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And More...
[Misc] Flowers
First, I owe some people some comments. I will get on it, just please bear with me for a bit.

I'm not feeling that great. I'm not outright sick, but I'm pushing it. The problem is that my body has decided that getting sick is an acceptable response to stress. I guess it figures that if it keeps doing it, I'll stop putting stress on it. Yeah, right. It's not like I'm doing this by choice.

I'm up to page 8 of my paper. The problem is that I'm running out of points on my outline, so I'll need to go in and research a couple more things. Still, this is better than it could be. I could be writing this at 11:30pm the night before it's due...

If I keep this up, I should have the paper finished soon and I'll be able to take a break and go back and edit it. Again, I'm still not sure it's a good paper, but at least I'll have something to turn int.

Now I just need to get started prepping for finals.

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Drink some tea, and try to keep warm. I think that's important to help fight the sickness some. Also, vitamins and orange juice.:)
Stress is terrible. I have not so much the right to say I've experienced it like you, though.

I am confident you'll turn in a wonderful paper. I'd love to read it sometime(though I can't promise I will fully understand everything, heh).

Finals prep, oh boy. :o
Thanksgiving break is coming for me, do you get one too? Though, mine will be spent taking quizzes and constructing a resume for career planning.

Oh, and check Gaia sometime. Whenever you have free time.:)

I do. Actually, my last day of classes is Nov. 25 and I won't have a final until Dec. 8, so I get about a week and a half off. Yay.

I'll be happy to show you the paper. It probably won't be that amazing, but I'm trying.

I actually took yesterday off and rested, so hopefully I'll have more energy to work tonight.

Why do you have to start career planning so early?

Awesome! It will be so nice, right?

Pfft. It's freaking 17 pages or something, right? Plus, you're intelligent- can't be worse than the peer reading I did in English 101.:)

Work work work work work work work work. Wish I had your patience. I need to kick back in the evenings or I get surly. I try to cram everything and get done before 7 PM.

Because Jesus. :P

No, because in Communications Media, they're overly concerned we get internships(required for graduation), so in order for me to get one this summer I must do the Comm shuffle and take a career planning class to learn how to be "formal"(the quizzes) and make a resume. Then I have to take senior portfolio presentation, and do something with my portfolio. Between those two I get to do a mock interview in January, something two of my friend already did anyways.

I'm a senior, but also a year behind now.:P

I've been writing a page at a time, so I figure it's going to be sort of disjointed. I dread editing it, but...bleh. I'll get it.

I need to work work work more. It's going to be a stressful couple of weeks getting everything crammed in.

Well, hopefully you'll get a good internship. But I remember (and hate the memory of) those damn requirements, but what can you do besides suck it up and do it?

It will be fine. You can probably make it flow easily.


Yeah, it's true. My room mate and I were exiting the art building or something, and we claimed how we didn't really wanna do something. But we're pretty academic students, so I just pointed out that all we're gonna do is complain about having to do it, and then just do it anyways.

I just pointed out that all we're gonna do is complain about having to do it, and then just do it anyways.

You nailed it. But would you really want to forgo that complaining and just do it? Where would the fun of that be?

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