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Why Me?
[Misc] Flowers
Okay, before I start, I'm willing to admit that I could have been nicer, but given yesterday, I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

I've had an account at my bank for nearly 15 years now (my parents started it when I was in high school). They recently branched out into credit cards and so, in a moment of weakness, I accepted one. It was supposed to have some pretty good savings on fuel.

Anyway, for some reason, I never received a statement for October. The payment was due Nov. 21 and I missed it. (Big surprise.) Things were so crazy, I just didn't notice. So, today, I got a call from them letting me know I was overdue and had been assessed a late fee of $30. (And is it me or is that excessive?) I was surprised and I checked a couple of places where the bill might have been placed: nothing.

I explained that I hadn't received it and he then said he's waive the late fee...if I agreed to pay him right at that moment, which would cost $15. (Later, I found out it was $14.95.) I went back and forth a bit. I basically asked him if it was worth losing a checking account, a savings account, and a CD worth significantly more than the $15 over that payment. Then I tried the "Is there anyone else I can talk to?" Nothing. Finally, I agreed and was disgusted.

I was getting ready to call and let the bank know I was going to be leaving over this, when I decided to try one last time. It started out equally unproductive and I kept hammering at the fact that I had been a loyal customer at the bank and that while it wasn't there fault I didn't receive it, it also wasn't my fault. The guy was really getting on my nerves (and I was trying to be nice), so basically, I just decided to stay on the line as long as possible and keep repeating my request, since a lot of customer service reps are judged on how quickly they resolve calls.

So, we go back and forth and he keeps telling me that they could only waive one fee, the late fee or the transaction fee and I keep saying that's not good enough. Finally, he suggests that I cancel the phone payment and make another payment and see if they'll waive the late fee. Progress. Who do I ask? Customer service. How likely is it that it will happen? I'd have to talk to them. So, he agrees to transfer me over and here's where I lose my temper:

At the end of every call, they ask for cell phone number, email address, can they contact you at the cell phone number (and this even if you say no to the cell phone number...I guess if they get it by other means, which is really low). He started the spiel and I cut him off and said "And don't ask for my email or cell phone."

And what happens?

CSR: Do you have a cell phone number where we can contact you?
Me: *flatly* No.
CSR: What about an email address where we can re--
Me: NO.
CSR: If we get your cell phone number, can we contact you for off--

So, he puts me on hold (and frankly, I figured it was a passive-aggressive way of getting back at me, but since I could have been nicer, I put up with it. Then he comes back and says they had waived the late fee already so there was nothing to talk about to Customer service. Wait. So what happens if I cancel my payment now? Nothing. And if I make an free automated payment? Well, it will take 3-5 days to be posted. And will I be charged a late fee? The late fee has already been waived.

Apparently, what the first guy I talked to neglected to tell me was that it wasn't either/or. If they waived the late fee, that was for the entire cycle. Therefore, if I made a payment prior to the next due date, there would be no extra fee. So,I could have hung up, made an automated payment, and everyone would have been happy.

I'm still strongly considering canceling the card, though. The customer service was horrible.

Why am I dealing with so much of this nonsense lately? Am I somehow causing it?

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That fucker deserved it. Pardon my French, I know it might be disrespectful, lol. I usually only swear heavily playing my games.:D

Credit cards are freaking NONSENSE. Mom forced me to get one to "build my credit", or something like that. So like, I think she bought it for HER to use, because her ex-boyfriend messed over a good bit of her credit. I worry constantly, but there's really not much I can do.

One time, I overdrew my money from my bank too quickly, and it took 3 paychecks from my part-time job at the time to recuperate damages. I was crying for a whole night when I was at -$65, and I made a bunch of little charges in one day with a fee of $15 for each one. My friend Erin ended up pretending to be me on the phone and playing cute, lol, something I cannot do. Then it finally ended.:)

You are causing the chaos! Stop eet.:P

:-) Internet games do bring that out in people.

I like credit cards to a point...especially cards that let you actually get something for spending the money (at Kroger, you get 15 cents per gallon off a fill up for every $100 you spend on groceries). But if you're not really careful, they can be a pain.

How did they manage to stick you with $15 charges? That's just unreasonable.

Nuh-uh. I can get it while playing RPGs too. Usually, "FUCK YOU FUCKNUT AUGGGGH!!1!" Lol.

I just don't trust myself with them. Or my mom, really.

Fine print? I messed up. But all those charges, 0.0.

I once yelled at the TV during ice skating. :-) It was when Surya Bonaly did a back flip during the Olympics which is a cheap trick and not allowed!

They're tricky, but it's important to at least build up some credit. Having no credit is nearly as bad as having bad credit.

You like figure skating too?:o
I used to follow that when I was about 9 or 10 very heavily.

I suppose so. That's what people tell me.:p

Ugh. I would cancel the card. That's awful customer service!

I'm calling about it tomorrow morning. I actually told the guy to cancel the card, but I don't think he did. After yesterday and with finals, I was just a little out of it and the phone call caught me off-guard and I was like "Oh, my gosh, I missed a credit card payment," so when the first guy he presented it that way, I didn't question anything. If he'd just said up front that they could waive the charge and I could go to the automated payment, none of this would have happened.

And is it me or does a $30 late fee and a collection call after eleven days seem a little aggressive? I remember another card where somehow I didn't notice the statement (our postal carrier has a nasty habit of tucking important mail into circulars to make it easier to put in, so if you don't go through everything very, very carefully, it might get thrown away). Anyway, it was a Citibank card and I think they just sent out another statement and had maybe a five dollar late fee.

Companies are being a lot more aggressive about late payments and such these days. You'd think they'd be trying harder to keep their customers.

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