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Unenlightened Vegetarian
[Misc] Flowers
This is what my freezer currently looks like:


And yes, there are now 11 turkeys in it. None of them are for my use. All of them will be given as gifts tomorrow to the employees of a store that my dad owns and leases to someone else. It's a nice thought and I'm glad we're doing it, but it means that I've handled all those turkeys at least three times, more for some. Fun day.

I went to the mall for some last minute stuff today and I just feel like I should share some insights with people, in case they aren't aware what's acceptable behavior.

1. Babies are cute. Babies smell good. However, babies' diapers and the contents thereof are disgusting and not at all sanitary. Therefore, people with babies should take that into account when deciding when and where they change said diapers.

Until this afternoon, my problem was with people who see no problem with putting things that frequently rest on the floor on restaurant tables. Baby carriers are a good example of this, but then so are purses. I always cringe to see a woman's purse on a table. However, today in Macy's I saw that someone had spread a blanket out on one of the display couches and was changing their baby on it. Not only was it disgusting, but there are hygiene issues as well. What do you want to bet that she didn't wash her hands after?

There are changing tables in most public restrooms now. There's absolutely no excuse for not using them.

2. Strollers. They do not give you special privileges and require other people to watch out for you. In fact, the opposite is true. If you have a stroller, wheelchair, cart, or anything else in a very crowded area, the burden is on you to be careful about hitting other people.

This isn't my complaint as much as my mother's, who is a little unsteady on her feet. She said that she had a really hard time dodging strollers today. Also, I realize that it's fun to get out with your children around the holidays and that it's very difficult for some people to find child care, but if leaving your child at home is a viable option, you might want to consider not taking them to the mall on one of the most crowded shopping days of the year. I'm not saying that you don't have the right to bring them, just that it's not always in everyone's (including the child's) best interest to exercise certain rights.

3. It's almost Christmas. There are sales. People are shopping. Stores are crowded. Deal with it!

It's a very crowded in stores and most stores make the problem worse by placing displays in already crowded aisles. We're all dealing with the same problem and we all want to get through as soon as possible. That said, if someone is either trying to get out of the way or else looking at something on a display and if you have a choice between either asking that person to stop what they're doing and move or stepping to the other side of the display to get what you want, then you might consider taking that extra step. While the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, sometimes it's a little more considerate to follow the path of least resistance. Essentially, you should weigh how much you're inconvenienced by taking an extra step or two against how much the person is your way would be inconvenienced by having to stop what they're doing and let you by.

4. "I'm sorry" is an apology, not a get out of jail free card.

Apologies mean that you genuinely regret what you did and that you'll try not to do it again. Saying I'm sorry while doing something rude does not make what you're doing less rude or make you less of a jerk. In fact, it makes you more of a jerk, because you clearly realize that what you're doing is inconsiderate to others, yet you don't care.

I'm sure there are other equally annoying things that merit their own complaints, but that's all I'm coming up with now. I don't want to make it sound like today was really bad. In fact, it was a bit enjoyable. However, it's just frustrating when people make things harder than they should be, either by being oblivious or by not caring.

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Long post! :O

That is a, "shitload" of turkeys! My friend from school usually gets that many too, because her mom volunteers to feed the community at their local church. So she ends up cooking about 12 turkeys for Thanksgiving and also at Christmas.:p

I always cringe to see a woman's purse on a table.

Oh man, I've been doing a faux pas? I just started carrying a purse again this year and I already messed up.>->
But changing a baby right there, wow.
My favorite was living in the dorms, and watching girls go to the bathroom, and then fluff their hair and walk out without washing their hands at all.

My rule for crowds is usually "screw them coming through". I'm terrible with shopping carts, I plow with them. I hate when there's kids in my way, because a parent is just that absorbed in a display that they don't realize their kid has run off and is flailing about in the aisle and in the way. But I can also be nice when the situation permits. But in places like WAL-MART I don't even want to be there unless it's 11 at night. I can't stand it... I'm lucky I survived the mall last week.:S


Screw anyone who ruined your day even slightly. I'm getting the feeling someone made a mistake, and then used "sorry" and strolled away to get out of it.

If I had to cook them, I'd run screaming into the night. Though I did once make an awesome cranberry glazed turkey.

Well, the purse thing didn't bother me that much until I read an article that said that something like 90% of women's purses they tested has fecal matter on them. We put them on the table, then the floor, then the car, then the table. One thing I read suggested viewing purses the same way you would shoes.

And Wal-Mart late at night is still frustrating because they're always restocking and blocking the aisles.

You're vegetarian but able to cook the meat without getting grossed out? Wow! I eat meat, and I hate dealing with turkeys.:P
I don't know why, but I don't like cranberries much at all.

Ewwww. It makes sense though.

I spose so, but less screaming kids? Wait, no, I still see those at night too sometimes. The best time to go for fun is on thirsty Thursday for me, I get to see all the drunk college students.:P

Oh, it totally grosses me out. That's part of the reason I don't like eating me. I don't like someone else cooking it for me, but I also don't like having to cook it myself. Catch 22. Hence, no meat.

I love cranberries. :-)

Drunk college students are amusing.


I haven't tried them since I was 6 and gave them the boot. Maybe I will at Christmas dinner.:P

Hell yes they are.

You should get on AIM. <-

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