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Meme: It Was Literally in My Lap....
[Misc] Flowers
1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 56.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the next seven sentences in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

To return--It is conceded that implied powers are to be considered as delegated equally with express ones.

Then it follows, that as a power of erecting a corporation may as well be implied as any other thing; it may as well be employed as an instrument or mean of carrying into execution any of the specified powers, as any other instrument or mean whatever. The only question must be, in this as in every other case, whether the mean to be employed, or in this instance the corporation to be erected, has a natural relation to any of the acknowledged objects or lawful ends of the government. Thus a corporation may not be erected by congress for superintending the police of the city of Philadelphia because they are not authorized to regular the police of that city; but one may be erected in relation to the collection of taxes, or to the trade with foreign countries, or to the trade between the States, or with the Indian tribes; because it is the province of the federal government to regulate those objects & because it is incident to a general sovereign or legislative power to regulate a thing, to employ all the means which relate to its regulation to the best & greatest advantage...

To this mode of reasoning respecting the right of employing all the means requisite to th execution of the specified powers of the Gvoernment, it is objected that none but necessary & proper means are to be employed; & the Secretary of State maintains, that no means are to be considered necessary, but those without which the grant of the power would be nugatory. Nay so far does he go into his restricive interpretation of the word, as even to make th case of necessity which shall warrant the constitutional exercise of the power to depend on causual & tempory circumstances, an idea which alone
refutes the construction. The expediency of exercising a particular power, at a particular time, must be independent of circumstances; but the constitutional right of exercising it must be uniform & invariable, the same today as tomorrow.

This is from my Con Law book and yes, it's seven sentences.

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I broke my brain reading yours.:D It's early, I think that's it.

I am going to ghetto-translate somehow. People can't make companies unless that shit is RELEVANT. Private companies can't be holding the cops of Philly or they'd run that shit into the GROUND.

Only the needed power should be used and shit. If power ain't needed, it should be triflin'. When shit hits the fan, the man still decides the necessity of any new acts and laws and stuff. Even if shit gets heavy, it has to be done the same way every day.

You know what, this is why I can't read textbooks!:P
Are the lectures taught like that, in an enigma of ethereal diction?

No, the lectures are very down-to-earth. This is just an early Supreme Court decisions on something...not sure what.

"In my lap" That's what she said. Can't help it! I missed that before!

That's good to know. I took Criminology 101 this past summer, and wow were those quizzes hard. I read the chapters, but I then found the trick was to just highlight anything near an "x" vs. "y" because there was usually some huge change after the fact that would be imperative on a quiz. So many Supreme Court cases, and I just got lost in it.

The class itself was quite interesting, we had to post in replies to prompts on forums once a week. Usually it was hot button topics like our reactions to the Patriot Act and racial bias in law enforcement. The most eye opening and disgusting week was when we had to watch a video online about a lawyer who slept through his client's trial with death on the line. And he didn't regret it. What a fun one to react to!

But anyways... you're working on that paper tonight, right? Good luck.:)

I hope to see you finish it so you can feel a semblance better, because you deserve it. And I know you won't get any peace probably until Winter Break with other finals, but try to smile anyways.:D

It was. I was sitting in class with my book balance on my lap because I couldn't fit it on the table beside my laptop. For whatever reason, people have started sitting beside me in classes. I generally try to get a chair on either side of me so I can spread out my stuff. =P It's horrible.

There's apparently a debate about how much sleeping in court is considered ineffective counsel. It is disturbing, though....was it assigned counsel? Still, discussing hot button topics is fun, if the people involved aren't idiots.

I'm getting ready to start doing some reading right now. I'm just going to have to accept that I'm going to be stressed out and a little unhappy until after the second week of December, but then I can relax and enjoy the holidays. Getting this paper done will be so helpful.

How dare they!:P

It was assigned by the state/whatever. Not of the client's choosing. That made it uber dicey.

Ugh reading, huh? I need to write a treatment for a "heliroller" but information on google is sparse to none, and I've tried numerous other methods of searching. It's a technology used mainly in airports with rollers for large amounts of heavy cargo.

I can't wait for Christmas. T-T

But not the lawyer's choosing, either. That's what makes it so complicated. I'm not saying it's right, but that's the system. We've determined that everyone has the right to counsel. Great. And we've decided that even if they can't afford to pay, they still get it. Good. The only problem is that we end up with a very underpaid lawyer who resents his client "defending" him. Someone clearly didn't think that one through...

What class is the heliroller thing for?

Yeah, that was our argument.:)

Scriptwriting. It's bull shit, I should be at least able to find one thing on the helio roller besides the teacher's paper, he said it exists and already promoted it, so it's disturbing if he can't spell it.:p

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