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Who Knew?
[Misc] Flowers
I don't know if I mentioned that I ordered the entire X-files series, but if I didn't, then guess what? I ordered the entire X-files series. I liked the show, but I got started late. I saw a few entire seasons, but I've only caught random episodes of the others. I'm watching the first season now. I actually found out late night that the name of the band "Eve 6" came from an episode of the show called "Eve." If you already knew that (and have known if for ten years), feel free to roll your eyes.

I was amused by last night's Pysch. I remember thinking early in the episode "Huh, you could make a strong argument for Sean/Lassie on this show." After the end of the, though, I'm sure there are dozens of fans insisting "It's practically canon!"

That reminds me, I also found out that in the opinion for the Harry Potter Lexicon case, "canon" was misspelled as "cannon."

I'm feeling a bit better now, but it sort of comes and goes. I was miserable from about 4:00AM Thursday till the evening. I had a lot of stomach pain (left side). Honestly, it was bad enough that if it had been on the right side, I would have probably gone to the ER because I would have thought I had appendicitis. (I actually wondered briefly if I possibly had a rare medical condition that led to my internal organs being a mirror image of what they should be, but I dismissed it.)

Anyway, now I'm at the one step forward, one step back stage. Between Sudafed and Mucenex, I've been having a little trouble sleeping, but that will pass. Hopefully, I'll be over it by the time I have to back to class on Wednesday.

The downside is that I missed the Street Law training thing. I felt horrible on Thursday and bad on Friday, plus Mom was still sick so she kept me sort of busy. I had planned to go up Friday night, but didn't. And since I didn't fall asleep till about 9 AM this morning (after only getting a four hour nap Friday....which meant I'd have about four hours of sleep in the past 36 hours), I didn't feel like driving two and a half hours, doing a four hour training session, and going back. I'm going to contact the organizers to see if there's a way of making it up. If not (and I doubt there will be), I'll just do it this summer or in the fall. I'm sort of disappointed about it, but that's how it goes sometimes. I figure I'll look into a couple of other pro-bono progrmas I was interested in.

On a side note, my 101 Things Project is very, very behind. I'll give myself a couple more days to start feeling better, then really focus hard on it.

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Well I for one have not seen more than three episodes of X-Files. But there was this creepy shower episode that seriously freaked me out that I still remember remnants of. I also did not know that about Eve 6, so that was interesting.

That's so terrible that you keep bouncing back and forth, it's like the hope is just there, and then bam sick again? I kinda got sick this morning since my stomach was like "Oh, why oh why did you feed me so much fried garbage?"

At least you'll get another chance at the program.:)
Always look forward, don't look back.

Yeah, 101 101 101 101 101 101 101!!!

I used to be a hardcore X-files fan in my teens. Up until 8th season. I think Chris Carter should have finished the series after 6th season.

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