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[Misc] Flowers
First things first. I've joined a dog training comm and I wanted to get a dog related icon to use for posting. Would this one be considered trollish? I do love FMA.

Second, I think I would really hate it if a comm I were really into was a featured community on LJ. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great. That's how I found the dog comm. However, I really don't understand why people feel like they have to make introductory posts in a situation like that. I suppose they're considered good manners in some comms (though I find them disruptive if the comm has much traffic), but can't people use their brain and realize that dozens of people are going to be joining a featured comm, so maybe this isn't the time to make a post telling about your dog and posting pictures?

That said, I'm tired. I finally got around to cleaning out the refrigerator and it was bad. I got all of the fridge and part of the freezer and I worked for at least two and a half hours. A lot of that time was spent actually getting rid of old food (though very little of it had reached the disgusting stage), but I also cleaned it top to bottom. I took out anything that could be removed and wiped down everything that couldn't. So, I'm pretty proud of it now and it's nice to have that out of the way.

My new rule is that anytime I buy a replacement for an item, I have to get rid of the original item. I think I probably dumped out about four jars of salsa, minimum.

Anyway, I have a headache and my hands are a little pruny, but I'm feeling pretty good about it. I really need to tidy up in the sunroom, but it's 2:30AM and I'm a little tired. I may try to get up early tomorrow morning and do it.

Also, the Christmas tree is mostly decorated. I say mostly because I haven't put the tree skirt around it yet, the train still isn't out (Yes, I have a train. I got it last year after wanting one since I was in elementary school.), and I don't have a topper. There was some ribbon I wanted that would work perfectly with it, but I think I'll have to get it at Meijer...if they still have it. It's looks okay without one, though.

I'm pretty proud of it. I did it last night and there are a ton of ornaments on it, so it looks pretty nice. I'm debating putting up another tree or two. And I have few more things to work on...

All in all, I've done less than I intended this week, but I've got a couple of pretty major things out of the way.

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Gosh, that's absolutely horrible. PETA TIME.

Just kidding. I love that episode of FMA. :)
Though, if it involves the puppy, the episode with Roy jamming the poor thing through the air shouting "DOGS ARE LOYAL!!! AHAHAHA!" is my favorite. Hell, Roy is my favorite.:)

Ooh, I know what you mean about communities. I actually belong to one, wow_ladies, that I can summarize the post types quickly:

I don't know why I stick around sometimes, but it's probably because there's a good post every now and again.

Could you imagine if soeur_system got featured? Hahahaha. "I want to be a button!"X3

Darnit! I can't edit and I spazzed out and hit post.

Is this your apartment fridge? At my place, I bought hummus in like, September, and my room mate threw it out last Friday because I honestly forgot about it. I think I'll pray for myself when I live alone.

And you know what, Onee-sama? EAT YOUR SALSA. It's good for you, puts a little hispanic in you, and tastes awesome. Or just air-mail that stuff pronto. The last salsa I had was dollar-store salsa, and I wanted to kick myself for the nasty. So if you're throwing away like El Paso.D:

Aww, cleaning solution headache I take it?

I want my tree up at home, but I just got around to lifting a heavy, heavy broken exercise bike from 1972 or so from the living room, down 7 porch stairs, and to the garbage today. So at least there's good room now, and it can be done.

What kind of train is it? Electric, like, on the little track? Cutesy? I was such a boy as a child, so I always played with the train under the tree at my grand parent's house. So, to see you feel the very same way, well, I got a nice pang from it, and audibly said "Awww". =)

I need to start cleaning this house for mom. She's never home, so I have to help out I think.

Anything that upsets PETA makes me very happy.

Oooh, I totally need that Roy icon. That would be great. And Roy is awesome. He's like the little black dress of FMA fandom: he goes with anyone.

I think that's what's so incredibly frustrating about some comms: Bad ones are bad and you leave. Good ones are great and you're happy. But that ones that are bad 90% of the time but really great sometimes are what kill you.

I'd love to see how they described SS.

It's the fridge at my parents. I keep the one in my apartment pretty clean (though I left a few things in it over break. =P)

I do eat my salsa, but the problem is that I tend to get the natural kind that doesn't have as many chemicals. The good news is that it's healthier. The bad news is that it grows mold fairly quickly.

And I used dish soap, so it wasn't chemical. I think it was just a working too hard/stress headache.

Good luck getting your tree up. And my train is a Polar Express replica. It's awesome and I spent some time this evening putting it together tonight. There will be pictures tomorrow, I hope!

First off... I MISS YOU!!!


They make the cutest stickers ever though. I look at my girlfriend's as I snap into a GIANT piece of fried chicken. Well actually, I never eat fried chicken anymore, but that sounds cooler than "neatly cutting into chicken breast with knife and fork".:P

But yeah, Steph only has a few of the stickers for the cute animals on them, and she destroys the text.

