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So When *Can* I Get Sick?
[Misc] Flowers
I've noticed that my usual response to feeling sick is a frantic "No! But I can't afford to get sick now." That makes me wonder if there's ever a time when I can afford to get sick. Probably not.

The name of the game right now is New Year's Day. I've got to plan a menu (almost there), go grocery shopping (not a problem), touch up the decorations (doable), and finish cleaning (I'm dead). I did some shopping today and found a nice linen/cotton holiday table cloth on 50% off as well as a couple of serving dishes for 20% off. I've got quite a bit to get done before New Year's, but I feel like I should be able to do it...unless I get sick. Unfortunately, my mom's been sick and I have a bit of a fever and headache tonight.

I'm really excited about the food. I've planned some hors d'oeuvres for the people who are stuck sitting around waiting for food (the lazy bums) and we're going to have a ham. I've also got several side dishes, including a black-eyed pea casserole Mom found, a squash, leek, and cheddar souffle with greens, and cornbread (eating black-eyed peas, squash, and cornbread on New Year's is supposed to bring luck). I need to do a little planning to make sure everything can be made, but it should be okay.

As petty as this sounds, I'm trying to make a point with this meal. I'm a vegetarian (probably the only one in my family) and generally I can't eat 75% of the food at family gatherings. Honestly, sometimes it's like they just intentionally throw meat into stuff for no other reason than to add meat and keep me from eating it. (Seriously, my family has been known to put liver and sausage in dressing.) I'm doing my best to make everything vegetarian (except for the ham, of course). I've even found a vegetarian gravy for the mashed potatoes. That way, I can point and say "See? It's entirely possible to make good food without adding meat to it."

So, that's my plans for the next few days: cooking and cleaning. I'm actually looking forward to it, if only for the yummy food.

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Nope, doesn't seem to be any time for you to be sick. EVER.

You're TFS. Totally fuckin' sick. Pardon french, it's a new fad I swear I will get out of sometime in January. Both of my other family members have been sick... but I've managed to come out unscathed so far. And then the temperature jump from 10 to 64 degrees could have also done me in, but I got lucky. Especially since when I get colds, I have uber trouble with breathing comfortably because of my asthma.

More importantly, you- rest. That means lots of sleep, and lots of orange juice, tea, and of course, soup!

I never knew those things on New Year's gave good luck. On my mom's side, we're from Polish descent, so we always have kraut, pork, mashed potatoes, and kielbasa. Every year.:P I'm sorry I'm slaying your vegetarian awesomeness.D:

VEGETARIAN VENGEANCE. Once again from you, I never knew you could be so vengeful until I got to know you more. I'm kidding, of course. I think it's an interesting idea, but, more importantly- you've made me hungry.:(

Your plans also better be resting. Or I'll, I'll. Well, I'll be sad. That's the best I have.:P

And lastly, you're a good host!


Pretty music... pretty awesome music.

*woof woof*

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