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[Misc] Flowers
I'm now on page 11 (nearly 12) of my paper. I've gotten through the background and discussion of Japanese law, now for the American part. I'll get to it as soon as I figure out what that is... I hate having to cite everything. I mean, I get the need for doing it so that people can go back and verify the information you're using, but citing stuff you just know, like gravity is -9.8m/s^2, is a pain. (Not that I'm using that in my paper, but it's a good example of something that's just been pounded into me so much that I know it and it's pain to have to track down a source to cite.) Still, eleven pages is nothing to sneeze at.

My day was a little crazy. I had to take Alley to daycare, then we had a guest lecturer in Cultural Property from Wales. While he was in Wales. He did it through video conference, which was very cool, but the professor wanted us to be in class by 8:50 to keep from having any interruptions. So, since I didn't have time to drive back to my apartment and walk over, I just decided to park in the garage on campus. It was $5.00, but it saved at least 15 minutes. And I still didn't get there until about 8:55 and fortunately ran into another classmate who knew where we were having the class today.

Well, after all that, I don't think we started until at least 9:10. This is one complaint I have with this professor: she'll tell you to be somewhere at a certain time and drive home how important it is, then she'll wait around for everyone to show up.

Anyway, the class was interesting. Here's his blog, if anyone is interested. For some reason, he reminded me of Remus Lupin. I had a few times where I had a hard time not giggling.

I realized that I had forgotten my key to my locker (it was on my other keychain), so I had to make it through the day without my Con Law or Crim Law books. I was able to pull cases off Westlaw (unedited), but I really started to sweat when I remembered my Crim law professor asked questions using the hypos in the book. Fortunately, I didn't get called on.

The most telling part of the day was at the elevators after class. There was a group of students waiting and when one came, basically no one had the ambition to actually go in. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates this time of year.

I had to return a gift I had bought for my mom to Macy's so I went to the mall before picking Alley up. I wanted to see if they had the Marimite (and I can't remember the American name of the series) boxed set in FYE, so I went into the mall. Turns out they had just gotten a San Fransico Music Box store yesterday! I went in to check it out and the guy was really nice. I haven't been in one since high school, probably, and I have to admit that a lot of the stuff is kind of tacky. Still, I found something my mom will probably like, and they had some Harry Potter stuff. They had a Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw waterglobe, and they're supposed to get a Slytherin in soon, so I'm definitely going back.

On the way out, I picked up some wine glasses that were on sale (I got an extra 15% off, too). They're pretty nice and I keep reading about the health benefits of wine, so I'm going to try to start drinking it more often. And I figure at the rate I'm going, I'll be a raging alcoholic before I graduate, so why not do it in style?The only problem now is where to store them... I don't have a china cabinet and my kitchen cabinets are too small for them. Plus, all the wine glass racks I've seen have to be mounted....

Now I need to straighten up my apartment and watch Criminal Minds. And sleep. Sleep is good.

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I'm always interested in watching people's progress on papers. Especially since I basically write term papers for a living now. ;) SF Music Box is a really cool store! I don't think I've seen one of those in years. Man.

Especially since I basically write term papers for a living now. ;)

Way to make me look forward to the future. =P

The guy I talked to told me that they were on the verge of bankruptcy and a new company bought them out six years ago, so they were opening more seasonal stores now. Hopefully, that means we'll see more of them in the future.

Well, if you don't go into appellate law, you won't be doing that, so don't worry. ;) It's amazing how easy it is to just whip out a 25-page paper nowadays, when I remember how much I used to stress over them!

I guess the first couple would be horrible, then they'd get easier and easier. My legal writing professor said that when she worked for Cook County, she would do a brief a week. That would be rough. (Of course she also added that they weren't as involved as the one she assigned us, but still...)

That's roughly our schedule. We do around 4 briefs a month. They don't all take a week -- some you need two solid weeks, some you can whip out in a day and a half. Once you've been writing for a while, you start to have a lot of stuff partially written anyway -- cut and paste the standard of review here, the elements of agg assault there, etc. ;)

I've never been to a San Fransisco Music Box store before, but I vaguely remember someone mentioning having been and liking it for all the random items they sometimes carry.

There was one in Fayette Mall many, many years ago. It's pretty cool. The problem is that most of the good stuff is a little too pricey.

