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Quick Update
[Misc] Flowers
I now have two Christmas trees: the white tree and the candy tree. I put the smaller tree up today and when I went to get the decorations, I couldn't find the garland I used for it. I'm found at a giant box filled with ten lengths of garland, but not the white garland I wanted. That meant another trip to the store for garland. I also found about twenty more candy themed ornaments for the other tree.

I'm not crazy about the white tree (partly because it now has silver and gold garland). It's also not finished, since I couldn't find a topper for it. I may check the sales Monday, or check the storage building tomorrow to see if we have anything else. I know we have an angel somewhere...

I can't find my card reader, so I can't post pictures, but I'll get some up as soon as I do. I need to put the two smaller trees up tomorrow. I'm doing Harry Potter and a penguin tree.

I went to GameStop today and picked up Animal Crossing for the DS and Zoo Tycoon 2 for my computer. I already had the original game, but all I could find was an collection with all the game plus all four expansion packs, so I got that.

That was pretty much my day in a nutshell. A little boring, but I'm not complaining at all.

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I still haven't done mine? Ahahah. Cause I was raiding in WoW. Cause I'm a nerd and such.:)
But I'm doing mine tomorrow. Though, it won't be as grandiose!

I can't help but think, did you mayhaps want another excuse to go to the store?;)
I don't blame you! Shopping for decorations sounds like so much fun.

What kind of candy ornaments do you have? I dunno, I think the white tree sounds cool.

Your theme trees sound very nice.:)

AC, a solid purchase. If you ever want to play online with me, let me know. I can give you exotic fruit to get your money going. Example: Your town has cherries? If someone gives you a fruit besides those, they sell for about 3x as much at Tom Nook's shop(and he runs that town money-wise:P).

I played Roller Coaster Tycoon before! The first one. Back in the day. How is the Zoo one?:)

That sounds like a really fun day! Mine was more boring... well maybe not boring to me, since I had fun tonight.:P

Raiding in WoW would have probably been more fun. Note to self: Get new computer.

It has pretty much every kind of candy ornament you can think of: lots of globes with candy strips, candy canes, gngerbread, etc.

I think it would definitely be fun to play online.

The original Zoo Tycoon was fun. I don't remember playing this one much... I got busy making my icon tonight. :-)

LOL. Raiding is a full-time job, I'll have you know. Our raid leader says it every night after we all die a few times. "I know what's wrong. Did everyone remember to punch in?" Of course, I'm not being serious at all here. Some guilds are really mean and strict, but ours is just ten levels of ridiculous and fun. Right down to a female priest we have who I thought was a girl at first, from his voice on ventrilo! He could be a phone sex operator, but he's so nice and funny.XD

Aww, it sounds so nice.^-^


I got busy doing some creative stuff tonight... kind of. But to tell you about what exactly, is forbidden and completely confidential.XD

To be continued in another comment somewhere.:P

Well, there's no sense in making something that's supposed to be fun into something unpleasant, so why not joke around and enjoy it?

Well, it's logical, but 85% of raiding WoW folks can be very greedy and illogical. But that doesn't surprise, people can just get loot-happy.

But, sometimes you do have to be quiet sometimes on ventrilo, to be able to get your coordination down on some of these ridiculous fights. But this is the end-game, totally different from getting to it.:)

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