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I Should Do This Professionally
[Misc] Flowers
I found out that there are two channels on our cable that we can't get on DishTV (local access type stuff that show church services) that my mom really likes. So, I decided to give the cable company one last try to make it right. I called in and explained the situation (including the fact that I'd had a really, really bad experience with a customer service person last night) and said that there were really three things that needed to be resolved for me to stay:

1. The DVR issue.
2. The price discrepancy (DishTV was cheaper)
3. The really bad customer service.

I talked to a guy at first and he was more helpful than the one last night, but not amazing. I did find out that, rather than "You get it when you get it" attitude for the DVR, he explained that the wait time was usually 30-60 days. A little better.

We broke down on price. He could drop $18 for three months, but that was it. He also argued that I was wrong about the rate DishTV would offer (based on their website) and tried to explain contract rescission to me. I told him I was a law student and understood contract law. :-)

Finally, I asked if anyone else might be able to give me a better rate. He switched me over to retention.

After a long period on hold, I got someone. At first, her option was to tell me that if I signed up for phone service, I could get a really good rate. ($20 more than what I was paying now for everything.) "How much without phone service?" "It's cheaper with phone service." "How much without?" "It's cheaper." "How much without?" She finally told me it was nine dollars less without the phone and I had to sign a one year contract (with a $200 penalty canceling) on the phone to be eligible.


We kept talking and I kept hammering away at the fact that I'd been a loyal customer for ten years and I wanted to stay with them, but they had to do something to make it in my best interest to stay with them. Finally, we worked something out. She's dropping the bill by $25 dollars, guaranteed for one year. That's significantly better than the DishTV offer, especially in light of the fact that I'll soon have 10mps internet. (They're upgrading their internet.) We're also on the list for a DVR and they're supposed to be getting a shipment in soon.

Also, the lady I talked to was very nice. We had a good conversation in the midst of trying to get this stuff ironed out.

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*poke poke poke poke poke*


I'm happy.

And 10mps internet! Yay!!!!


I don't know how the hell to translate that! 10 megabytes per second? I think?


I think so. All I know is she said it and it sounded really fast.

You know me. I don't do rage. But maybe more games in the future. Yay!

Listen, this here internet is like LIGHTNING. Don't question that! But it's probably megabytes judging by the abbreviation. And that's like 2 songs a second. What the hell? I want to leech your internet. Thanks.

You do do rage! That's how you got that internet and your discount.

I meant, I was RAGGGGING. Messenger, is what I meant.:P

Yeah, I'm thinking megabytes, too. Faaast.

I don't do rage. I do coldly manipulative self-interest, with just enough charm to make people want to make me happy. Much more productive.

Ah. Makes sense now.

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