Citing thoroughly sucks, unless you're dealing with a novel(those are easy). That was the hardest part for me with my paper in Senior Synthesis.^^;

Professor demanded you to come on time and then starts late? Whoa. My Aesthetics and Theory class starts about 8 minutes late and ends 10 minutes early everyday. The best part is that the professor that teaches it is one of the heads of the comm department. :P

I wish I could remember what HP character that is. I read up and through the 4th book, but I totally missed the internet fandom train on that one on all counts.

THE VIRGIN MARY IS WATCHING OVER YOU. I ain't kiddin'! Mom saw mine in the mail, and I'm pre-ordering season 2 for Christmas. She asked me quite nicely, "What the hell is that? What are you watching?" "Anime mom! You know, like Dragon Ball Z". "Is this an anime that's really religious or something?" *DASH to watch every episode of season 1 in one night*
I've not seen it in FYE here though, then again Indiana is so backwoodsy compared to home.

So is SFM like a classier Spencer's? I've never heard of that store, ever.

Gettin' called on in class in college is nerve wracking. I have a quiet voice around people I don't know, so in big lecture halls being asked to repeat things is embarrassing. It is fortunate you didn't get called on unguarded.

Health benefits as a reason? Liar! My ass! :P
If wine is healthy, my one friend must be able to do 3302423032 push ups.;)
Yes, yes, the moderation is good. My friend Jimmy has a tiny apartment, and he just stores his EXPENSIVE and I mean priceless Wal-mart wine glassware in the box above his kitchen cabinets.:p

I want wine. Pass please?:(

Sleep is not good! Wait, it is. I want that too.:)

Citing definitely sucks. The worst part is that in Word 2007, there's a Cite Wizard type thing that will do pretty much every form of citation....except Blue Book. I've also had a professor who would intentionally knock grades down for minor citation mistakes. She failed one girl on a paper for plagiarism because she accidentally forgot to add a work to her Works Cited page. She did an in-paper parenthetical, so she wasn't trying to pass an idea off as her own, she just made a stupid but honest mistake.

Slytheryin is one of the houses. The sneaky house where all the bad characters some from. It's totally me.

In Torts this year, the professor I had last year is making people stand in class to talk. If I'd had to stand up last year, I would have never talked.

SMF is just music boxes. It's not exactly classy, maybe a bit kitschy, but it has some interesting stuff.

That's what I thought it translated as, but I had just hoped.... Why not stick with Maria-sama ga Miteru? So your mom watched it? I'd like to try to find it in a store, but I may have to use the internet or special order.

There's been a citing wizard this whole time?


Words can not describe my rage right now. >_<

Hey now, I'm not THAT bad. I remember the snake house thing. I just forgot the character.:p

It's redundant to stand and talk.>->

I want to see that store one day. I can perhaps try to hunt one down near here.

Because we're American and don't understand moon speak! I really don't know. Oh hell no, mom would NEVER watch that. In a word, mom doesn't "get" anime, but me and my sister yap about it all the time. My sister hasn't even watched it from lack of interest. It's one of the hardest series to get people into.:(
Rightstuff has it, and they're the producers. They rock.

See how much I care for you? I get you a direct link.:P

It's $29.99 plus shipping. But what the hell, you know, I paid $39.99 at release from the same people. But whatever, I think they figure all the diehards already bought it, thus making sales of it slump now producing a price cut.

No, only Word 2007. I passionately hated it when I first got it (it actually made it hard to do a paper because nothing was where it was supposed to be! I'm getting to where I like it now, though.

What character?

But they've left a few in Japanese. Although, few and far between. It seems silly, though. It is a bizarre series to explain, though. My cousin doesn't like the art (though I don't get why... the color, palette, I think.). But the plot is very, very difficult to explain.

Thanks for the link. Good to know the price has dropped.

I think I have that?? I have the Vista one, lol.

Remus Rammulus whoever that is.:P

Yeah, real freaking great.T-T

Ah, Remus is the werewolf teacher. He's interesting. I forgot I'd mentioned that in the entry.

Yeah, you probably have Word 2007 then. I took some getting used to, but I think I like it now. I don't do change well.

Great for me, not so good for you.

And I'm thinking purple and black for the colors.

Although, if you can give hints as to why, that might change my choice about the colors.

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