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Obligatory Christmas Journal
[Misc] Flowers
Merry Christmas, everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

My family doesn't make a huge deal out of Christmas. My mother's side of the family has a huge gathering New Year's Day (at our house....*looks around nervously and thinks of all she has to do*) and we have a smaller gathering at my mom's younger brother's house on Christmas Eve (He's the second oldest in the family and lives in the "old homeplace." We have our own graveyard and everything. :-)) We used to all get together on Christmas Day, too, but people started going their separate ways on Christmas (spending it with their children or else the other side of their family). I think that the last year we had Christmas at our house, we only had three of Mom's sisters and their families here. Since my mom has four brothers and four sisters (six of whom live within an hour of us in Kentucky and two of whom live in Georgia), that's small by our standards. To put it into context, we usually expect at least thirty for New Year's Day.

(I'll bore everyone with our New Year's details on New Year's Day.)

Anyway, my parents are really not that big on Christmas gifts. In fact, I just realized that I forgot to give my dad the other gift I bought him today (a wallet valet. They were better about it when I was a child, but now they pretty much have the attitude of "Well, isn't it better that you just pick out what you like than to be surprised with something you don't like?" (My response is usually "Yes, but can't I be surprised with something I like?") As a result, I already had my Christmas presents from them (a ring and two necklaces) and I'd already given my mom her presents (I bought her so much that I'm not sure what actually qualified as Christmas presents, but I definitely got her a crystal Christmas tree). We bought my dad some pajamas, the valet, and he still needs a new electric razor.

We went to my mom's sister's house for Christmas dinner (it was just my aunt, my uncle, my dad, my mom, and me) and then we came home. Mom and I played with the train for a while (It was really funny to watch Alley watching it.) and gave Alley her last Christmas present (a stuffed penguin). After that, I finished rereading Harry Potter and OotP and took a nap. I started rereading HBP, so I should finally read the last book by the end of the year.

I had a few thoughts rereadg OotP, which I may post tomorrow.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays!

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(And I'm not even a Christian... >_>)

I have a friend who lives out in a place near Punxsutawney, PA(home of Phil the groundhog!) Who, upon the first time visiting his place said "Here's the family graveyard!!! Wanna see?!?" It was at night, and I was already scared since it was pitch black going there. Apparently he used it as a meditative spot as well at night, and would relax there as well.
Nonetheless, it's interesting.

That's... a lot of relatives. It's very lonely around the holidays anymore for our family, since only my mom was ever married. Her two brothers never got married or had kids. Hence, me and my little sister are the only people under 30 at any given family event.

Please, bore me. I'm planning on maybe going to my girlfriend's, since her mom makes a ton of great food on New Year's, but I'm undecided yet.

Your story is funny about Christmas gifts, here's why. "Well, isn't it better that you just pick out what you like than to be surprised with something you don't like?" I got that line as a kid often. I had to say exactly what I wanted without surprises. Now, when I'm in college, mom decides to treat me like a kid. She insists on making 90% of my presents surprises.:P

You're so classy! Fine jewelry and all. I'm just such a kid at heart that I always want movies/games/cute/funny junk. Though, I might go and get that necklace when I go back to school and can use my bank account(PNC does not exist in this area of Ohio).

Penguins are just too cute.

HP books, those bitches are hugeeeeeeeeeee. You have awesome patience.:D

Any Christmas surprises?;)

I got a very interesting package on Christmas day. ;-) I'll bet you can guess what it contained. *hugs tightly* Thank you.

My dad only had two brothers (one of whom passed away ten years ago). I only have one cousin on his side, with two kids. We don't get together very much at all there.

I would like to be surprised every now and then, but my parents usually don't, for whatever reason. Although, they really got me a few years ago. There was a violin I really wanted in a music store and mom was like "Well, we'll get it later" until the store finally sold it. Guess who had bought it and guess who was very surprised on Christmas Day? :-)

For some reason, my parents have always bought me jewelry since about the time I got in high school. The necklaces are adorable, though. One is a cherry and one is a butterfly. I need to get pictures.

