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Dear Business
[Misc] Flowers
I know you're excited about having your website up. I think it's great that you're getting one, because it lets prospective customers check you out without having to contact you or visit your store. The drawback? It lets prospective customers check you out without having to contact you or visit your store. In other words, on the internet, the website you put up is what people use to form their impressions of your business

Let's think this through. When you opened your brick-and-mortar store, did you put a bunch of signs on empty shelves that indicated what you would eventually have there? Of course not. You waited until you had your store ready for customers before opening it because you knew that if someone came into an empty store, she would never come back again. Or, at the very least, she wouldn't routinely check your store in hopes that you finally got some merchandise.

Now, apply that to your webpage. Your index page is like your store front. It might attract people and make them want to look around, but it's not enough. The pages you link to from the main page are like your merchandise. If I go to your website and find an attractive main page with place holders showing me what will eventually be there, I'm not impressed. I may find your site visually appealing. I may like the layout. I may even think that when you finally get around to actually adding these pages, it will be interesting. However, it's like admiring how pretty and well organized an empty store could be. It's not enough. The customer is going to leave and she certainly isn't going to keep checking back to make find out if you ever decide to add the merchandise you promised. Instead, she's going to look at other stores until she finds what she need.

I've driven by your brick and mortar store several times. It was interesting and, left to my own devices, I might have eventually checked it out because I was curious. However, I decided to get a preview by seeing if you had a web site. You did! Then I found out that your "web site" is basically a place holder to show what you might eventually have. Not impressive and, as result, I'll be looking at other similar websites to find what I need.


Your Competitor's Newest Customer

P.S. Also, if I go to the trouble of writing you a detailed email explaining exactly who I am and what I need so that you can at least let me know if further contact (a phone call or visit) will be a waste of time, please have the decency to at least give me some sort of response besides "Call me at (xxx)xxx-xxxx and we can discuss it.

(Seriously, people, don't put up a half-finished website and make me waste my time trying to figure out if there's anything on it. Wait until you have the whole thing finished or at least don't give me a bunch of placeholders and "coming soon" descriptions. For all I know, it was "Coming Soon" in 2002.)

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It seems like a lot of small businesses websites are like that these days...

Did you actually send an e-mail like that?

お姉さま は ずっと こわい ですよ。。。 私 は みえない よ。。。

No, I didn't. But I felt like it.


I'm sure there are good alternatives.

Also, hey! *poke poke poke poke poke poke poke* Where are you?

I'm guessing your workload is at a pretty high level right now. Considering this, I just want to say, work hard, but as per usual, don't get too stressed. Also, I'm cheering for you.:)

Everything's been a bit crazy. Mom got sick and now I've picked it up, I think. I really hope that whatever she had was the result of her having a weaker immune system and that it won't hit me as hard. If not, I'm in trouble.

What a relief.

Well, not that you're sick, but yeah, me = biggest worrier in all of worrying and being stupid about it.

I actually got pretty wiped out yesterday by something. Wiped out pretty bad. You know, those stomach flu-esque times when you can't even find a good sleeping position.

Do you have the flu? :(

Hopefully not. It seems like just a cold, but I feel pretty rotten right now. I actually missed class today.

That's so... terribly unfair and lame(I was totally just going to write "shitty", but I felt the need to explain better).

I wish I could help out in some manner.:(

Though it is good to get proper rest and not exacerbate your cold. I felt pretty icky this morning since the air conditioner fan was on(yeah me and my room mate are pretty crazy)... but I just can imagine how bad your cold is since you missed your first(?) day of classes because of it.

Watch lots of TV and sleep! TV and movies totally make the world better when you feel down...

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