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I'm an Idiot
[Misc] Flowers
After making it through three classes and getting a parking permit, it was time for my last class, Family Law. Interesting thing this semester: According to my schedule, three of my classes were going to be in the same room: 324.

So, I made it to Family Law and I'm settled in. The professor starts going over some interesting stuff, but nothing looked familiar. Then I noticed that I didn't have the right case book. I had "Modern Family Law," but everyone else had a different Family Law book. I figured that the guy at the bookstore had given me the wrong book, so I was out over a hundred dollars since I'd have to buy a new one.

A little more discussion, then I realized that the reading assignment I was emailed matched the casebook numbers perfectly, plus it mentioned a supplement that worked with it as well.

At this point, a little bell went off and so I quickly pulled up my schedule online. My Family Law class met in 322. I was in the wrong section.

Why me?

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You're not an idiot, you just had a scatter brained moment.:(

I mean, if being scatter brained makes someone an idiot... I think I need a term a little lower than that.^^;;

Did you rectify it in anyway yet? I'm sure it's fine either way. People make small mistakes all the time.

I actually left fifteen minutes in and went to the right room. It was a little embarrassing ,but what can you do?

Seppuku is the only option. Though I am glad you are good.

It's one of my greatest fears though, so walk into the wrong class. I'm so hypocritical. I checked my schedule like 10 times.:P


I should save and buy editing abilities on LJ... I make so many typos.:(

That sucks. T-T At least you realized what had happened before you went and bought another book though!

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