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Common Sense =/= The Law
[Misc] Flowers
I've gotten used to this after about a year and a half, but it's still new enough to bug me a bit. Basically, a conversation goes like this:

X: *observation about something legal*
Me: Well, actually, that's not accurate. *explanation of the law regarding the subject*
X: That's not right. That can't be right. It should obviously be the other way.
Me: Well, it may not make a lot of sense, but *insert legal history of why it's that way*
X: Well, that makes absolutely no sense. I refuse to believe that.

And the amusing thing is that the other person usually gets more and more angry at me as the conversation goes on. My personal favorite response is "Well, it's just common sense that..."

Okay, I'll agree that sometimes the law doesn't make sense. In some cases, the law is downright wrong. But even a lot of the things that seem even morally wrong (adverse possession, for instance) has at least some explanation (my personal favorite for adverse possession is that why should the government protect a property right an individual doesn't care enough to protect)? And some laws are completely and utterly wrong and will eventually be changed, but unless you're willing to challenge that law and fight it as far as it needs to go to be changed, then you'd better accept that the law is what it is.

So, that's the rant portion of my journal out of the way (this was based on a conversation with my mom).

Next, I think I mentioned the Street Law program, where I'll be working with kids that have committed a crime but aren't in the system and using the law to basically explain to them why vandalizing their neighbor's property is a Bad Thing. The program is also used frequently in schools, but we're working with the juvenile justice system for scheduling reasons. I may talk to a few local teachers and see if they would be able to work something out with me.) I got the email about today, so I've already signed up for the training session on January 17 and I've contacted the person in charge to ask about a scheduling issue.

The Candy Tree (everything on it is somehow candy themed):

The (Not So) White Tree (adding the silver and gold garland really messed with the overall effect):

And, as an added bonus, this is Alley sitting in front of the Candy tree with a Christmas collar (I had a lot of trouble getting her to sit still for it):

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Alley looks so cute in her Christmas collar! I got an elf collar for Casey. I can't wait to see him in it. :) And omg, you have a TRAIN SET under your tree!!!

Welcome to the land of the law. You're going to have many, many more conversations like that over time. And it will come to people blaming you when there's a stupid law, even if you agree it's stupid!

I usually get her a new Christmas collar every year. I don't go in for dressing her up, but decorative collars and bandannas are so much fun. And she doesn't mind them at all. I can't wait to see Casey in the elf collar, either!

It's a replica of the Polar Express. I got it last year and was very excited and happy. I'd like a Hogwart's express, too.

I think the amusing part is how angry some people get. You know, the "You and your kind" did this reaction. My Contracts professor said that was the worst part of practicing, when a client came in and had spent a lot of money to do something
and wanted her to tell him it was legal.

Also, I keep forgetting to tell you this, but K-Mart had this really cute light-up frog Christmas sculpture to put outside. I'm not sure if that would be something you'd want or if they would have them where you are, but I think of you every time I see it.

Aww. :) I'll have to look for that frog, sounds cute! There are soooooo many outdoor frogs. Some cute, some not. I'll have to be restrained now that I have a place to put them!

That's like the first rule of living, that nothing has to make sense and it can be right. Some people are just know-it-alls and want to be right all the time and look good. I think that's stupid, people should always be willing to learn. I think anyone who's ever studied anything gets that kind of crap from people.

That's really cool that you'll be able to teach kids. Hopefully they won't be little monsters, that would suck.

I saw the pictures before photobucket blew them up, but how nice. Your dog was especially cute.:D
I also have train envy. Trains!

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