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Wow, that was easy...
[Misc] Flowers
Not finishing my paper, but canceling my AOL account.

I've had it for a long time (according to the company twelve years and eleven months) and I've thought about canceling it several times, since I never use it. I actually did try to cancel it once, but it's a hard sell. I basically had to explain my reasons and the person kept coming at me with reasons not to cancel that I finally gave up and kept it. I believe every story there is about bad experience with cancellation.

Still, I decided today I was going to cancel and I was actually a little angry going in because I figured I'd be in a for a bad time and given that AOL has gotten over three thousand dollars from me (figuring twenty per month for nearly thirteen years), I felt like they should be decent enough to let me go.

Apparently, the bad publicity, like this call, has changed their policy, because it was fairly easy.

Me: I want to cancel my account.
Rep: I'm sorry to hear that. I see you've been a member for twelve years and eleven months.
Me: Yes, that's right. *tensing up and getting ready for the fight*
Rep: And what's your reason for canceling today?
Me: Oh, just ready for a change. *digging in a bit more*
Rep: So how do you access the internet now? Dial up or high speed?
Me: High speed. *totally ready for it now*
Rep: Then would you like to downgrade your account to a so that you can...[long spiel on what I can do.]
Me: No, no thank you.
Rep: Okay, then your account is canceled.
Me: Oh, okay. Thank you.

Seriously, it was almost a letdown. But I'm really glad they've finally got a better policy on this. You shouldn't have to beg to get a service you don't want, need, or use canceled. Especially since 90% of what they offer now is free anyway.

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Haha, scared you off AOL! *stands proud*

Kidding, of course. I remember when I canceled AOL, that was a long time ago though. The original Fayorei was gone for so long, but apparently I can use that one to sign into AIM still(I learned AIM was separate so much later). If I go on it now I get bombarded.:p

I remember mom freaking out that she couldn't figure out the bleak regular internet.

I was so much happier after dropping AOL. Did you have that like, login screen just to get on the internet, and then the gray browser thing still? I remember how many online games I couldn't play because of the login crap.

And don't abandon me on AIM. T-T

Oh, and most importantly, you gotta stop canceling services in the paper time.:P

*scurries off*

I've always referred to AOL as the kiddie pool of the internet. Unfortunately, it tends to keep people immersed in that one community...which isn't a good thing.

I basically wasn't using AOL at all. I used it for a few things about four years ago, but since then, I've pretty much left it. I remember AOL causing a lot of problems for a lot of people, though.

I'm still keeping AIM. BrooKiki isn't even used through AOL.

I've got to work on that paper. I should have been done by tonight, but obviously....*shrugs* Bad Brooke!

Ohhh yeah. I remember AOL so much as that.

Did it? My Time Warner Cable just stopped working one day. To this day cable internet doesn't work in this house, and we had to get DSL... but it wasn't AOL's fault there.

I'm sorry, I didn't know you had AIM separate too.:)
I always used the AOL-inside one back when I was in high school, lol.

Yeah, where's my reading material?:p
I'm bored as ever, and I don't feel like starting that resume tonight.:P

*thwaps hand*


Well, not connectivity problems. But I remember an IRC server banning all AOL users and causing a lot of inconvenience for people.

I just find opening AOL to be a huge hassle. So, I use external AIM and check my email via the internet.

And you're telling me to stop procrastinating so that I can aid your procrastination? Right.



It's okay, I swear it. I just found out the estimated time it SHOULD take to get done- about 1-2 hours. And I can't work on it until Wednesday since I don't own the coursebook for making it and the person who's helping me and has it is out of town until then.

I am literally angry with unrest, if I could I'd slam that thing out right now.:)

Maybe I could try starting a cover letter, that should be standard even for the course packet.

Well, I've got a bit more of it done tonight. I'll get the rest tomorrow.

Then I have to decide whether to do a Power Point Presentation or not.


I'm glad.

Would it be terribly hard to do one on this, is my first concern.

Personally, I think it would be interesting since you could show some of the goods/relis/etc that have been stolen.:)

Oh good golly goodness, I can't type. *RELICS*

I did use it. I think it worked pretty well...I need to get better at PP presentations, though.


I would think so. People are inclined to not give a fuck unless they can see just how your topic is relevant and important. And that's kind of hard to do with art/relics, cause words can't really do those works justice.

Train at Power Point! You can't be worse than me ad-libbing what I tentatively called the Hispanic Helioroller(Heliroller) Half-minute in which I totally sped through what our pitch was for the product.D:

*giggles* Was that today? I tend to go fast, too.

Oh no,I aimed to go fast. We didn't know who would be talking until the last minute. Angie just stared at me and said please. Lolz.

And then the coup de embarrassment "it's nice to hear your voice Ashley". Grah.:P

It was Thursday. I'm out of school until the 30th now.

Funny. I generally go very fast accidentally. I swear I think whatever normally controls human speed is bumped up on me.

I'm sure it went well, though.

Time off is good. Enjoy it. Do finals start then?

I'll try, I'll try.

Finals start sometime, i think Dec 1st... hell I don't even remember. I should probably look up a finals schedule. Lol

You sound like me. Apparently, finals start here around 12/3, but my first final isn't until 12/7.

There was a lawsuit about their cancellation practices, that's why they don't give you all 31 flavors of hell when you try to cancel now.

I figured it had to be something like that. I really feel bad for the people working there, because if they were that aggressive about getting people to keep the service, you know that management must have really gone after them when people canceled.

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