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Writer's Block: Top Dog
[Misc] Flowers
What kind of dog (counting mixes and mutts) gets your vote as the champion of dogs?

I think the champion of dogs is the dog that's right for its job and life. You can't say one breed or group is better than another, because all breeds were developed for a specific purpose. When that breed is in it's element, it's the best dog ever. When it's not, it's the worse. For instance, a poodle might be a lapdog but would do really badly working sheep or cattle. Likewise, an Australian Cattle Dog is great for working large livestock, but won't cut it in a very low-exercise, low-stimulation environment. Or a Great Pyrenees is perfect for guarding sheep, but might not be the best choice for an obedience dog. (Though it can be done.)

Part of the reason there are so many dogs dumped in shelters after a few months is that people fall in love with a breed that's completely incompatible with their lives and either don't know how or simply can't manage it. It's okay to have a dream dog, but people need to pick their pets based on the life they live, not the life they want to live someday.

That said, herding breeds are my personal favorite, specifically Australian Cattle Dogs/Blue Heelers/Queensland Heelers (see, the breed is so great it has three names). They're intelligent, social, trainable, energetic, and just enough of a challenge to make it fun to have a dog. And how can you not love this face:

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Ask if you can't understand that sentence, lol.

I never had a choice for dogs. My first dog was some kind of small mix... she was older though, and passed away. I don't remember much. I had a husky when I was 6 named Mickey as my second dog, and he scared me to death because he was huge and hyper. Third dog we did get from a puppy, a little mutt named Ruby. She ran away once, was run over, and I nursed her back to health in addition to hand-feeding her. She ran off again, never came back.

Katey, my current dog, we received when she was 5 years old, 8 years ago? Oh, wow, she's 13 then already. She's a pure bred schnauzer my mom's friend had to give up to live in a special condo type place. But, recently... she's not been doing too well. She's picked up somewhat though, since I was home last.

I'd like a golden retriever, but uh, the person I want to live with down the line here is allergic to dogs. So I'm going to have to give up puppies entirely.:(

No more procrastinating, either!:P

Oh, I have a pic!

It was on mixi, kinda like Japanese facebook. I forgot. But seriously, can't not love her.:P

I don't follow it. I've really got to work on that.

I think it's sometimes better if you don't get to choose your dog. I had this amazing Blue Heeler/Border Collie mix show up at my house, but we weren't able to get the yard fenced in time and he got hit. And Alley wasn't really my choice...mom liked her.

Well, there are ways of preventing allergens from being as bad and who knows? Maybe there will be a breakthrough medicine in a few years and you can get a puppy. They're pretty awesome.

And your doggie is beyond adorable.

Anata no inu ga totemo kawaii da yo

I should have used ha instead of ga, I tarded out.

Anata no inu is your dog, totemo means very, kawaii(if you don't know this one, I'll freak out), and da is an informal form of desu, and yo is just emphasis. So basically, your dog is cute! All that for that.

I hope so. Steph is very understanding, so she's somewhat offered to take medicine everyday if it'd make me happy.=p But I don't wanna do that to her.

Thanks, I hope she has an amount of time left.

Small breeds are notoriously long-lived.

I actually was able to understand it once you translated it to English letters. My weakness is more with hiragana now, which I need to work on big time.

I hope so. After losing my first dog I raised all the way prematurely, I lost a lot from it. Maybe it will be less hard this time.

ROMAJI IS FOR THE WEAK. Just kidding, of course. I did throw in a kanji, since I didn't know your level.:P
いぬ = 犬 = inu


Flash cards. And My Japanese Coach is GREAT for the hiragana and katakana. Do you have a DS, I forget.D:

Losing a pet your attached to has to be one of the most horrible things ever

Low, unfortunately. I do have a DS, so I should definitely pick up that game and start improving.

And how can you not love this face:

:D Obviously I think Boxers are the best dogs ever right about now.

Not that your prejudiced or anything. ;-)

So the new puppy thrill hasn't worn off yet?

It has by the eightieth time I've had to stop him from chasing the cats. :p

So they run, huh? Well, hopefully, once the novelty of the puppy wears off, the cats will stop running. Once that happens, he'll have no reason to chase them. Alley will chase anything that runs (birds, rabbits, whatever), but there's a rabbit in our yard that won't run and so she just sits there and looks it it.

That's what I'm hoping for. He's already gotten a lot calmer. Now he'll mostly just watch them, hoping they'll come down. They're starting to come down from time to time. Pidge even jumped up on the back of the couch when Casey and I were sitting on it earlier!

It should be fine once the everyone settles in. It's a big adjustment and of course you're going to have a few bad behaviors slip in.

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