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[Misc] Flowers
I accidentally got a $60 crystal vase today for $30.

I was in Macy's, looking for a gift to give my aunt for helping out so much with New Year's and I came across this vase. It was in an area with lots of half price stuff and there was actually a sale sign next to it. The sign said something like "Mikasa Vase $29.99," but someone had turned the sides with the writing toward the inside, so all the sign showed as white.

I wasn't sure, so I asked the man at the register to scan it for me. It came up full price, so I wasn't going to take it. Then I hesitated, because I really do like the vase and I wanted it for myself. I mentioned something like "So I guess it wasn't on sale. I wasn't sure, but I hoped that it might because of the sign. Oh, well." The guy said "Well, let's go look at it." We went over and he looked at the display and checked the sign. I sort of shrugged and said something like "I guess there was a mistake." Then he said, "Know what? I think I'll just give it to you for half price." I asked if it would be okay to take the other one, too, and he said no problem. He told me he couldn't figure out why they would want to get rid of everything around it and not that.

I got the two vases (one for the gift) and a few other nice things that were half off.

I checked the website just now and the vase shows up at $60. I don't feel bad about it, because I wasn't trying to trick anyone (if anything, the vase was in a misleading place) and I didn't ask to get it half off. I also think they'd sold the rest at that price, because I don't see people buying out an entire stock of those vases at full price. Plus, I've spent enough with that store this year to offset it.

When I was in Bed, Bath, and Beyond, I also found some nice holly napkin rings from Lenox. They were originally $24.99 and they were on a clearance table. There was no sticker, so I wanted to make sure they were actually on sale. I thought they would be 50% off, but instead, they rang up at $6.25. Sold! I actually was so excited I bought a few extra boxes, either to use as gifts (Do napkin rings make good gifts?) or use them to put nice napkins on all the tables at the holidays, not just the main one.

On a less exciting note, I bought my books today. The good news is that there wasn't a line and I was able to find all the books I needed (except for a couple of study guides I wanted). The bad news is that they were incredibly expensive. I hate buying textbooks.

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Are you sure you didn't intimidate the poor sales person?:P
Lucky, though.
In this economy, I think people's worries are far from $60 vases though, like you said.:P

I guess for older people napkin rings would be a good gift... I think? (Please don't hurt me!XD)

*sigh* So little time left... I wish I even knew what books I need to buy, since so many of them are not listed under the requirements yet... I don't even want to imagine how expensive your books are.

I was kindness and sunshine. :-)

I can't imagine giving anyone a napkin ring as a gift, come to think of it. Unless you figured out a way of making the napkin ring part of the wrapping....

I'm glad I managed to avoid the rush on buying books. It's a huge pain, plus we need them for classes the first day (I'm getting read to check my reading assignments). Overall, not good. :-(

... I've seen those customer service posts.;)
But I'll believe it. Being nice gets you places when dealing with retail... totally.

What if it was someone you didn't really like too much? I mean, better than nothing. Then again, I guess even napkin rings are worth too much to give to someone not liked.

I'm usually so worried about having books the first day, but if they wanted that, they should have put it on the school book store listing. Too bad.

I wish I had the attention span to read a textbook the entire semester. Maybe that should have been on my list. I'm always one to get by listening to lectures and such. But I'm very amazed by your abilities.:D

And you'll be fine with the reading and assignments and whatnot, you've made it work before, so you can do it again.:)

Those customer service posts are basically me reaching my limit. I do everything I can to be a polite, reasonable customer. In fact, I've noticed that the first thing I do when I go into a store I visit often is look to see whether I know the person who's working behind the register to greet them. And it generally works great for me. I had to return a book with a problem this week and one of the guys who was standing by the counter actually went back and got the replacement for me before I realized it.

The problem with that is that when I'm finally pushed to the limit, I know it's pretty likely that I've done everything reasonable to solve the problem and the other person is just being difficult. I have no problem being difficult in return in those cases.

I try not to buy presents if I resent it. I know that there are some cases where you can't get around it, but you can almost always tell when the person is buying you a gift out of obligation.

The textbook reading is a matter of survival. Or, at least, avoiding public humiliation. My worst memory of law school was my first week when I didn't have a Torts book and the professor had a policy of dropping a half a letter grade the first time he called on you and you weren't prepared, a full letter the second time, and failing you the third time. That class was very stressful.

Aww, I was 100% joking.:)

One day, I'll break through your serious streak. This is a promise.:D

I know the difference, trust me on this. I would hope I did by now.:P

To be pushed to the limit is something scary. I don't think I've ever had an experience yet where I lost myself. But that's not to say it won't ever happen, of course.

That's true. But even if someone got me a present from obligation, I'd totally just take it.>->

Definitely, I'd say you have it a lot more rough than I do. I tried to think of a time professors called on me, and I went blank... until I realized that last semester, in my Aesthetics and Theory of Communication class I sat near the front, so I got targeted a lot. But usually I scraped by, but of course I was also embarrassed a couple times. But no letter grade drops. If those were present, I'd be taking notes on chapters, even. I think the grades thing is a bit of a power trip, though. A quiz or something seems more fair...

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