PETA was actually parodied in WoW though as (PITA), I wonder if they threw a fit.XD

I have a couple GREAT Roy icons, from back when I was more into FMA. Steph strapped me to a chair and made me watch it about 2 years ago. Mustang always appealed to be because I always like those strong characters, but the ones that also have some weaknesses. And the overly silly helps too. How was the FMA fandom? I never got into the fanfictions or anything for that one.:P

Lies on your fridge in your apartment. But I'll accept them, this once.;)

Natural salsa sounds so good. I didn't even know they made it. You're so healthy!

Again? Onee-sama... *hugs* But at least, it's mostly physical work you're doing. That can be good for relaxing later.

Yeah, thanks. It's in the creepy basement, so I still need to get on that. Oh, wow, that sounds so nice.:)

I'll work on being around more. I've got so much to do with getting ready for New Year's that I can barely breathe.

PETA does have some amusing stickers, but grrrr... They're actually the least pro-animal group out there. They're sort of like the abolitionists who thought African-Americans were completely inferior and should definitely be sent to back to Africa, but they just didn't like the idea of slavery. Some with most die-hard PETA people. They don't particularly like animals and have little or no emotional investment in them, but they have a problem with the idea that people "use" animals.

FMA's fandom... It's okay. I actually wrote one shoujo-ai fic for FMA and wanted to write more... I met a few nice people, but never got 100% into it. And I've lost touch with all of them.

:-) My apartment fridge is pretty empty. I'm hoping to cook more next semester.

It's pretty good. I'm sort of picky about salsa and I keep thinking "I should try making my own..."

I tend toward headaches a lot. They're not horribly severe, so I sort of learn to work around them.

Basements are very creepy.

Yay!!! Thank-you-so-much-you-don't-know-how-much-I-appreciate-you!

*hugs* It will all be worth it in the end, even though it seems stressful now.

Oh yeah. I hate PETA. Didn't you get that memo?:P
I saw a documentary on what they were really up to. My favorite thing to hate is a hypocrite. I've even come up with the nice phrase "STOP RAPING MOTHER EARTH!" if someone picks on me for eating meat.

You sound less than enthused. Hehe. I never knew you wrote shoujo-ai. Crazy! Judging from my anime kids, a lot of them love FMA, but they are all boys and diehard with Edward.

Oh, I thought you cooked a lot! You seem very skilled at that for some reason. My room mate obsesses over doing the cooking, and then she portions my food for me on a plate, lol! I call her mom when she does it. I can cook, but it's more practical, I guess? I had to teach her how to make just plain macaroni for dinner. She knows how to make nice things, since her family actually eats dinner together every night. Latch key kids learn to sustain themselves more, I guess.:P

If you're a salsa enthusiast, it's another check in my list for the best Onee-sama ever. Because salsa is vastly delicious. Home-made, now that sounds great.

:( Are you immune to pain killers or anything? I tend to get them a lot at home now, since I'm in the mountains at school, and essentially my home area is a very moist valley. So my sinuses screw up and hurt a lot. One aleve and a small nap usually works for me.

No way, not all of them! First off, I'm deathly afraid of spiders. That's the first thing. Second, when you go down you have to duck at the end or smack your head into a wall. There's a crapton of junk down there, oh, and if it rains enough there's freaking water! It's a dungeon.:P

I'd probably hate that too if it was one of my favorite communities, for the massive introductory spamming and the onset of entirely too many people looking to join a community they'll never actively participate in.

We just put ours out two nights ago, and it's completely bare. At this rate with the way things are going I'm pretty sure that it is going to just remain empty.

I would love to have a train~ I used to work at a hardware store and I would always play with ours when we put it out. :D

I think that a lot of people never bother to really try to figure out what a community is about. A few of people wandering in like that is okay, but a massive influx? *shudders*

My tree was bare for about a week. But I think you'll be doing much more important things than tree trimming for the next few days.

I just love the idea of a train around a tree. :-)

It's got to be a serious hate/love thing for the mods. Great that your community is so popular, horrible that you have a lot of spamming and people who are just taking up dead space.

This is very true, if you think about it and can, you should post a pic or two of your tree, I think the train going around it is so adorable. It's something you see in older movies, but I can honestly say I've never actually seen it done in real life.

I saw a train that actually fit into the tree and went around it in the air at Lowe's. It was beyond cool.

Haha, I've suddenly decided I have to go to Lowe's now and see if we have a display like that in ours as well.

You may not have much luck. This was back in early November. For some reason, the Lowe's here only seemed to get one shipment of Christmas stuff early on and when it was gone, it's gone. There's hardly anything here now. It's depressing.

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