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Christmas Sales, Christmas Sales!
[Misc] Flowers
I went shopping today. The good news is that most stuff was on sale today, and the better news is that they actually had a pretty good selection of items.

I focused mainly on Christmas items, since we're having family down for New Year's. Most of it was 50% off, so that was great. We picked up a really nice wreath, some stockings, a Christmas village piece, some more candy ornaments, and a crystal Christmas tree for mom. It's really pretty. I could have surprised her on Christmas, but I couldn't help but show her.

I hit the Disney store and they were having a great sale. I got four Christmas plushies for about $35 total. One was a giant Stitch-as-Rudolph plushie (regular $39.50, I paid $9.99) and then three smaller white plushies in Christmas clothes (Marie from the Aristocats, Tigger, and Stitch). They were regular $19.99, I paid $7.39. Yay.

My last mall stop was Williams-Sonoma. I love going in there because they have amazing stuff, but I don't buy as often because their stuff is insanely expensive. Great quality, but insanely expensive. I'm glad I stopped, because I found a cream whipper. Unfortunately, I misread the price on the first one I found (hint: Nothing there is ever $10.00.), but they had a smaller one. I had a hard time buying it, but I finally broke down and took it. First, I've never regretted anything I bought there. Second, I've been looking for one of these for ages and it's the first I've found. Third, it's going to taste better than canned whipped cream. Fourth, it's going to be healthier because it won't have an many chemicals. Fifth, I figure I'll save money in the long run.

On the way out, I wanted to run by Meijer to see if they had any candy themed wire ribbon to use on the tree. Big mistake.

I found three styles that might work, and so I bought two of each style since they half price. I think I've figured out a way to make it look good (Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!), but it's not quite perfect, so no pictures till tomorrow.

The mistake part came in because all their Christmas stuff was half priced. And they had Christmas trees. Cheap Christmas trees. So, I called my mom (in the car) and asked her what she would say if I told her that the Christmas trees were half priced. I was looking for a "We don't need any more trees." Instead, her response was "Don't buy them all." So, I left with two yard decorations (a penguin and a polar bear), two 32" fiber optic trees (They were $10.00!), a narrow 6' pre-lit tree ($30!), a new tree skirt, some wrapping paper, and six spools of ribbon.

I plan to use the big tree for a white tree and decorate the smaller ones with Harry Potter and penguin ornaments.

So, I'm a little into Christmas right now.

Also, I have a riding lesson tomorrow and a lunch for a couple of my mom's brothers and one brother-in-law who have December/January birthdays. After that, I get to clean my room. It's really bad and I need to get that out of the way so I can focus on other things.

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Wow~ you definitely came out of your shopping with some great deals.

Good goodness, the shopping!!!

It's very weeaboo, but the first thing I noticed were the plushy sales! Haha. Cause I always hunt for those at conventions.:p

What I'm thinking is, you can totally use the cream whipper with your expresso thingy. You now have your own little coffee shop.XD

I've never heard of Meijer, and I know it isn't Chinese, but it sounds so Chinese! AWW PENGUINS! *cough* Excuse my hyperactivity for that one. Is it a blow-up one?

I LOVE FIBER OPTICS! Ah crap, another outburst. Needless to say, I am envious of your fiber optic trees of sweetness.

Nothing wrong with being into Christmas. I would love to decorate more, but my lack of a job/ECONOMY LOL cut into that wish.=P

Room cleaning, sounds like fun!;)
I load it on with the snark, huh? I kinda need to clean mine too, but it's no fault of my own. My little sister took over my freaking room when I was at school. She's a little tornado, even at 15.

Sounds like you're in the right spirit! Everything sounds awesome. I need to look for a Christmas tree (and maybe a lawn decoration) in the after-Christmas sales.

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