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DishTV Has a New Customer...
[Misc] Flowers
Today, I had a new television delivered and installed (my dad's birthday/Christmas present. It's niiiiice.) and so I went over to the cable company to get a DVR that would get HD. "Sorry, we don't have any and there's a 500 person waiting list." "You're kidding." "No, sorry." "Okay, forget the DVR. I'll just take a cable box that will give me HD." "Don't have those either."

So, I went home (annoyed) and made a couple of phone calls. After a day of this, I sent this message to my cable company:

I have had an account with your service (or your predecessor) for over ten years. Today, I tried to get a DVR and was unable to obtain one due to a shortage and there were no other options for obtaining high definition television. Fine. I was unhappy with the situation, but it wouldn't have been enough to justify canceling the service.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of trying to see if there was any way of remedying the situation. The first call I made was unsatisfactory. Not problematic enough to justify canceling the service, but enough that I decided to see if there were other alternatives. One phone call to DishTV later (with amazing customer service) and I found out that not only could I have an installation with HDTV by Saturday, but I would be able to pay significantly less on my bill ($90.95 per month *or* $136.99 for significantly more channels, compared to the $140 plus I'm currently paying.

At this point, I still wanted to stay with your company, despite the problems. So, I called customer service one more time to see if anything could be done. Specifically, I explained my frustration at being a longterm customer and being basically told "Doesn't matter. Get in line. We'll help you if we get around to it, but no promises." The issue was not whether or not your company is able to readily obtain DVR recorders from whatever supplier you use. Your primary concern should have been that you had a dissatisfied customer who seriously considering leaving your service.

However, the customer service rep I talked to was so focused on explaining why the situation wasn't the company fault and why my position (being unhappy about not being able to get a service through my cable provider and having virtually no recourse about the situation) was unreasonable. By the time she finally asked the magic question "Well, what do you want us to do?" I was past the point of wanting to fix the problem.

I suggested that, given that not only was I unable to get a service I wanted that was readily available through another provider, but that the provider was willing to offer the service at a cheaper rate, a rate temporary reduction of the bill or an extra service might improve the situation. The solution was to offer a free tier that I canceled earlier because I never used (sports) and to give a small increase on the internet. At that point, it wasn't nearly enough to make it worthwhile.

So, at this point, I see no reason to stay with your service and I'm currently looking at other options. I want to stress that my reason for leaving is not the DVR shortage (though it's extremely frustrating), but the lack of customer service. Had the rep I talked to given the impression that she genuinely cared about keeping me as a customer (rather than "Well, it's your choice.) and that she genuinely wanted to at least improve the situation, if not solve the problem, I would have probably stayed on and waited for the DVR. But I will not stay with a company that cannot or will not provide good customer service. In the future, you may want to consider further training with your reps.

It always frustrates me to no end when customer service reps forget that their job is customer service. I'm generally a customer service person's dream because I realize that the situation is not their fault and I usually have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done to turn me from an unhappy customer to a happy customer (in this case, for instance, offering one of the movie tiers we get for free and bumping my internet service up to the next highest speed). The flipside to that is that when I feel like customer service isn't making an effort at all, I'm pretty quick to walk away.

Anyway, I had a good experience with the DishTV sales guy. He seemed really helpful, so they're coming out Saturday to install it. We'll see how things go.

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So you got a kick-ass TV? You, you, you, you, lucky! Then again, I am still good with my tube-TV, and don't see the point of HD since I care not to see noise hairs.;)

Or maybe that's my rationale cause I'm a poor person. Yeah, that's probably it.^^;

I don't think I watch enough TV to warrant new TV.;p Steph introduces me to all sorts of things since they have TiVo out the yang.

As for DVR, that is NEEDED! I can't say how much I miss having that at school, so I can record the few shows I watch.
But, I love NBC for putting up Ugly Betty and the Office. I really love Ugly Betty... it's kinda funny since I'm in Communications Media, lol. Hilda is the best.

But, Onee-sama, you're stone cold. I know you weren't trying to be mean to the cable company, but you're so calculating.:o

Well, it's not mine. It's for my dad's and since 1) I'm only here semi-regularly and 2) he's very, very possessive of his television, I will very rarely get to watch it. But it's awesome.

TiVo does rock.

I do watch a lot of TV and I don't necessarily think that the HD is necessary (it's sort of distracting sometimes...you notice a lot of skin imperfections, etc), but if you go to the trouble of paying extra for the HD TV, you want HD. =P

I am a bit calculating, but I think it's fair. Basically, Company A doesn't have something you want and can't guarantee that you'll get it, while Company B has the item and says that you can get it immediately....oh, and cheaper, too. I think it's more than fair to go back to company A and say "Okay, here's how it is. What possible incentive can you give me for sticking it out with you?"

The example the CS rep tried to use was "Well, you don't see how unfair you're being. If you want to the video store and wanted a really popular new video and it was sold out, would you blame them for it?" My response was "No, but if that were the case, would you wait around for two weeks to see the video if it were available immediately somewhere else at a better rate? If I were to wait for it, I would expect the store to give me an incentive to wait, like a free video rental for going on the waitlist."

