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101 Update
[Misc] Flowers
If you're interested, you can find my list for the 101 Things in 1001 Days here. I'm starting a blog to cover the minutiae of it, so I'll only post occasional updates here.

It's a really great project and I'm really looking forward to doing it. I like it because it made me sit down and think about what I really wanted to do and I now have a vague plan for getting it done. Right now, I'm breaking everything down into lists of goals and trying to get some sort of timeline for it.

There are several DS games on the list. I think that Nintendo has marketed the DS better than the Wii. I know the Wii is a great console and that it has some fun games (and I'm still tempted to get one), but I've noticed that their market seems to be all over the place. It's great that they're marketing to casual gamers, but they also seem to go for the tween market more than other games (Aly and AJ guitars anyone?). I think that things like that can make Wii seem more lightweight than other consoles, even though it's clearly not.

The DS, on the other hand, impresses me because it's almost more than a video game system. It's become a great learning tool. In addition to Brain Age, I've also picked up several coach games (My Word Coach, My Japanese Coach, and My Chinese Coach). I've only played the first two, but I like them. My Word Coach is a great way of improving your vocabulary (I've already learned two words I didn't know) and My Japanese Coach seems like a great way of getting a basic overview of Japanese, as well as a good review system. (I'm working on hiragana now, which is a huge weak point for me). It also features the key for any language learning experience: repetition. I've only played it once, but I'm impressed so far. (And I have a year of good Japanese instruction under my belt.)

And, yes, I realize that Wii is innovative in that it's actually physical and could hypothetically help with childhood obesity. The problem is that, unlike the My Japanese Coach game, the Wii just takes an activity that could be done outside and in a social setting (like baseball) and makes it a video game. If a child is in a place where he's unable to go outside and play, then it's better than sitting on the couch. However, if a child is choosing to play Wii Baseball rather than playing actual baseball, we've got a problem.

Don't get me wrong, I'm impressed with Wii. Being able to physically swing a sword or cast a spell by drawing a symbol in the air is great. It's much better than moving the stick in a pattern or pressing a button. However, I don't get the "Wow, who knew a video game system could do that?!?!" feeling that I get from the DS. (Of course, my recent Phoenix Wright love may have some bearing on that. I finished episode three of the first game today.)

Of course, this opinion is based strictly on seeing the games available for Wii, rather than actual experience with the console. It's entirely possible that if I actually had a Wii, I'd be equally impressed with it.

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I think I might go for the authentic print out or handwritten piece of paper method. And like, keep it in my wallet. I know this is silly, but in driver's ed last summer, I saw this video of a girl who got in a wreck that almost took her life, so she wrote a list of all the things she wanted to do and kept it with her at all times. I thought it was really touching.(/sap)

Plus, this way, if I like, spur of the moment do something on it, I can just whip out a pen so I don't forget, because this is entirely possible.

The reason the DS is doing better than the Wii consists of two reasons for me.

1.) Availability. The Wii was made so scarce, at least even a year after launch in most places that parents do not want to bother fighting for them. You can not pre-order them, at all. I camped launch year 5 days before Christmas from 11 PM - 7 AM in front of Circuit City for mine. I'm a bit obsessed. The DS is always plentiful in stores, I've seen. Many colors, less cash, being there. That makes them great.

2.) Alienating the core audience. Hardcore gamers(though loosely defined) are quite sick with the Wii. I'm one of these people. The last really epic "game" that has come out on the Wii probably was Super Smash Brothers Brawl. The last good RPG? Probably Zelda, until the Tales of Symphonia spin-off was just recently released. Point being, every other game on the Wii is a damn gimmick. 3rd parties are trying to take advantage of the technology, but Nintendo just announced at last E3 technology that helps the Wii Mote adjust to spatial relations better. Where the hell was this at launch? The developers are also quite upset. A lot of 3rd party Wii games really suck, too. I think I really lost it when I rented the Bleach fighting game- unresponsive, and terrible. The waving of the Wii-mote felt tacked on. First party is not helping either. Wii Fit will not help you to lose weight magically, as Shigeru Miyamoto pointed out. Furthermore, kids are going to figure out how to sit on the couch and still make it work. Wii Music makes me sick, you pay $50 to hold your Wiimote like a sax and look like a jackass for a $50 tech demo. What the hell? The DS has SO. MANY. GAMES. And like you said, you can learn from certain ones as well.

Who the hell are Aly and AJ? I don't care, as long as I can beat them with those ugly plastic things. World Tour sucks.

