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One Down
[Misc] Flowers
I had my Con Law exam today. I'm not going to do a play-by-play of the exam, since it was boring enough the first time. Suffice to say it wasn't fun at all.

We had an ice storm last night. It wasn't severe, but when I got up I found out that my car was covered in a layer of ice. Not a fun way to start the morning. I haven't been feeling 100% all day and just as I started my final, I got a severe headache. It stopped, though, and I made it through.

I really hate finals week.

After my final, I got something to eat and went to pick up a copy of Mulan at Borders. I realized Saturday that I didn't have a DVD copy of it and decided it must be remedied. When I got there, I was a little annoyed. It was really cold and I didn't feel like getting out in the weather for long, so I was really excited when I realized that there was an open parking spot right in front of the store. Then I got very annoyed when I realized that the reason it was open was because some jerk driving a little blue BMV sports car had purposely angled the car to keep anyone from parking close. He basically parked right on the line with the front of his car, close enough that most people would probably not park there.

Normally, I would have probably just driven on, but I was in a bad mood and this really bugged me. If the driver had parked that way in a more distant spot, I wouldn't have though anything of it. However, it isn't right to take up two very close parking spaces because you're worried someone might dent your car. So, I looked and I realized that I would be able to actually squeeze inside the parking spot and leave plenty of room for the driver of the car on the right. However, it would put the front bumper of my car nearly against the front bumper of the BMV's and it would be almost impossible to open the door without hitting the other car.

I went ahead and parked and then got in and out of the car normally. And yes, I hit the car's door getting in and out. In all fairness, if I had been careful, I probably could have avoided it, but since the driver had obviously parked that way to keep anyone from getting near the car (at the expense of making other people walk a long way), I didn't see any point. So, I think I probably scratched the car's paint a bit. And if I didn't, I'm sure the car that pulled in after me did.

And I feel like there's this little voice that should be saying "You should feel guilty about this," but I don't. I didn't intentionally try to damage the car, I just used a parking space. Had the driver parked normally, it wouldn't have been an issue, so I don't feel guilty about choosing to get a closer parking space, rather than walking fifty feet so someone can protect a car's paint job.

Yes, I'm cranky around finals.

Anyway, I watched Mulan tonight. I was incredibly impressed, both because it was a good movie (pretty pictures and clever lines with an interesting story) and because I feel that this one got it more than most Disney movies. In this case, "it" was Confucian ideology. A couple of years ago, I did a paper on Mulan and how it didn't actually rebel against Chinese culture, but instead followed Confucian guidelines. They kept that in the movie, by having Mulan go in her father's place (thus doing her filial duty), by refusing the position the emperor gave her, and by returning home to give the sword, medal, and honor to her father and family.

Great movie. Although, I do have to say that one thing disappointed me. When all the men dressed up as women to invade the palace, Shang stays in his normal clothes. I felt cheated when I saw that ten years ago and I still feel cheated now. Can't Disney do a little fan service now and then?

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I'm still upset that Sheng didn't do drag! That was my first comment when I saw the movie years ago, and I still think so. But Mulan is one of my favorite Disney movies. Great flick. :)

Good luck in your finals!!

I'm glad someone else feel that way, too. I still maintain we were cheated!

I've reached the mid-point. Two down, two to go. And I'm completely exhausted and will be so glad when it's all over and I lapse into a coma.

*hugs* Have some chocolate. And alcohol. ;) When's your last exam?

I'm munching on cookies right now. :-)

My last in-class exam is on Thursday and it's a four hour monster. Wills and Trusts. Then I have to do a take-home Criminal law final, which is probably going to be a huge pain.

Are finals really ever fun?:(

That sucks. Ice is suck. I'm glad you made it through that exam.

Did your copy of Mulan cost the promise of your firstborn?:P
I just love Border's non-book-media prices, lol.

LOL, car door scratching. It would have been so much more fun if you were like, keying the car. But I know that's risky.XD
But I wouldn't worry, I mean, jackass parked that way, jackass gets what he deserves. I often accidentally hit other people's doors since I open doors too roughly I guess, in combination of my clumsiness.

I just like Mulan? I'm a big fan of the animation though. The way they did certain mass-character scenes is mind-blowing to me. I remember watching the creation videos for Mulan and The Lion King the most.

Man, it's because asian dudes need more substance.;)
Not really, but yeah. The song Reflection is also very personal to me. For obvious reasons.:P

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