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I Feel Better....Sort of
[Misc] Flowers
Well, I did my presentation today and I turned in my paper.

I feel like it went okay. I was nervous (and I tend to talk fast when nervous), but I made it through. I feel like I packed a lot of information into it and everyone seemed to follow it. I got a few questions after, so that's good, right? One person told me it was interesting after.

I turned my paper in. I finished it at about 4:30AM this morning. Well, I finished it at about midnight Saturday night, but I was proofing, fixing cites, etc... I hate cites. I really freaking hate any system of citation and Blue Book is just that much worse...or maybe it's not, but I've struggled through MLA and Turabian for years, so they seem less easy. On the other hand, writing that now, I distinctly remember feeling deeply depressed when I found out that Kate Turabian was dead, since it meant I didn't get to kill her...

Yeah, maybe it was that bad.

So, paper finished late. The good news/bad news thing is that I missed the deadline for turning in a first draft, but she's agreed to treat this as my final draft and give me time to polish it after finals. So, good news is that it will be a better paper, bad news is I still have to fix it.

The thing is, I feel like I've worked really, really hard on that paper. Not as hard as I could have, of course, but I think I put some respectable time in. Usually, when I make a good grade, I feel like it was a fluke.

* I put off writing an 8-10 page history paper until the night before it was due because I didn't have a topic. I finally chose to write about Mulan because it was on the Disney channel. My topic? Why Mulan actually fit Confucian ideals and was not a revolutionary concept for China. 90% on a professor that never gives As. Huh.

* I put writing a English paper (anyone see a pattern here?) until the morning it was due because 1) it was only 5-7 pages and 2) the professor provided a list of sources to use. I looked at the sources, couldn't find anything that I could work with, so I wrote a paper that basically rebutted what everyone else said. 97% and glowing comments.

So, while I love getting good grades and won't complain about this, I would really love to get a good grade on a paper I really feel like I put a lot of time and effort into. Maybe this will be it...

My professor actually told me I did a good job putting it all together and that it was good that I picked a topic that didn't have a lot writing on it all ready. So, I'm cautiously optimistic and feeling a lot better than I did a week ago (or a day ago).

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Ah, so you did wonderful.:)
If someone said it was interesting, it must have been a total success. Judging by the usual silence most receive, right?

You've done a lot of work, that's for sure. I'm so sorry your paper still has to be worked on because of that special condition; however, it's also a great blessing to be able to maybe even rank up more points.

I really liked that topic about the Mulan paper. I could have never thought of something so off the wall at such a stressful time.

I think you'll get a good grade on this. Feel free to smack me after the fact if I was wrong.

That's true. I think I was really enthusiastic about the topic, too.

I'm actually really happy. I think I could just go ahead and take the grade as it is, but I'd really like to be able to improve it a bit. I feel like the paper has a lot of potential, so I'd like to do well with it.

The Mulan topic was fairly easy. I just knew I wanted to do Mulan (actually, it was more like "I really need a paper on China, what can I do...oh, look, Mulan is on. Heeeey...." Then I just searched for journal articles on Mulan and I believe that was mentioned some of them, so I went with it.

I'll smack myself first. I'm just a little worried that my legal reasoning was a little elementary, but hopefully she'll fix that.

I promise this to be an important question- which is your favorite color from the following? Pink with white, black, sky blue, black and purple, or white with green?

Mmm.... Purple is my favorite color, but I'm not sure with black. A little dark for me. But pink and white, my second choice, is a little too light and fluffy. I'll think on it and get back to you with my final answer.

Oh, you know me- I aim to please. If you aim to make a cautious decision, I will wait.:D

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