Oh, thank goodness! Everything was in tact then. I was so worried some desperate postal worker would steal stuff from it. I used to be more secure about that stuff until last Christmas when a game I ordered from Best Buy was an empty box upon delivery. I'm also very relieved you liked it, since I know you said you didn't play DS often. I usually say, oh, don't "work" on games... but you NEED to work on that one. The story warrants it alone.

I'm sorry. Is it a boy cousin? Girl? Why don't you get along?

So that's how you got one. What a nice story.:D

Really? I remember my mom telling me when I was 12 or something that since I was a girl I'd outgrow video games. Or I should, rather. But even at 21 I get a game or a console every Christmas(the rumor mill right now suggests I'm getting a 360 for "Income Tax Christmas".:))

I want to see your necklaces for sure. :D

Boy cousin. Although, said "boy" cousin is now 42 (he was born 6/6/66...no lie). We get along, but my dad's side of the family isn't as gathering oriented as my mother's.

I will definitely "work" on this game. I picked up a new DS charger (I swear, I can't keep track of those things to save my life).

Yaaaay! I really hope you get a 360 so we can play online together!

LOL, you just had to mention that birthday. That's creepy.

It's weird, but I forget that you're that much older than me a lot of the time, so. My mistakeeeee. I should have learned my lesson since Steph has a cousin who's that age. My only cousin is 15(same age as my sister), so I forget that people can have cousins way older than them.

That's right you will. Seriously? I never lose my DS charger, but I've lost two phone chargers thus far. Shows where my priorities are.

I hope so too! I really want the Street Fighter II remake, and Fable 2, and maybe I'll even try a first person shooter despite the fact I'm terrible at them. I have a feeling you're a closet head shot champion.:P

Way to make me feel ancient. ;-)

The disturbing part is that I think my oldest cousins are in their 40's now, but my youngest cousin is only three (his older brother is 19...one of those special surprise babies ;-)).

I need to play more FPS games. I'm lousy at controlling the view so I tend to get dizzy. The best part is the Live Arcade, where you can download tons of games.

It's what I'm good at with my awesome YOUTH. I'm so young, ahahaha! Please don't hit me.

But I said I forget that you're older most of the time; therefore, that means you should feel younger. Hmmm, hmmm?

Oh wow. Surprise babies are never too, too bad. My sister was totally one. Best surprise ever. Not like I was planned either, but I'm always told "You're the surprise that changed my life for the better, you were my world as a baby."

I am too. I play Unreal Tournament sometimes and get a bit disoriented. Also, I need to get up in someone's face to shoot well, because I cannot snipe for my life. That's why when I visit my friend's place and play 360 FPS I want to throw the controller. Steph can't even watch me play them though, or else she gets motion sickness.:P

I've heard of this Arcade. I think that's where Street Fighter II is at.:D

I tend to act like a six-year-old a lot of the time. :-)

Aw, that's a sweet thing for your mom to say. I was one of the surprise babies, too. My mom had me when she was 42, after she and my dad thought they couldn't have kids.

I really want to get good at those games, because that's what everyone seems to play. And Street Fighter II is in arcade. I actually have it.

Then I act like a -1 year old. I'm not gonna lose!

Yeah, it was really unexpected since she can act so childish sometimes. You're the best kind of surprise! Mom kinda had me at an inopportune time I always felt, since she was 23 and had just finished college. She was going to go for nursing, but after that, she devoted all her time to me and boy, I felt like a big burden later on. But in life, I guess "shit happens" as it were.

Pfft. That's no good reason to get good at a game. You get good because you like a game! (Or because you want to blow your friend's character up for vengeance since they feel the need to gloat even though you don't have the stupid system nor game to practice with). I freaking love SF II. Ryu is awesome, Chun Li and Cammy are too. But I realized how much I suck at it after not playing since the 90s.

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