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So That's How a Heart Attack Feels....
[Misc] Flowers
After spending approximately eight hours studying this afternoon/evening, I finally got through the review book for Wills and Trusts. I decided to check the my notes from the review sessions my professor had, to make sure I hadn't overlooked anything major. Unfortunately, when I opened One Note and went to my Wills and Trusts tab, all I found were the notes I made on the Model Rules in PR. After a brief moment of panic (the professor pretty much laid out all the important parts of the class in her reviews), I realized that I had somehow started a second page under my Wills and Trusts tab and my notes were still there. Thank you, vagaries of One Note.

Seriously, One Note seems pretty great, but I don't think I've really achieved power user status on it yet. Maybe that will be one of my projects over break.

And I'm so glad I found my notes, but I'm still worried about the four hour exam in less than six hours. I still don't get the Rule Against Perpetuities and interests. I thought I'd finished that when I finished Property. Doesn't double jeopardy apply or something?

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I fried my laptop (with all my notes) 3 days before my Property final. *hugs* Glad you found it!

I've never understood why RAP was considered so hard. Life in being plus 21 years, no problem. *hugs* You'll do great!!!

Oh, my gosh. I can't imagine losing the notes...especially if you were using one of those casebooks that didn't have a keyed outline or the professor veered off a lot.

I think the problem with RAP is that learning it almost starts out with "Now this is hard and no one gets it." Also, I think when you toss in all that endless gravel pit, fertile octogenarian, and precocious toddler nonsense, it gets ridiculous. I remember reading one case where the courts rule that a gift by an eighty-year-old woman with a hysterectomy to her children violated the RAP because she could conceivably have more kids.

I don't find the fertile octogenarian rule strange at all. Adopted kids have the same inheritance rights as natural-born ones, and you can adopt even if you had a hysterectomy. And how often do you hear of even older people adopting, say, a suddenly orphaned grandchild?

Okay, that actually does make a lot of sense. But the texts I've seen (and study guides) always hammer away at the remote idea of a nearly physically impossible birth, rather than the very likely chance of someone adopting.

You just have to rework things in your head so they make sense to you, not listen to the stupid examples in the books! ;)

Hey, I almost had one of those Wednesday morning! I had an exam at 8 AM, when to bed at 2 AM, woke up at 7 AM, and read the clock as saying 8. My heart stopped I think, and I felt like I was going to freak out... until uh, it said 7 AM.:P

What's One Note? I'm sorry I am so inexperienced, heh.

You'll be/are fine.

One Note is a new thing in the lastest Microsoft Office Suite. You can basically make one giant notebook with various tabs, then you can also add pages within the tabs. Here's an info page on Microsoft's site.

I don't know. On the one hand, it's a little more flexible for note taking than a Word doc (you can go over to the side and make a second entry) and it's supposed to work well with tablet PCs. I just feel that I'm not getting the best use out of it.

Oh, wow. That seems kinda complex.>->;;

I uh, use a pen and notebook to take notes. Am I behind the times?=p
Though, I usually find them necessary for doodling, which keeps me awake.

I think that if you're using it, and it works, would that not be the best use?:)

I would use paper and pen, but since I have the option of stealthily surfing the net while in class, why not?

Well, it's definitely a good use. I'm just thinking of being even more productive with it.

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