The problem is that I found out that there are a couple of channel we can't get that my mom likes. The thing is, they're religious channels where locale churches air their services and stuff like the Gaithers (a singing group) comes on. Frankly, it seems stupid beyond words to stick it out just for that, but if she really likes it... So I may call and try to work something out. I just don't know.

LOL, possessive TV use. Mom hogs our TV too, but the worst time is when we both want to record something at the same time on DVR while watching another show. Unlike the awesome TiVo, we can only record 1 show, not two simultaneously.:p

But she watches some cool stuff, I'm thankful she grew out of her BET phase. Now it's "I need to see the news and the Feud" and I can't mind that.

To hell with imperfections, lol... no one is perfect, right? I suppose you just made a wonderful owning remark there- got me. Might as well go HD then. But if you're a Bluray fanatic I'll come tackle you down personally.:)

A bit? A BIT? ;p

You really broke their minds. For a customer rep person to whine "that's not fair", lol. But you have a legitimate point. You should have been able to get on a waiting list, and they should have taken better care of the situation since you were a longtime subscriber.

Aww, that sounds crap-tastic. But what can you do about mothers? They just have to have it their way sometimes- for respect. I'm sure you can figure something out.

Fortunately, neither of my parents have discovered the joys of DVR or Tivo...especially since the TiVo we have only records one thing at a time (I think there's a way to do two, but I can't remember what it is.) It's a pain when I want to watch two shows at once, like NCIS and House or Supernatural and CSI (although I'm growing out of my CSI phase).

I'm definitely not perfect, but I've found that through creative self-promotion and refusing to admit you're wrong, you can generally give a good impress of perfection. :-)

Well, they would put me on a waiting list...after they ran a credit check. But they were just very "You get it when you get it and the fact that you've been a long term customer doesn't matter."

I'm thinking about trying again tomorrow and trying to get someone with more authority to deal. Trust me, companies budget for stuff like this. Overall, they need to address three points:

1. Lack of DVR availability. This could be helped by offering to waive part or all of the deposit or offering a free service until I get the item. That would at least assure me that they're working as fast as they can to get me one.

2. Price. Right now, I can get more than they're offering from DishTV at a cheaper price. By the time I add HD, it's going to put me up to nearly $14 (or more) per month...not to mention the fact that DishTV will give me three free months of Showtime and HBO. So, they're going to have to offer a permanent price reduction to keep me.

3. Customer Service. I don't know how they'll solve that problem, since that's the major sticking point. But an overall positive experience with a CSR tomorrow might make a difference.

Overall, what I want from them is to show me why I should stick with them and wait for a service, rather than getting it this weekend from another company.

LOL, lucky, lucky, lucky Onee-sama. Mom always wants to record award specials. The CMT ones, the regular ones, etc.D:

Isn't that also stubbornness?;p
No, no. It's a good thing. My comm prof said the best way to win anything is to be "winsome"(a word I hadn't heard in forever), and just express opinions positively and not relent. It was kinda scary lol.

Yeah, curb stomp them. Comcast is the object of my doing that, specially with random internet going-outs at the apartment.T-T

*shudders* Award shows. Although, Taylor Swift's thing at the CMAs was beyond awesome. (Saw it on Youtube.)

I am nothing if not stubborn. :-)

Winsome is good. I like that word.

Overall, cable companies seem to have a bad rap and I think there's a good reason behind it. They decided long ago to create a system that allow them to play gatekeeper and charge more money by restricting television access using the cable box or DVR. Now they're paying for that because they're created a market they can't keep up with.

I don't plan on relenting. I'm going to try very hard not to go into attack mode, but I definitely have what it will take to make me a happy customer. Now they get to fix the situation.

Ashley doesn't know country music well. At all.^^;
I listen to anything pretty much though.

You're nice, for one, besides stubborn.:p


I've gotten quite... pointed with my language myself. I've been the victim of... oh... three cases of mistaken identity. There is an evil Ashley Rodriguez on my campus, I know because she has no middle name.

The one where I got quite heated was when my mom accidentally cashed a check meant for the other Ashley, and they demanded the money back. Mom didn't know there was another one, and we have different ID numbers and soc numbers. So I bitched out the bursar very heartily. I scared my friends at dinner since it happened during.:P

The worst one was when I was supposed to go to court for not paying my rent... except I was living on campus and never lived in the apartments. I cried my eyes out, especially since no one was helpful in that situation. But, I just tracked down the guy who owned them and had to present evidence that I wasn't her for him to drop the freaking charges. It was so confusing because the address on the paper was actually a car dealership.o-o
And the kicker was me and my room mate almost chose that place to live, never again.

Awww! You like cute things!

Okay okay, so I'll admit... I kinda disliked country a good bit... cause mom would play a buncha crap she got into after her last ex and croon to that while drunk. Having it playing without the drunken blather, definitely an improvement.

