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It's Over
[Misc] Flowers
I just finished my Crim law exam about 45 minutes ago and sent it in. I'm trying not to stress too much, because it's out of my hands now.

I thought I'd share this email I received to give everyone an idea of why I'm so stressed out:

Physical Plant will be working on the heating system on 12-14-08, Sunday night/Monday Morning from midnight til 6 AM. There may be some noise, but this work must be done in order to have heat in the building. If you need to study, you may want to find another location as this work must be done and they can not stop because they are making noise.

Yes, you read that correctly. They're doing work on the law school building and they're sending out an email to warn the people who are going to be studying there between midnight and 6AM so they can find a new place to study. Can anyone spot the problem here?

I've got a bit of a headache...big shock, given that I've spent most of the afternoon and evening studying and working on this. I guess my break's officially started, but I'm not sure where to go with it. I have a few things I really need to do and I always say I'll do when I got time off and never do. Then they cause me more stress for not having worked on them. So, maybe I'll try not to be too lazy over break. Plus we've still got to get ready for family to come in for the holidays.

I don't know. I'm not getting the sense of euphoria I had this time last year. Maybe it's the paper that needs revising, or maybe it just hasn't sunk in yet. But I'd really like to be able to spend some time over break doing thing I want to do and never get to, like watching a few movies and catching up on some books. I really don't think that's unreasonable.

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I can't even imagine how hard that test was. But, you did the most important thing, and that's to have put all you could into your test.

Oooh, I never knew other types could work that late!!! A lot of times at finals, when I was in art, we'd work all night the night before the last critique. Good times.@-@

Take some medicine and sleep. It's the best remedy. Be a little lazy, though. It's a good time, believe me. We're complete opposites sometimes, you know? But I think I should be more hard-working sometimes as well.

What I'd do, is relax a couple of days... fix the paper, so it's not looming on the mind, and then go all out relaxation. Reading books and watching movies is certainly not unreasonable, in my opinion.

I don't work nearly as hard as I should. Yesterday, I ended up stopping in the middle of the afternoon to watch "What Not to Wear."

I slept till about four today. I was very bad. :-) Are we going to start reading that book now?

Oh no, you watched a show!:P

How? I want to be able to do that. I get up at 1 no matter what. Sleeping is good, though.

I don't know, are we?;X

And if I refuse? Muahahahaha.


Just kidding. :)

Is this the one that counts for 100% of your grade?

And wow, if they're expecting students to be studying from midnight to 6am, they really should evaluate their curriculum. That's ridiculous.

If you need any help with paper revisions, you can shoot it over to me, and I'd be happy to give it a look. Sometimes it's helpful to have another set of eyes look it over, and I've been doing papers all semester; I've sort of built up my own strength in it, heh.

And I hope you recover when this semester is over. I've just completed what I think must have been my most difficult semester...ever. I'm still shaken up by it. Even two days after it's all over, I'm still stressing out over the stuff I have to do -- which is nothing. It's like some kind of post-trauma. I've never had a reaction like this before. >_<

Yup. 100%. And I keep having this irrational fear that somehow it didn't get there. I did everything properly, but I can't help being paranoid.

The curriculum is insane. The memo I got before I started actually said I'd need to devote 70 hours per week to law school *shudders* I don't, so I'm obviously not the one competing for all the A's.

I may take you up on that offer. I need to actually look at the comments and make changes, but it might really help to get some outside input on the writing style.

It sounds like you've had a rough semester. You had a lot of end-of-the-year projects, right? That will kill anyone.

In my experience, the people who do the best on exams are not the ones studying between 12-6am. But people will always do it. *eyeroll* Congrats on being done!!

Thanks! Now I can do fun stuff, like decorate the Christmas tree!

Our introductory memo we got from the law school actually suggested spending 70 hours a week studying. I don't know how you would manage that, but apparently some of them take it to heart.

I heard an interesting theory on it, though. Basically, people are really nervous about exams and they convince themselves that if they study for hours and hours and hour, then they'll end up with a good grade because that's the only fair outcome. Also, I've seen some people treat it like a competition.

My finals week was last week. But I was stressed, and when I get stressed, I draw. It's not like, escapism, but drawing always calms me down immensely.

I like the little -tan things people made, akin to human forms of stuff like Pokemon, operating systems, cars, even video game consoles.

So why not a flower, I thought? I've always liked the thorns on that rose. They look so cool. One random night I thought it'd be cool to do it, and during a couple lectures in the morning it came to fruition more.


A gift for completing finals. I know, a tasty drink or something would be much better, but what can you do?=p

PS: How fast should I be reading this book? You're probably a demon at reading from your text books, lol.

Aw, thank you. It's adorable. And I can read it!

Just normal pace. I read fairly quickly, but I want you to enjoy it, so you'll finish when you finish.

Oh? Impressive! Most people find Katakana harder to learn than hiragana.

Is that a challenge?!?!

I can be quick with fiction. I do enjoy as well. I like to do everything big though, and I get easily suckered in by "what happens next?"

I'm winning this one.>:D

We learned katakana first. The logic was that since katakana are usually used for English words, a beginning student could find lots of recognizable vocabulary in a typical Japanese situation. It made a lot of sense.

It wasn't meant to be, but why not? Challenges are always good!

And I have the same problem. I've read all night before, because I never could find a good stopping point in my book.

It kinda makes sense, yeah. We were started out with no romaji or that whatsoever, and learned how to introduce ourselves. Oral only, so I had stuff written like "kala keymastah" and thought of Sora. It was actually "Kara Kimashita", for where you're from.:P

Katakana words get downright annoying though, in my opinion. Sometimes it's stupid, but I have trouble making sense of them sometimes. Especially the word camping. I have to say it out loud and figure it out. Then you have stuff like パソコン for personal computer, which is a whole new word for it but still loan.

Haha, I think I might lose this one though. I don't have waking up at 4 PM on my advantages list, and we all know my track record of reading/playing DS in bed, major sleep and then the stuff just falls out of my hands.

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