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Moving In...
Since I've paid for an LJ account, I think it's time to start settling in. I've been on LJ for over five years and I'm still using the default stuff and I only have eight user pics. I'm playing around with the themes now and I'd really like to get a nice layout, mood theme, and icons. I'm really excited about working on it, so I'm going to start doing some homework. I'm pretty sure I can get it together and it will be nice to have something to be proud of.

I slacked off today, which was probably needed. I feel guilty when I look around and see nothing finished. So, I'm going to get up tomorrow and really accomplish a few things...which reminds me that I need to plug in my iPod mini so I can charge it. I'd also like to get the Christmas tree decorated and clean a few things. A naked Christmas tree is very depressing and New Year's day will be here very soon.

I'm still a little numb. I don't think I've completely absorbed the fact that I have a month off yet.

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Make your journal pretty. You can do it.:)

(I'm far too poor to buy LJ stuff, but with my adblocker/noscript firefox addons I feel like a real winner, and I can't imagine more than 15 userpics, hehe.)

The mood theme sounds cool though.

Yeah, mom put me in charge of the Christmas tree here. It's always nice though, I get to see my old ornaments I made in elementary school, and the ones we had when we bought yearly ones with me and my sister's names on them. My personal favorite being Nala from the Lion King.:3

*hugs* Stop being numb! You're off, go crazy! AHHHH!! And come poke me sometime on AIM, you crazy woman. I'll help you with those activities for SS. Secondly, it's nice to talk!

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