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Integrity of the Bluebooks
[Misc] Flowers
When we have our wonderful, exciting finals, we get blue books. And not just any blue books. We get blue books with integrity. Or so we're told, at least. Every time the professor give the exams, they always tell us not to tear out pages if we make a mistake in order to protect the integrity of the blue books. It's a relief, really. I would hate to work that hard for an exam and have to take in in a slimy blue book that lacked integrity.

In case you can't tell, I just finished my Wills and Trusts final. Forty multiple choice questions and then two essays (eight pages and six pages). If my problem Tuesday was a lack of issues, today it was too many. It was a four hour final that started at about 9:10 and I didn't finish until about 12:30. What makes me mad (besides the fact that I couldn't remember what the doctrines of abatement and exoneration were--oh, abatement is giving away more than you have and exoneration is what you pay off the liens on property....huh. So that's what you actually called it.)... Where was I? Right, after all those hours of studying and trying to figure out all the hard stuff, one of the issues on an essay question was "What are the three most important duties of a personal representative?" (Like the executor of a will.) I blanked. I put make an accounting, pay off creditors, and distribute the assets. But that should have been such a simple question...

Anyway, final ended. I picked up my Cultural Property paper. I need to make some changes, but the comments were okay. She said it was an interesting topic and I had a good writing style. It was a lot better than it could have been.

So, all that's left is the Crim Law final, then I get to chill out a bit. Then start on the revisions and prepping for next semester.

Wow, that break was over fast.

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Then, pray tell, tell me why these sacred texts are in vending machines at my school!XD

I'm glad it's over for you at least. This is what counts, just giving it your all and then hoping you did all right, but not really caring at the same time and relaxing.:P

It would seem you forget the most silly information on exams sometimes. I took my Japanese final and couldn't remember a HIRAGANA. I am in Japanese V... cripes. Then, a question was "What do you do when your throat hurts?" And I blanked on the word for medicine. It's Kusuri, and I got it, but damn. Kusuri wo nomimasu.:D

Your paper is a success!!!!

One final left, yay! You do your best. I'll be rooting for you, since mine were not exceptionally hard, and I've got to put my good mood into something!:D

And, sorry I haven't been around much recently to support your hardships with finals. I got a bit absorbed in my own for a time, but after completing my animation final, I feel 100% better, and nothing is going to stop me now. Relaxation.

Because your blue books lack integrity. It's only through our constantly vigilance that our law school blue books maintain theirs. (Hey, in a building full of baby lawyers, something has to have integrity, right?)

I hate forgetting small stuff. I can rationalize if it's complicated or obscure, but the easy stuff? Bleh.

And don't worry about not being around. I was feeling guilty for the same reason last night. It'll be fine and we can catch up when we get a chance to breath.

Man, my blue books are from the street. Do guns lack integrity?:P
I've never taken a test in one of those yet, by the way. I would say a smart comment about the baby lawyers things, but I prefer my digital cheek not to sting.>->

Were you? Awww, poor thing. *hugs* We were both worried about the same thing, surprisingly. It makes me feel all kinds of special you felt that way, too. Cause I'm totally a loser about these sorts of things, and don't expect anyone else to ever care as much as I do.

Guns are definitely not lacking in integrity. Or stopping power.

I'm weird about it. I get busy and flake out, then I feel guilty for it. Glad you aren't upset or stressing about it.


You're no flake, that's for sure. I understand that you're busy, and that's what counts, right? :P

Even if I ever did get upset, I'll be a ninja about it. Unless you'd ninja me for being a ninja about it and hara kiri me while asleep. That would be quite terrible.:P

My life produces enough of its own stress, so surely, you don't stress me.:)

I appreciate the fact that you're understanding. I also realize you have a lot on your plate.

Based on that scenario, I think we should rule out ninja-ing. I think it would end badly.

I'm glad I don't cause you stress.

Is this a threat or a promise?:P

No, but seriously, if I ever do get upset with anyone really, I tend to cover it up because of the fact that I don't want people to ever worry about me, and I somehow make it my fault. It's just a bad habit I've always had, but for you, I'll work on it.:)

Better be glad, or else. Muahaahahaha. God it's too early.:P

Aw, Crim Law's fun. You'll ace it. ;)

I hope so. I hate open book and take home tests because I never know how much time to spend on it or how detailed to be. But it is very fun. And thanks.

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