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I Just Don't Get It
[Misc] Flowers
I hate when I do something stupid or make a mistake and then the person who has the power to help out with the problem gives me a break, but then proceeds to make me feel incredibly bad about it. I guess my view is that if you're in charge and someone makes a mistake that you have the power to overlook, you have two options:

1) The mistake was so bad or so sloppy that they person doesn't deserve a second chance. Fine. Don't give it.

2) The mistake was understandable or you want to give someone a break because of external circumstances. Great, go for it.

I guess I don't see the middle ground: Giving someone who doesn't deserve a break a second chance and then criticizing them for it or making someone who made an understandable and forgivable mistake under the circumstances feel that much worse about it.

Yeah, I had a bad day today. It's mostly okay now, but I still feel bad about it. Details later, if I feel like talking about it.

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It's just my lovely, sunny personality. :-)

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