But what can you do?

Once you get the steps down, it's really fun. I have the beat hax, being half hispanic.:P

I was jokin' with ya- you do whatever you want to- but if you do ever play WoW, you have an easy ride.:)



*Plays Judas Priest*

I try to think of the law as a loose series of suggestions.

I'm still debating on WoW. I want to do it when I have enough time to really get into it.


Should I find that comforting? I don't know. Then again, if you were strict I'd be in big trouble.

WoW doesn't HAVE to be time consuming... but when you start playing you'll want it to be. So if you have engagements at this time, summer time might be optimal.:p

Well, we keep having all these problems in Professional Responsibility where the right answer is that there is no right answer...but there are several wrong answers. It makes it hard to look at the law as something solid.

I figure that once I start WoW, I'll probably really got into it for a little bit and want to have lot of time to spend on it. Then the shininess will wear off a bit and I'll be able to just play for a few minutes every day.

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