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Are We Talking About the Same Week?
[Misc] Flowers
I decided tonight I wanted some pizza. Since people have a nasty habit of stealing my food, I made a point to check and see if anyone wanted anything to eat. Mom said she didn't want pizza, Dad said get extra because he might eat a piece and if he didn't, we could throw it out.

I get home with a medium (8 pieces) and Dad gets three pieces, Mom eats three pieces, and I end up with two. Granted, two was all I needed or wanted, but still...

On the way home from getting the pizza, Mom looked at me and said, "It's been a good week." I pointed out what had happened this week and she clarified by saying "Well, it was good because you were here."

On the one hand, sweet. On the other hand, we really need to work on raising the bar for her.

I finally checked posting for my Crim Law exam. I was really looking forward to the prompt, because last year's exam apparently involved Family Guy characters. This year, it was the Simpsons. With rape and terrorism.

It's a good news/bad news situation. I thought the exam was due next Friday at 11:59PM. Instead, it's due on Saturday. The good news is it gives me more time to prep. My last exam is on Thursday, so I can just spend my time focusing on closed book exams and handle the Crim Law exam after.

The second dilemma is that it's partial close book, meaning that we can use, in his words, "your casebook, your notes, any materials distributed by the instructor during the semester, and any outline to which you have made a substantial contribution." We're not allowed to use commercial outlines or study guides.

The problem is the same one I had with the closed-book, take-home Wills and Trusts midterm (and I hope everyone laughed hysterically at the idea of a closed-book take-home exam): the classes are graded on a curve. That means that, in a way, any student who follows the rules has a good chance of getting penalized if other students don't.

I faced a problem like this with chemistry in high school. The teacher inadvertently gave one student an exam with the answers instead of a study guide. She shared it with several other students, but I turned it down. They ended up with A's on the exam (even though they were much worse students) and I ended up with a B for the class.

So, while honesty may be the best policy, it may not be the policy that puts you at the top of the class.

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I hate that belief, because I fall into the same category and always get penalized for it. There's always someone who doesn't follow the rules and the ones of us who do get less than we deserve because of it.
I love the prompts for your Criminal Law, that sounds like it would be a lot of fun. Do you know what it dealt with on the Family Guy characters last year?

I know. It drives me crazy, but I keep telling myself I'm better for it. I just don't see the evidence.

I've thought about posting the two prompts. They're pretty long, but they're funny. (Law school exams are very fun to read, but horrible to take.) Basically, the Family Guy prompt involved the creepy old neighbor Herbert propositioning Chris and Peter attacking him, Joe getting involved, and they discussed burning down his house.

He's taken it down and I didn't print it out. =P But I'm definitely saving a copy of this final.

Horde the pizza. Mom does the same thing, but she's trying to look all noble, then then ganks pizza. I love it.

Aww, mommy love. You're worth it.:P

Whoa, how with Simpsons/rape/terrorism? That's trippy. It's cool that it's interesting though.

Partial closed-book sounds silly. But not so much as a closed-book take home midterm!

You're so honest.

I'm bad. I wrote answers on my wrist in Chemistry in high school. We had brutal element quizzes. I'm a bad apple! But I wouldn't have copied an entire answer key.:P

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