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101 Things
[Misc] Flowers
Rather than doing New Year's Resolutions, I've decided to join mission101_2009. I'm supposed to make a list of 101 things I want to do by September 30, 2011.

1. Get through LEWS.
2. Learn to use One-Note well.
3. Have perfect attendance in one class.
4. Work with Street Law program
5. Do externship.
6. Create a resume
7. Graduate Law School.
8. Pass Bar
9. Work with at least two pro bono groups

10. Improve violin. (Goal piece)
11. Improve piano. (Goal piece.)
12. Take voice lessons.
13. Take guitar lessons.
14. Start cello again.
15. Play violin in public.

Nutrition and Health
16. Stop snacking at night.
17. Get a complete physical.
18. Track eating for a month every year.
19. Take a multivitamin every day for a month.
20. Get body fat to less than 25%.

21. Regular workout schedule. (1 hour/per, 6x per week.)
22. Swim one mile without stopping.
23. Wear a pedometer and get more than 10,000 steps per day for 21 days.
24. Run a 10K.

25. Get a normal bedtime of before midnight.
26. Be awake by eleven for an entire week.
27. Be awake by ten for an entire week.
28. Be awake by nine for an entire week.

29. Track spending for a month ever year.
30. Create a financial plan.

New Experiences
31. Learn to surf.
32. Tai Chi classes.
33. Belly dance classes.
34. Take another kayaking class.
35. Study a martial art.

Pop Culture
36. Watch (or rewatch) all major Disney animated movies.
37. Watch AFI Top 100 movies.
38. Read LOTR.
39. Read Chronicles of Narnia.
40. Watch entire Star Trek series.
41. Finish Harry Potter.

42. Read at least one classic per month. (34)
43. Read one science or math book per month. (34)
44. Read a philosophy or religion book a month. (34)
45. Deal with New Horse Phobia.
46. Focus more on Alley’s training. (Therapy dog.)
47. Daily walks for Alley.
48. Get Brain Age down to below actual age.
49. Reduce amount of TV watched.
50. Go through books and make a list of books I own but haven’t read. Make a list of ones I want to read and finish it, get rid of the others.
51. Read the Economist weekly.
52. Take a pet first aid class.
53. Renew EMT certification.
54. Complete My French Coach.
55. Complete My Japanese Coach.
56. Complete My Chinese Coach.
57. Complete My Spanish Coast.

58. Complete NaNoWriMo.
59. Start a Photoblog.
60. Work through colored pencil book I bought.
61. Learn calligraphy.

62. Get a webpage up.
63. Routine updates on blogs.
64. Keep a recs list.
65. Use Live Journal more effectively. (More icons, layouts, update info page, find more communities.)
66. Post five YouTube videos.
67. Complete three fic challenges.
68. Make 250 icons.

69. Organize sunroom.
70. Organize bedroom.
71. Organize kitchen.
72. Organize dining/living room.
73. Organize all music.
74. Go through old cooking magazines and create a recipe book.
75. Go through old home magazines and create a list of ideas.
76. Get a book a month from the library.
77. Go to McKay’s at least once every three months.
78. Organize photos (scan, put in albums, and give copies as needed).

Just for Fun
79. Attend some sort of convention (comic, anime, RvB, etc)
80. Learn to play chess.
81. Get Gamerscore up to 15,000.
82. Do a Sudoku daily for a month.
83. Do a crossword puzzle daily for a month.
84. Maintain friendships.
85. Get 1000/1000 points on a 360 game.
86. Learn five magic tricks.
87. See Avenue Q.

88. Raise an herb garden.
89. Raise a vegetable garden that includes heirloom vegetables.
90. Learn to knit.
91. Learn to crochet.
92. Complete 15 cross stitch/embroidery projects.
93. Make things to sell for family reunion.
94. Try at least one new recipe per month.
95. Take a sewing class
96. Take a cooking class.

97. Go to the Cincinnati Art museum.
98. Go to King’s Island.
99. Go to Newport Aquarium.
100. Go to Cincinnati Zoo.
101. Go to Horse Park.

So, that's all. It'll be a snap, right? ;-)

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You can do it! :D I decided to see if your LJ had your list and it does! I say, your list is impressive, too. I like your Hobbies and Just for Fun categories~ If you ever need help for knitting or crocheting, let me know. :D

Thanks! I tried to put everything into categories, so the Just for Fun ended up being my catchall category.

I may take you up on that offer. I've tried to learn a few times, but I always hit a point where I get confused, frustrated, and distracted by something else. :-)

Oh wow! This looks very impressive! Good luck with all of the items! I'm sure you can do them and it'll be interesting to watch you (yeah, yeah the three most fascinating things to watch are water, fire and another person working :) ).

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