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More Culture
[Misc] Flowers
Or, at least, more cultural property...

I just started the sixth (of fifteen) pages. I also realized that I'm doing it in 11 point font, so I'm probably much father along. It's coming fairly easily right now, since I'm mostly just summarizing law. I'm hoping that by doing this, I'll somehow get things organized enough to come up with a really dazzling conclusion.

Or, at least, I can hope.

I'm hoping to be at the halfway point by tomorrow night. Right now, I need to get ready for bed because it's past midnight and 5:30AM is going to come awfully early tomorrow.

Also, I finally read Marvel Zombies. Interesting title. Extremely gory and I'm impressed that it didn't descend into the ridiculous.

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I'm definitely not a morning person. And I skipped the gym this morning...I didn't go to sleep till about 2:00AM and I just didn't feel well.

And Marvel Zombies is a comic. It's a universe that first appeared in Ultimate Fantastic Four and got some spin-off books. Basically, a virus from space came in and infected all the superheros so they became zombies. They ate the entire population of earth and then started looking for other food sources.

And Spider-Man kept whining about how he ate MJ and Aunt May. ;-)

And this paper is definitely very hellish, but it's getting finished. Slowly.

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