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I'm Not Sure What to Say to That....
[Misc] Flowers
I can now say that it's been confirmed that someone would rather go to jail than spend time with me.

The economy has hit the horse industry a little hard. Overall, people aren't buying $20K reining horses and they aren't as willing to spend $500 a month on training costs. Plus, I think there are fewer lessons and things just cost more. Wayne raised his lesson cost by $15 this year and he told me a few weeks ago that he used to be able to go to the feed store and buy three bags of feed with one lesson fee and have change left. Now he can barely afford two bags on a lesson.

I found out last week he's taken a job to offset some of the costs. He's now working at the county jail. (Frankly, it's probably a step up, given that his place could sometimes be referred as the insane asylum for horses.)

So, I was supposed to have a lesson today, but there was a lot of snow on the ground and it was about 30 degrees outside. Now, I usually ride unless it's below 20, because below that it just has a negative affect on the horse and rider. Still, since I hadn't had a lesson in two weeks, I thought I'd call. I didn't get him so I headed over and the barn was deserted and no one was home. So, I started to head home and I met his wife on the driveway. Turns out he was called in to work today and meant to call me, but must have forgotten.

I'm not complaining that much. I would have ridden, but it was cold. Plus, I had wanted to ride Blackie (I wanted the familiar), but I knew his hips would be bothering him, so he would have been a little difficult.

Still, if I ride next week, it will have been a month since I've ridden. Sometimes a break is good, other times, not so much.

I'm also glad I didn't ride since that meant I didn't run in to Becky. I haven't seen her or talked to her since the first of November, but she emailed me a link about something. I think that was an effort at reaching out, but...I just don't know. I'm not mad at her. The disagreement that we had upset me, but it was more because I realized exactly where I stood. And I'm mostly okay with things. I don't see us every being really good friends again, because I can't do that without some changes and I don't see her willing to make them. (And I'm not asking her to change her opinions, I'm just asking that she respect mine. That's pretty fundamental for any friendship.)

At the same time, though, I'm going to see her on a weekly basis at the barn. And part of me does want to keep working with the wolfdogs in some capacity. So, I guess I need to figure out if I can set boundaries and maybe have a casual friendship/working relationship. Or if that's even worth it.

I need to work on my crim law final now. It's due in about 23 hours.

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I know I would. *snickers*>->

But, ya know, wow, that first line threw me for a loop until I read more.:)

I figured as much, considering pretty much only sales of alcohol and guns are up. Like I heard today on the way home, it's bad when strip clubs are losing money.:p

I'm sure the situation will recover, and you'll be able to ride horses again. I'm positive. A month? You can get back on, yeah. That wasn't cheesey at all, actually it is as I read back, but my rule is don't go back.:p

Don't I know how you feel with the friend/acquaintance deal. I think that if you think you do want to be her friend again, maybe even a good friend, don't deny yourself, you know? But then again, at the same time I'm worried she'll hurt you again. So my own feelings come into it, but I have no right, so what I'm going to say my bottom line is to think things through entirely before delving to a definite decision. Because you should be happy.

You're allowed to keep doing what you're doing, even if you aren't on the best of terms with her, I think. Just keep your head up, you'll be fine.

Yeah, get on that! Schoolwork is important! Don't wait until the last minute.
Do as I say, not as I do. Because had it been me, that thing would be worked on 5 hours before due or something. I could take a lot from you, you know.^^;

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