I expect you to know all 46 hiragana quickly. Seriously, so much easier than katakana honestly, and they look prettier too! That game is so picky about how you write them though. I got kind of bored with the repetition at where I am at because I've already done all of what I played. I apparently have to reach "end-game" to learn new things. I guess that's what two and 1/2 years does to someone.

You are so totally freaking biased because of PW. Admit ittttt. You saved Will Powers! You think that game is innovative? It was on the GBA.:P I totally don't even use the stylus for it. Do you yell at your game? I know you don't know probably, but if you hold "y" you can yell "HOLD IT!" and stuff. Well, probably yell anything really for it to register.:P

Link's fixed.

Handwritten is nice, too. I might try that. I like the computer because it seems to let me plan stuff out better.

I think the shortage of the Wii is a big negative factor. I also wonder if Nintendo isn't using that to hype the demand even more.

And I agree on the rest. I remember a lot of gamers being really excited about the potential for Wii, but they've been more or less ignored. It's almost like Nintendo said "Know what? We know you guys are going to rush out and buy the console regardless. We also know that whenever we do decide to release a decent game aimed at you, you'll rush out and buy it. So please sit back and shut up until we want to see you something because we're currently courting the untapped casual gamer market."

Well, Phoenix Wright isn't so much innovative as just awesome. The stylus can be a bit annoying sometimes. But I do love the mystery format. I'd love to see a Kindaichi Case Files game.

LOL!!!! The one in the comment was a 404 page, so I'm so sorry, but I kind of burst out in laughter. HTML is just not kind to you.:P

Improved organization is on my list... *sighs*

I've thought the same exact thing. BUT IT PRINTS MONEY! I was one of the suckers anyways, camping for one. But I don't regret it.

Yeah, they pretty much did that. 2008 was apparently the first year a new Zelda game didn't come out at all... kind of depressing.

Don't use the stylus, play like a pro! A can be used to advance text... R can be used to bring up the court record stuff, L is used to press, and A also serves as a confirm in menus, while B is cancel. Presenting can be done by selecting the item with A, and then hitting I believe Y. You can use the examining system with the d-pad and hitting A on things to point them out, or examine them. On mult-maps(ones with the little arrows), you have to use the stylus though to switch between the two sides.

I am really glad you like the game though.:D
I was just a little bit worried.

What is Kindaichi? I've heard of a game similar to PW but not on the DS, called "Case Files" or something.

Weird. It worked for me.

Kindaichi Case Files is a hugely underrated manga (at least in the U.S.) about this high school kid that solves mysteries, specifically the locked room type. Episode 3 of PW really reminded me of a Kindaichi Case Files manga.

They're also amazingly creepy sometimes.

On a side note, I'd like to get the Detective Conan/Case Closed DVDs and watch them.

Truly? Maybe my computer is just full of fail.

That looks really interesting, it's going on my list of stuff to read.

... the only reason I just had to respond to this tonight, and totally prolong being responsible and just sleeping... I absolutely LOVE Case Closed! They have a lot of DVDs at FYE for under $10 each... but, I own two and always forget which ones I have so I can never buy new ones.

Who knows?

It's definitely interesting. I've sort of fallen behind on it, but they're really great.

I think they released the Case Closed episodes really randomly on DVDs, which is why I want to wait and find the season boxed sets at a really cheap rate.

But it's a great series. I really do like "Whodunnit?" things.

Don't crack on Rosa Gigantor.>:O
Even if I just punch the tower when the fans make any weird noises.

I have evidence, that that one link is totally bogus:

Extra """. Now that's confusing to explain.

That tends to be the case with less popular shows. But it's a hit in Japan, last I heard every Golden Week a new Detective Conan movie would come out or something like that.

I think I do as well. I don't know why, but they're fun. Maybe it was my love of Clue.

Wait, okay, so livejournal made that automatically a link. You can't just click on it, or else my point is entirely invalid. Damn it all...

I blame bad dubs....and Case Closed was definitely a bad dub. I remember realizing that they'd given most of the characters Western names and thinking "Haven't we gotten past this yet?"

I guess their logic is that they want to make it accessible to as many people as possible, but that's the worst way to go about it. Someone who isn't into anime isn't going to think "Oh, well, these characters have 'normal' names, so I'll watch it," but someone who is an anime fan is going to be a little put out by the dumbing down of the series. I mean, that's almost guaranteed to put off your hardcore fans of the series (the ones who should be rushing out to buy the DVDs), so what have you accomplished?

Anyway, that's my rant du jour. I just hate to see good anime series doomed to fail from the beginning because companies don't even know where to market it.

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