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Is it Me?
[Misc] Flowers
My mom's TV didn't work properly after the installation. It didn't get the right channels and it only got about 26 of 70+. Need I say she wasn't happy? I called the installation service today to explain the problem. My theory was that somehow it wasn't properly connected and instead of getting a signal from the cable, it was getting an air signal. (I was half right.)

Now, I really do feel for people working tech support. I'm sure that they get a lot of stupid calls and most of them are resolved with things like "Well, is the computer actually turned [b]on[/b]?" And, after a while, I'm sure becomes easier to treat every like an idiot until they prove otherwise.

I called in, explained what was going on, and said that I thought it hadn't been connected properly. The CSR person puts me on hold and gets the tech guy. I explain the problem and here's the basic conversation:

Tech guy: You need a cable box.

Me: No, I don't, not for these channels.

Tech guy: Yes, you need a cable box to get the higher channels.

Me: No, I don't. You get those channels by just plugging it into the wall.

Tech guy: No, you need a cable box.

Me: Okay, then why is it that prior to installing this TV, cable worked fine. And all the other televisions are getting good reception?

Tech guy: It's because you had a cable box.

Me: (And yes, I'm getting testy at this point.) No, only one television in the house has a cable box. Prior to installing this TV, we had an older model plugged into the wall that got those channels, just like the other televisions. Now, the new television won't get those same channels. Are you telling me that the brand new, more modern television has fewer capabilities for receiving channels than the old one?

At this point, I swear there was an audible click as he finally got it.

Tech guy: Okay, try going to the menu...

And it turned out that the television was set up to receive an air signal, not a cable signal. It was easily fixed.

What frustrated me about it is that if the tech guy had taken me at my word instead of going to such great lengths to explain why I was wrong, it would have been a 30 second conversation, not a three minute one, and I would have hung up happy that my problem was so easily fixed, not annoyed that I was treated like an idiot.

Do men have these problems?

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I'm not a man-hater, but they do have these problems. Specially guys- they deal with idiots all day so they assume you're one too.

I've had my share dealing with getting the laptop fixed from HP/Circuit City. It still doesn't charge my battery. I am done.;p

"Is it the battery?"
"No, you've tried like 6 battery and adapter replacements. Couldn't it be the mother board?"
"Since you're under warranty we'll just send you a new battery and power adapter."
*puts in new battery, and new power adapter*
(Battery = 0%, AC Power)
*breaks things*

Don't be too upset though. At least you got it eventually. You're a tech girl! When my grandparents got a new HUGE TV(the technologically inept), they didn't know that all they had to do to get the cable to work again was do a channel search with the TV to find all accessible channels.:)

I do sympathize with that, but it would be a lot easier on them to just assume that someone who sounds like she might know what they're talking about knows what she's talking about until she proves otherwise.

Those calls are frustrating...especially when it's something you've had problems with before and know what it is.

Everyone I know who knows the subject says you're better off going to a small independent repair shop for computers. Based on my past experiences with big stores and small stores, I'm inclined to agree. That's why I'm buying my new compute from the store where the guy installed my memory.

I think I'm techie enough to know what I don't know. Granted, that's a lot, but it puts me far ahead of most people. A lot of people either don't care about how their computer works or else assume that because they surf the internet and use Word on a regular basis, they know computers.

And now I'm back to feeling bad for tech support guys. :-)

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