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[Misc] Flowers
I'm getting ready for class and came across this in my Evidence syllabus:

COMPUTER USE IN CLASS: Here’s my deal: I know students need word processing equipment in class. Computer use for that purpose is permitted .What is NOT permitted is ANY OTHER USE!!!!! No web surfing, I-M-ing, or whatever! I try assiduously to create a fun, informative and challenging environment in class and to be a “nice” guy who is respectful of students all the while. But if you want to see me go from “nice” to “postal” in the proverbial ” New York minute”, just let me catch you violating this, the one rule I INSIST ON!!!!!! You will be ejected from class, given a course grade of “F”, turned over to the Honor Code Board, branded with a scarlet ”A” and any other medieval punishment I can conjure up in a fit temper that I’m told isn’t pretty. SO DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT VIOLATING THIS POLICY!!!

I think the professor has strong feelings on the subject.

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Is word processing necessary for the class or do students just prefer typing their notes?

As far as I know, it's a preference. I haven't had a class that actually required us to type anything in class yet. That said, about 90% of the students use them because we're dealing with a lot of material that needs to be written down and organized. Also, a lot of professors post materials online that students read online and pull it up for class discussions, rather than printing it out. (It really messed a lot of students up when campus wireless was down.) So, while it would be possible to avoid using them, I think that any professor that tried to ban computers would have a pretty big outcry.

We just straight out ban them from classroom use because so many students, even when told not to, are going to end up surfing Facebook during classtime.

I'm definitely interested to see how many people disregard this. I'm going to bet on a good chunk. I think it's a hard call at this level, since for every student that's on Facebook, there's someone else using it legitimately. There's just so much material to keep track of in every class and the textbooks are usually pretty useless for review.

It's been my experience and the experience of the teachers I work with that a lot of students just end up surfing the Internet. Of course there are always students who are typing & there are also cases in which students will be typing one day and the next day they'll feel bored in class and use the Internet.

It also depends on the class though too - so for a class like mine students might complain about not having access to laptops but when you're learning a language and having to participate and use it, having a laptop is really less than necessary. Still, I generally think that if you have to threaten students grades it's almost easier to just say 'No laptops.'

I can't imagine justifying having a lap top in a participation heavy class. Of course, I also can't imagine taking many notes in a properly taught language class.

The law school apparently went to a lot of trouble to facilitate lap top use by installing tables that have outlets under them. They've been a huge bone of contention, I think, because for every argument you make for them, you can make another against them.

That said, I don't think eliminating laptops is going to make students focus better. They'll just find other ways of amusing themselves in class (I once started a Sudoku before a property class and spent the next hour and fifteen minutes glancing at it periodically and filling in answers. Those things are addictive!)

So no fun AIM conversations during class? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Is that red font in the actual syllabus? Ahahahah. That guy seems to be a real card. According to a couple people, I'm apparently getting a real oddball this term.XD

I really don't like professors who nitpick so hard about that kind of stuff, though. In my opinion, it's up to the student to be responsible enough to do what's right for them. College students are at least 18(usually 17 at the youngest), so essentially, they should know better. And if they don't, the grades will show it and it's on their own head.

That being said, I know I could never take a laptop to my classes because I lack the sheer willpower to not end up browsing something, like say, Kotaku during class(that and my laptop weighs like 13 pounds, forget that).:P

It depends on the class, like I said above. I can totally understand why teachers would nitpick if they teach a class that requires class participation because students who are too busy surfing the Internet and not talking can really mess up the flow of the class. If it's the sort of class where a professor lectures the entire period - laptops work for that - but man when you actually call on people laptops and cellphones prove to be the devil.

Oh, that is a really good point about class participation. Laptops or not, in classes I've been in I've noticed that participation is not necessarily wonderful...(especially Japanese, since people lack confidence a lot sometimes). I can't imagine what it would be like if a lot of people carried laptops(after seeing the library computer lab at times, 90% Facebook).

Yes, it's actually in that font! Laptops in class are serious business.

It's like the attendance policy, take two. I feel like we as a society are bound and determined to do everything in our power to shield people from consequences, all while getting upset because no one seems to recognize that their actions have consequences.

Having a laptop in class is a huge temptation, but I think you learn to juggle it.

I think it's up to the student to be responsible enough to know how much computer use they can handle, and up to the professor to be engaging enough that people aren't just surfing the Net. I don't think an outright ban is very effective.

That said, I wish I hadn't surfed so much in class. I paid enough attention at the time to learn the material, but in retrospect I wish I had participated more.

I think it's setting up an adversarial situation where he can't possibly win.

With me, participation is dependent on the class. Sometimes I'm really involved (like today in Agency, of all classes) and in other I want to hide.

Poor professor. Students with laptops really got to him :)
We don't really use laptops here because quite a few students have them and even less profs use internet for communication but there're still cell phones. So if the class is boring students would send sms or play with mobiles anyway.

It's coming. And as much as I like the internet use in class, it's a little frustrating to have every aspect of a class online, so that I have to check for assignments, announcements, and handouts. Plus, we get a lot of junk (like random announcements, etc) in our university email, so you tend to ignore stuff after a while. That can be a problem.

Of course, as long as students have to go to to class, they'll find some way of goofing off in class.

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