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New Comm
[Misc] Flowers
As some of you know, I was an EMT and I've had a lot of experience with the medical field in various capacities. As a result, I think I have a slightly greater grasp of medicine (especially EMS) than the average person. After reading a couple of rants about inaccurate portrayals of medicine in fan fiction, I decided to take a leap and form medical_betas. As the name implies, it exists to answer medical questions and beta medical scenes in all fandoms.

I'd love to see all fan fic writers join, but I'd especially appreciate it if everyone could mention this to people who have some medical background and might be interested. As I said earlier, I have a bit more experience with medicine than the average person (unfortunately), but I'm by no means encyclopedic. So, the more experienced people we can get, the more useful it will be to the fan fic community.