Though, something odd about the live one- it seems like her quality improved after the transformation.o-o

Also, WHAT LOW CUT CORSETS. I have to admit though, why was I looking?--;;

She's very pop-country. She's done a lot of crossover stuff.

Sorry about messing up the link.

Someone suggested in the comments (and I agree) that she sounded nervous. I guess she was a little worried about the dramatic transformation working.

It was still way cool, though.

I could tell.:)

It's nothing...

I bet she might've been nervous overall. I read she's 18? That's a lot of stress, huh?

Yup, I think she's 18. Pretty impressive, huh?

Oh snap, I keep forgetting to add crap to comments. I wish I could edit.

This is the closest I've scathed to country on my own.xD


I really do like club/dance/techno remixes. And this song actually hit a note with me since, well, I almost broke up around the time it came out. Shh. Sappy secret. I was so ashamed to like this song.:P

I liked it. Video is cool, too. Comments bugged me, though. "How dare someone remake a song I like in a different way so other people can enjoy it, too?"

There was also a Mabinogi add beside the video. ;-)

Her version of "Last Christmas" isn't bad, either. I really like that song.

Which company were you guys using? The customer service and bill plan makes me think Insight, but I don't think it's been around that long (though I do vaguely remember it taking over a former cable company when it came here). At any rate, we're debating switching ourselves because a lot of the places around here are quite pathetic.

And...after having worked as a customer service rep, I'm the same way when I'm on the phone with them. I find it really hard to get upset with them, because it's not their faults; they're just the middleman in all of this, but they are paid to care and try to remedy the situation, not to dissuade you from continuing your service with whatever product or subscription you have. It's very frustrating when you get people like that....I had my own issues with the people at Best Buy the other day, who were convinced they had to inform me what a horrible decision I was making by not taking up insurance with them over the phone, and then I came to find out they STILL put me down for it.

New Wave. I was going to say "Oh, but I have Insight at my apartment and the service has been fine...except for when they gave me a DVR with visible damaged connectors...oh, and when they gave me a five hour window for a service call. Huh, they're not very good at all, are they?"

I think the big problem is that cable is basically a monopoly. You can't get an identical service somewhere else and they know it. Most people are nervous about switching to satellite and the cable companies play on it.

I'm usually very good with customer service people, except when the customer service person starts trying to either defend a bad policy or tries to make me seem unreasonable for my stance. Then I get a little testy.

Ugh, my worst experience with something like that was at CompUSA. My dad wanted a computer, so I bought him a Mac. Great. Then the Apple guy tried to sell me the extended warranty. "No, thank you." He wouldn't stop and he started talking about how hard it was to fix Macs and how much it would cost, etc, etc. I mean, the guy basically trashed his product in order to sell an extended warranty. If I hadn't promised to get the computer for my dad that day, I would have probably said, "My gosh, you're right. Clearly, I don't want a computer this hard to maintain. I'll just go get a PC. Thanks for the warning."

What is it with people sometimes?

I agree, people are so leery about the idea of going over to a satellite company, but there really isn't too much to complain about, and the channel selection is so much better. Insight brags that it has 800 channels, when in reality they start repeating after about 80, it's just divided into convienent 'sections.'

And that really bothers me when I go to buy something and they play up the bad qualities to convince me it's worth getting an extended warranty. They should play up the positives more, and seriously realize that no means no, bullying does not make me want to suddenly buy it more. It makes me not want to buy anything from there period.

Yeah, I've noticed that. Do I really need 3 A&Es? But they do have Boomerang...not that I ever get to watch it. Also, I'm paying for a HD package and for some reason, I can't get HDNet.

In all fairness, I think a lot the pressure to sell comes from management because the companies make a huge profit from the warranties. That shows an inherent problem with the system: It's not good enough that the salesperson makes you buy a thousand dollar computer, they have to see you that extra warrant, too. It makes me feel like they're just trying to squeeze every cent they can from me on that one visit and who cares about repeat business?

I'm the same way, I would love to catch Boomerang once in a while, because it's nice seeing older cartoons that you can't find anywhere else. Makes me wonder why I loved some of them as a child.

That's very true. I know they do like to encourage the employees to promote the products, and I've been told that certain representatives will sometimes come in and act as though they were going to truly buy something to see if the employee will actually promote the product and features as they should, but I do think they should realize there is a line and it's not a good idea to make them cross it.

Like the ShirtTales. That's a funny, funny show. And I once saw the actual show Harvey Birdman is based on. That was hysterical.

It also makes for very unhappy employees. A friend worked at the local Books-a-Million and management really pushed them to sell discount cards and the "eight free issues a magazine of your choice." The problem is that, after a while, every customer who's going to get one has one and they only need to renew, so there's no real market. But they were told by the regional management that if they couldn't sell them, they'd replace them with someone that could. And when they complained that it annoyed regular customers to be offered a product that they had refused ten times before, the response was "Well, keep at it and they'll eventually say yes."

If there were another decent bookstore nearby, I'd definitely be shopping somewhere else. I love the employees, but the policies are awful.

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